1. My partner wants me to give him a ruined orgasm. Where do I go to learn that?

Ruined orgasms are pretty easy — they’re so simple, in fact, that people sometimes give them to (or inflict them on) their males partners by accident. Here’s how you do it: bring your partner to the point of orgasmic inevitability — get him to that point where there’s no stopping his orgasm; even if Marjorie Taylor Greene were to burst into the room, he’s going to come — and then cease all stimulation. Take your hand off his dick, take his dick out of your mouth, lift your pussy or ass off his dick — whatever you were doing to get him close, stop. He’ll come, but it won’t be anywhere near as pleasurable or intense as his usual orgasms, i.e., the orgasms he has when his cock is stimulated to and through the point of orgasm.

2. How can I be more fuckable? I put myself out there, but no one bites...

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