Does your standard advice about sexless marriages extend to orally sexless marriages? My wife and I have been together for a couple decades. We met in our late teens, and we are each other’s first and only sexual partners. Oral sex used to be a regular part of our sex life, for the first decade or so, but the BJ frequency has declined to once every couple of years. I’m still game to give and always offer and often go down on my wife as foreplay. But my wife is basically no longer interested in blowing me, even though she’s great at it and I love it. We have a really strong relationship but busy lives with kids and jobs, which definitely impacts her sex drive and energy. It’s not a relationship ending thing for me, but the thought of not getting my dick sucked more than a few more times for the rest of my life, well, that fucking sucks to think about. I’ve raised it with her a number of times, but she just doesn’t think it’s important and, most frustratingly, plainly isn’t interested in trying to get interested again. We’re committed to monogamy, and outside sexual partners just wouldn’t fit in our lives. I’ve got to imagine this is pretty common. Do I just have to resign myself to a fellatio-deprived future? Or should I expect more?

The Headless Husband

You can expect more...

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