America: kinda disappearing up our own asshole, aren't we?
From a beurocratic standpoint, I'm sure that the review requirements for a non-credit course are greatly diminished in comparison to an actually acredited course. Also, having some sort of political lithmus test for who can or cannot teach in our universities and colleges is a bad plan, it'll cut both ways.

Also this, "No one had signed up for the course offered by Eugene resident Barry Sommer. "
If the Mercury is going to criticize a terrorism prosecution because no one was in any danger of being blown up, it seems like there's no reason to panic here, since no one was in any danger of "learning" anything.

Luckily, no one is any danger of "learning" anything at LCC, anyway.
Actually, I'm pretty sure that the big objection to the case of Mohammed x2 is that he seems to have only got to where he is today through the encouragement, material and logistical assistance of the FBI. This is what it takes for the Feds to get a "win," apparently.
I used to work on a class review board of sorts at a community college, I was a student liason on the board. Basically, all you have to do is pass a competent-looking and well-prepared syllabus. There isn't a real thorough investigation of the class ahead of time, so all he has to do is fudge the syllabus, or Lane's review process is even more superficial than that.
"I'm all for the freedom of ideas, but I'd prefer that bigoted assholes keep their agenda out of classrooms and lecture halls."

You maybe all for the freedom of idea, but obviously not truth. How dare you call some a bigot for speaking the truth. The truth is can be very offensive to some people, but speaking the truth hardly makes on a bigot. The truth is what should be taught in classrooms and lecture halls. What would you rather have being taught? A sugar coated version of Islam that is approved by CAIR?
Whoa, Plox: could you be Sommer himself?
@Plox: 3/10 troll.
Much on this site, in Andrea's article and in a couple of comments of this thread make one wonder why guspasho, Commenty, Plox and, possibly, the "Graham" of the 12/8/2010 10:10 post are wasting time here--as I find myself doing here now (after searching the Lane-Sommers-CAIR controversy and getting this hit).

Plox, whether he is Sommers or not, has it right and guspasho drew near pay dirt in his mention of the course syllabus. But rather than pursue facts guspasho fell away and into line with the sneering attitude most dominant here; he had to conform with his insinuation in "[FUDGE]" the syllabus" and he abandoned pursuit of truth about Sommers' course.

Had Portland's Christmas Tree bomber splattered himself and hundreds more into grisly puddles then some scales might have fallen from eyes in Portland--maybe even here. As George Washingon wrote, "It is among the evils, and perhaps is not the smallest, of democratical governments, that the people must feel, before they will see. When this happens, they are roused to action". No blood shed in Portland. Back to sleep and being blase.

For the incredulous abecedarian majority who need the three basics about Islam (as I, a reasonably well read person, did until 2007) Sommers would have included in his course what truth seekers can hear and see here….

Then it's likely that he would have traced the 1400-year lead up to the current trials of Geert Wilders in the Netherlands and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolf in Austria: both being prosecuted for telling what is recognized in their court cases as the truth, albeit an unpleasant one that is against the law to utter there and that makes Muslims and multicultural diversity mavens unhappy.

For those with eyes to see and ears to hear:
(1) For GW this article has the text of his recent speech in Israel:… .
(2) For ESW this article has the text of her recent speech in Israel:… .
At the end of the second article links to the history of her case are appended.

A quote for those who sneer: "β€˜None so blind as those that won't see.’‥A single effort of the will was sufficient to exclude from his view whatever he judged hostile to his immediate purpose"--or injurious to her affected chic, NOOTTM would add.
[1852 E. Fitzgerald Polonius 58]

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