What it is you must know and keep in mind at all times (during a shower, a meal, sex) is that only 4 percent of the universe (a universe that is expanding at a speed that even the speed of light can not overwhelm) makes any sense to us (to our thinking and to the bodies we clean, feed, and fuck). The rest of it is unknown, and maybe unknowable at this stage of our evolution. Maybe some type of dinosaur in the deep past had the type of body that could understand and feel more of the universe, but the kind of blind accidents that might have led this monster to a culture/body of pure contemplation (what is up there? what is beyond what is up there?) appear to have never happened. The dinosaurs were happily eating leaves and each other when that ball of fire suddenly appeared in the sky. 125 million years of dominance came to an end that day. We humans, however, had, in a very short amount of time, such accidents—the accidents led our kind of body from an intended purpose (some form of sexual selection is my guess) to an unintended purpose (reflecting on stars). And so we unexpectedly find ourselves understanding not only that we are in a universe but that much of this universe is made up of dark matter (25 percent) and dark energy (the rest).

It's reported that a rather eccentric scientist in Australia, Dr Prajwal Kafle (originally from Nepal), used some old mathematics and new observations to determine that our galaxy has half the dark matter than initially estimated. This new calculation predicts that are three satellite galaxies that are visible in the sky. And indeed, that is what we see. The older calculation made a prediction that did not match with the facts.