You're mistaken. That wasn't the sound of disappointed children but rather a collective "meh" from the hassle of hipsters (a group of hipsters is called a "hassle") who saw it done much better at Burning Man in 2010. The volcano was 3x as large, it served as the playa's primary location to wash dishes, and it featured new music from Burial, Aphex Twin, Tricky and Ishq. You'd have said "meh" too if you'd been at Burning Man, but you weren't, were you, you corporate sellout. .
"Jerks Need to Shut Up About OMSI's Baking Soda Volcano"

I find it odd that you continued writing.
Burning Man was so over and played out by 2010. LOL at you, jonesrich.
As a native gathered with other natives, we all collectively laughed & cheered in the heat at the silliest volcano. If you had gone, you would have felt the same.

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