Hey guys!
If you're entering this year's HUMP! amateur porn contest (where the winner receives $2500!!), you must turn in your submission by 5 pm this Friday, October 15! Check here for all the details, and don't forget that tickets for this year's HUMP! Film Fest (featuring the very best HUMP! submissions and your friends and neighbors getting it on in entirely hot, funny, and disturbing ways) go on sale MONDAY, OCTOBER 18. Check back for details.

In the meantime, Tuesday is press day for the Portland Mercury, and since I'm completely swamped trying to get this paper into a somewhat less ridiculous state, I don't really have time to immediately answer emails like this one:

Dear Mercury,

I find it upsetting to see that a liberal news publication is encouraging the production of pornography. I see how doing so could be considered liberal, since it goes against the religious folks who dis on it because it is considered to them to be blasphemous. However, I believe the publishers of the Mercury must fail to see how dangerous the production of pornography is. Encouraging folks to make pornography encourages the objectifying of individuals, namely, females, and also encourages the spread of disease. These are things that liberal folks fight against, and I believe that this cause trumps the pleasure derived from irritating our conservative religious neighbors.


Could you answer this email for me in the comments below? The best response will be printed in the letters section of next week's Mercury! Or you could just tell me to fuck off and do it myself. Your choice.