There's all manner of logical and intellectual arguments in regards to why porn is not a bad thing. But what's the point? This person is either a troll or an idiot. If a troll, it's not worth it. If an idiot, still not worth it.

Tell them to not watch porn if they don't like it.
Liberals have to be against the spread of disease?

I'm out, ya'll.
I'm fine with its use in everyday speech but seeing the word "dis" in print really makes me want to shake the shit out of this person.
Dear Jackass,

Straight Conservative Republicans are absolutely less likely to watch porn.  But that's only because they're too busy having anonymous sex in public bathrooms.

Once you "religious" Conservatives stop subjecting us to your cum stains in airport restrooms, only then will we lay off our boring ol' porn.  

Worry about yourself.

Your Friend,
[Maximum snark, or not]
The production of pornography is indeed very dangerous. That's why I always warn my models, "Safe sex is knowing when to duck!"

Your objectification argument isn't new, that has been advanced by more than a few. But when the movie you make is blue, what you say is true. There's lots of disease in the seas of goo, and God forbid you incorporate poo. Ewwwwwww! Forgive them, Lord, they know not what they do!

But I will be there, for lack of better things to do, and I have a funny feeling that you'll be there, too!

I had an evil Scandinavian grandmother named Lu. But she's dead now.
I had a ball making porn for HUMP with my lady friends. Maybe Lu hasn't thought of queer ladies making queer lady porn? Or heard of safer sex...or just thinks that porn (and sex in general) means two people and penetration? Get thee to SheBop and learn a thing or two about our own sexuality empowering the fairer sex. Lu, honey you just sound so second-wave. Porn is not necessarily a bummer for women (or men or everyone else in between)-it is actually pretty darn fun to make and watch.
Dear Lu,

This may come as news to you, but liberals are interested in more than just riling religious conservatives! Sure, it's how we get our kicks, but we're also into things that have absolutely nothing to do them, like being educated, and freedom of expression. As such, we respect the rights of the participants in our annual amateur porn contest to express their sexuality however they desire, and we expect them to be educated enough to understand and avoid the risks posed by any sexual activity, filmed or not. And if they choose to objectify themselves for money and our viewing pleasure, we choose to let them. These filmmakers may be male, female, or otherwise, and we fully expect to see equal-opportunity objectification. If you'd like to set a good example, we encourage you to submit your own film, perhaps highlighting safe sex options and respect for women. Happy porning, Lu!
Dear Lu,
Obviously you didn't attend HUMP last year which aside from one rather cringe-inducing entry. Was an utter laugh-riot.

It's not all about you Lu. The "pleasure derived" was primarily from watching people go at it and surreptitiously rubbing our naughty bits when we thought nobody was looking. I'm about 99.99% sure no one who attended or made a film was in any way, shape or form thinking about you.

Wait, so liberals aren't allowed to find hot people hot?
and how does porn spread disease? What is Lu doing with those videos?!

Please wait...

and remember to be decent to everyone
all of the time.

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