This is ridiculous. A sex therapist in New York City—who appears to be blinking out distress signals during an interview on the Today Show—claims to have found a way to make all married couples everywhere "happy... with their sex situation":

According to Evans' method, the man is given 40 beads which he distributes, one bead at a time, to his wife. Each bead means he's in the mood, and the wife has 24 hours to respond with sex.

Because a woman who finds her husband repulsive—or a women who isn't interested in sex—is gonna suddenly wanna fuck her husband senseless after he hands her a bead. The official bead system includes a set of "nudge cards" for wifey. She can "drop a nudge card on his dresser to encourage him to drop a bead" on her, which then obligates her to come through with sex sometime in the next 24 hours.

Um, gee. People aren't in sexless marriages because they've forgotten how to ask for sex. People are in sexless marriages because they're just not that into their spouses. Husbands can drop beads into "bead-receiving bowls" until their balls explode, and wives can paper the house with nudge cards, but neither move will resolve the underlying issue—resentment, anger, exhaustion, revulsion—that caused the sex to dry up in the first place.