I'm a big fan! My boyfriend and I have been dating for about four months. Everything is great and we have great sex. In the beginning he could come in any position. Now, however, he can usually only come doggy style. So we have sex for awhile until I come, and then we change to doggy style after awhile for him to come. Does this mean he is gay? Possibly? Am I weird for even asking this? Thanks!


My response after the jump...


My boyfriend likes it doggy style, C, and he's gay. So that must mean your boyfriend is gay too.

Or, hey, it could mean your boyfriend has strong preference for a particular position because it works for him and he's an ass man—a lady's ass man—and at four months he's already being a little selfish and inconsiderate and neglecting to mix it up for your pleasure. Maybe you need to smack him? And if doing it doggy style is starting to bore you, C, you can always refuse to flip over and get on all fours.

But his thing for girlbutt doesn't make him gay anymore than my thing for boytit makes me straight.

You say you're a fan, and I appreciate your fandom, but fans of mine are typically capable of seeing gay male sexuality for what exactly what it is—a sexual and affectional orientation—and not some sort of obsession with asses and/or buttholes. Into ass ≠ gay. Please make a note of it, C.