I'm a 27-year-old smokin' hot straight Asian male. I looooove your podcast but I do have some beef with the way you and Lucy dismissed the frustrations of the gay Asian caller in Episode 263 who always gets treated as a bottom. Let's go:

1. You said that the submissive Asian stereotype is "rivaled" by other stereotypes, such as the sadistic prison camp guard. I agree that other stereotypes exist, but none of them come close to "rivaling" the pervasive submissive Asian stereotype. My understanding is that virtually every role played by an Asian man in gay porn is as a bottom.

2. Moreover, those prison camp torturers are film villains who normally end up getting their asses beat by some white protagonist played by the likes of Jean Claude Van Damme. And so who's really the top, especially if we're talking about BDSM?

3. The caller stated clearly that his partners were surprised to find that he's a top in bedroom situations even after he communicated that to them beforehand. You and Lucy overlooked this comment as you suggested to him that he be clearer with potential partners during set up. These dudes are so brainwashed by media-reinforced racist stereotypes that they ignore what he's putting out and assume that's he's a bottom anyway. And that makes them racist assholes, and you should have pointed that out.

Race matters, Dan! Don't belittle the challenges faced by pigeonholed racial sexual identities!

Hot Asian Straight Boy

My response after the jump...


Thanks for the feedback, HASB, and taking your points one a time...

1. Van Darkholme. (You're right, but still: Van Darkholme.)

2. Maybe they're not tops then. Maybe they're switches. (This interpretation would make Jean Claude Van Damme a switch too—he's just getting his ass beat in reverse order.) And consider for a moment the vague silhouette of the classic gay leatherman/BDSMer. The jodhpurs, the jackboots, the peaked officer hat—there's a vaguely fascist/Nazi vibe at work, no? And those guys—jackbooted fascist Nazis—got their asses beat at the end too.

3. Is it too late? Because I'm happy to say that the guys who've assumed the caller—an Asian top—must really be a bottom because of his race are racist assholes. Or maybe we shouldn't go so far as to label them racist assholes, which to my mind implies malice and intentional dickbaggery. Maybe the men the caller has encountered are—and I'm giving them the benefit of some grave doubts here—just thoughtless dudes making thoughtlessly racist assumptions, and they'll come around once someone—like the caller himself?—give 'em a good slap upside their thoughtless, pasty-white heads

That said, HASB, a racist asshole top doesn't get to top an Asian top—or anyone else—just because he made a racist assumption. The caller should, in those situations, push back, push back hard, and refuse to submit to either the stereotype or the racist asshole. The fact that the caller sometimes bottom for these guys anyway—and the fact that he sometimes seeks out tops because he's horny and would rather bottom himself than search for a bottom for himself—leads me to believe that what he's putting out there is a distinctly versatile vibe. Because he's versatile. Just like Jean Claude Van Damme.