So, last night, after a sexy, spur-of-the-moment session that left me feeling sleepy and sappy, my partner, who typically feels sleepy and sappy herself after some hard, sweaty work in the sack, picks up her cell phone and texts someone! The fury that arose within me could not be contained! Neither the text message itself nor its recipient were the issue (it was to a coworker, it was about a work matter), the issue was the etiquette! She couldn’t wait a few minutes to hug and kiss and say “that was hot” before sending some inconsequential text?!? She thinks I'm overreacting, that it isn't a big deal, and blames it on me being premenstrual. She has not apologized. How does she not get it? Am I overreacting? Isn’t post-sex texting tacky?

Wasn’t That Fucked?

My response after the jump...


Post-sex texting is tacky, WTF, and it’s thoughtless. I can understand why you were annoyed. I can also understand why your girlfriend is refusing to apologize. If one stupid, ill-timed text sent your panties so far up your crack that it unleashed a “fury that could not be contained”—if you really flew into a rage and berated your girlfriend for being uncharacteristically inconsiderate (it sounds like she usually makes with the post-coital hugs, kisses, compliments, etc.)—then yours was the greater offense.

Don’t get me wrong: your girlfriend owes you an apology. But you owe her a bigger one, WTF, and yours should come first.