I'm not going to make any pretenses about it: I am a man who thinks homosexuality is wrong and I don't like homosexuals. Your continued assertion that it is not a choice is, fundamentally, devoid of a reasonable level of evidence. However, how do you defend yourself in light of the following? There are homos who will state something to the following effect: "If I could take a pill that would make me heterosexual, I wouldn't take it!" In other words, even if science could give you the option to change, you would still choose homosexuality! Since this seems to be the prevailing view of all homosexuals, why would I possibly be wrong to hate and despise the likes of you?

Curious To Know

My response after the jump...


I'm going to set aside the whole you-choo-choo-choosing-not-to-take-an-imaginary-pill-that-would-change-your-sexual-orientation-proves-that-you-chose-your-sexual-orientation-in-the-first-place brain teaser, CTK, and skip to your question: why is it wrong to hate and despise gay people?

Gee, let me see.

We're not hurting anyone, for starters. Your hatred isn't going to convince gay men to give up dick, convince lesbians to give up pussy, or convince bisexual to give up the sample platter. And it's not going to convince any of us to take pills that 1. don't exist and 2. wouldn't tempt us if they did. And finally, CTK, you're gonna hurt your brainz if you keep coming up with synapse-strainers like that magic-pill-that-turns-you-straight-and-wins-me-the-argument conundrum.

I'll let my readers come up with other reasons why you shouldn't hate and despise us. But don't delude yourself: your hatred doesn't concern us that much. You can stomp your feet and hate us soooooooo hard and we're going to go right on being queer.

And here's a whole book full of reasonable evidence that sexual orientation is not a choice.