Just saying, "kinky sex play" is exactly the excuse that got one of Jeffrey Dahmer's victims returned to him. (… )

So there is a precedent for "better safe than sorry", I suppose.
(There's not an addendum to Godwin's law that applies to invoking Dahmer, is there?)
How flattering, they all thought he was in his 20's. I have the same problem!
What did mayoral candidate and New Seasons co-founder Eileen Brady have to say about it?
Since I've been wrong about everything else I've said and done today, I'm going to say the opposite of what I feel:
The cops should continue overreacting, and those kids should stop playing their weird public sex games!
Clearly this is just one more attempt to throw dirt on Elaine Brady's mayoral campaign!
Man, I really want to be a cop in Denisville:

"RingRingRing: Hi, I just robbed someone at gunpoint, now I'm standing on top of a parking garage with a gun being crazy." Policy: no need for cops.

"RingRingRing: Hi, me and a bunch of witnesses just saw a car drive away with a naked woman in the back who had her mouth duct-taped shut." Policy: no need for cops, just some normal public sex stuff.

Cops in Denisville get all the doughnuts they want.
All cops in Denisville would be Boat Cops, but Denisville would be landlocked.
the polls you posted are all wrong. the poll should be about whether these good folks should have gotten charged with anything, once the cops figured out that no crime had been committed.
Denis voted to Allow and Condemn, respectively, for the record. And no one but Denis gets all the doughnuts they want in Denisville.
Also in Denisville? The highest crime in all the land is a particular kind of vandalism: Spraypainting conspicuous tails on all the D's on the various city signs.
Outside Whole Foods? Portland IS weird. I don't think they should have been charged although this was'nt the smartest place for them do to this
Such showboating! Keep it simple, kids, no need to be so public about this stuff. A clothespin on the scrotum or labia is quiet and elegant, and doesn't cause the public any alarm (unless you scream or happen to lose consciousness).
Well, I don't think it should be illegal to do this kind of thing if you want, but it is pretty uncool to involve others. At first I thought no harm no foul, why the charge? But I can see that it really should be discouraged since it could likely upset people, at least as much as sleeping in public or open containers or something like that. I thnk the police should look into this kind of incedence, but unless it happens somewhat more often, I don't think the use of police resources is of much importance.
I had some free time so I did a google search on the arrested. Nothing too shocking, except that the chick appeared in this music video that is going to give me nightmares tonight.
Thats Nick the Creature from Wanderlust Circus. That guy is a creep.
OH MY FRIGGEN GOD. These are my neighbors. We spent all day yesterday trying to figure out why cops were surrounding the neighborhood, searching their Subaru. I HATE LIVING NEXT TO THESE PEOPLE.
yo this shit made it to BBC Brasil!:…

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