also the trend appears to be an increasing amount of sociopathy in western women.

eastern european women are largely of the opinion that the behaviors western women exhibit are simply crazy and/or stupid and find it all confusing. then they shake their heads when these same women complain about not being able to find a man they want. they're too busy rejecting and dismissing him to notice it's what they wanted in the first place.
When was this International Conference of Eastern European Women on the Sociopathic and/or Stupid Tendencies of Western Women? Was there a conference paper that summed up the findings of all the research done about such a wide-ranging subject as this?
Somewhat glad that someone bit. Realizing that I likely wouldn't be able to write out a cogent enough argument that would convince you as any position I could take would be immediately refuted as not having enough credibility and you would 'win' any possible debate and perceived as 'right' in any case. Wouldn't be able to specifically point to any double-blind survey or sociological study and further loss of credibility would be regarded as hearsay from anecdotal evidence, blatant stereotyping or experiential evidence which would be likely batted away and dismissed.

That said, there's testimonials and discussions plenty out on the web about this, often women from places like Ukraine are mentioned. It's all take it or leave it information or dismissed as trolling even where the intent was not to troll at all.

The point of the previous post was blatant trolling, but it was also to grab some attention to request that yourself and other peers merely ask a few questions regarding our modern dating situation and how it has changed. It is a broad subject most certainly.

Questions such as "why has the divorce rate gone up so much in recent years?" As well as "why do so many women in America voice that they have trouble finding good men that fit their criteria," "why do many of them end up with 'bad' men that have serious character flaws and dismiss the men that would fit their wishlist, winding up with men that appear to be assholes to others?" "Why do so many men and women stay single or unattached until much later in life?" "Is the larger appearance of the 'PUA' community a symptom of a larger issue as a counter-active, but just as negative, agent?"

Perhaps it is all just a flaw in the individual, there must be something wrong with them and whatever conditioning they received while growing up. They should just "get their shit together," right? The stories I've happened upon mention that the situation is flipped in places like Ukraine. It might be said that here men often have difficulty in finding 'good' women to have as a long-term partner. Whereas overseas it is the women that have this difficulty.

Today's letter just barely touched the topic around the edges. Thought I'd bring it more to the focus in the comments and see if it got any discussion. I do not expect another reply, but thanks all the same for calling out bullshit earlier.
Have an enjoyable rest of the afternoon.

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