I'm not expecting a reply—although it would be nice!—I just wanted to say thank you. I'm bisexual. I have known it since I was quite young. My family found out when I was 16. It's been five years of listening to them tell me that I can be one or the other—gay or straight—but not bisexual because bisexuals are liars. Then I showed my brother the YouTube video of you on bisexuality, and he now believes that not only is bisexuality real, but that I am really bisexual. I'm in a hetrosexual relationship and probably will be for the rest of my life. But I have always, and will always, find women and men atractive. It's always been a bit of a problem since my family found out. But now at least I can talk to my brother about my exes. I can finally tell him which of my "friends" were really girlfriends. He even listens to my advice on picking women up now—and he's 7 years older than me! Sorry for rambling.

But it meant so much to me—your video did—and it's amazing how someone can change thanks to one simple video. Thanks again!

You Made A Believer