Not according to the CDC.
Thank you Dan and Jeremy!
Five years and counting (as far as I know, and you're probably reading this, so speak now or forever hold your peace!). I'm kinda old fashioned and grew up in a conservative part of the country where love and marriage was the rule, but for me there's just nothing like the sense of partnership and trust that come from being the only person in the other's life. Is forsaking all others for someone a sacrifice? Sure, but I think the endless pursuit of fleeting physical gratification detracts from the real prize of an emotional and spiritual connection shared between two people. Some folks can separate the two and more power to them, but it's not for me.

There was probably a time when you thought you were the only person on earth who was gay. Like with that and everything else, if you're asking, "Am I the only one who ______?" the answer is doubtlessly no. It's too big a world for you to be the only person who feels a certain way.
I don't understand why you removed a previous post? I was just quoting Dan Savage. I thought it added to the value of Savage's article.
After some discussion among Merc editors, Andy, we decided that, lacking any context, suggesting that Savage be "dragged behind a pickup truck until there's nothing left but the rope" was just plain threatening, whether or not it was a quote.
PM editors,
Your response is quite confusing. Are you saying that if I can provide context to Savage's death threat against Carl Romanelli, that it would be allowed? Or are you saying that if I use any death threat, intimidation, harassment and/or homophobic slander by Savage it will be removed, regardless of context?

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