I dunno what these people are on about, because I have had wildly varied experiences with pussy tastes/smells/sights/etc.
I'm pretty sure a Cuban sandwich tastes and smells exactly like pussy, when prepared properly.
Delicious, delicious IPA. Also, my beard smells wildly different depending on how long a smell has been there.
Dudes with the facial hair already...STOP IT. I am wretching at every word of this post; not because of the pussy smell/taste (often great) but because the idea of ANYTHING stagnating in some dude's effing FACIAL HAIR for any period of time...just...BARF.
If I have to shave my beard you have to shave your legs, armpits, upper lip, cheek fuzz and pussy. Deal?

Also, pussy stank = ew.
That's why we call it a flavor saver!

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