Three words: Anal Fissure Bob.
^ whoa.....just read that.....jesus fucking h.
Tonight I learned to never read articles with "anal fissure" in the title. THANKS, BLOGTOWN!
This stuff is to prevent saddle sores, but who knows it might help... dznuts high viscosity chamois cream ( you can find it at cycling shops or buy it online). It works so well!
Nitroglycerin cream. I'm the (male, bi) un-happy owner of an ass with a fissure, and this stuff kept me from losing my mind a few years back. The reason an anal fissure cannot heal is that the muscle spasms. The nitroglycerin cream prevents the muscle from spasming, thus allowing it to heal. That said, I still have minor issues with mine and have been generally unable to make use of the area for penetrative sex. I feel (some) of your pain - best of luck!
Try these:

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