Guess we gotta look for this shit on Twitter now.
Guess we gotta look for this shit on Twitter now. KELLEN L-V

It's been a little over a month since Tumblr banned adult content on its platform. The rules went into effect and all nudity—or anything that the malfunction-prone flagging system thought was nudity—was banned. Or, it sort of was. Nudity has been flagged inconsistently; some porn skates by, other porn is a no-go. The whole thing is clumsy and messy but the puritanical message remains the same: adult content is sex and sex is not allowed. In the wake of this crackdown on porn, the other stuff Tumblr has no problem with (like Nazis and serial killers) slipped through the cracks.

According to Think Progress:

The website is currently littered with pages promoting Nazism, white supremacy, ethnonationalism, and far-right terrorism. Despite their often flagrant violation of Tumblr’s Community Guidelines, these pages remain largely active and easy to find.

There's also a weird fandom for serial killers and mass shooters called the True Crime Community. Three people within that community have been arrested in the past month for plotting killings of their own.

From the Daily Beast:

In 2015, three TCC members were busted in a plot to commit a mass shooting at a mall in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The three people—ages 19, 20, and 23—met on Tumblr where all three ran gory blogs that glorified the Columbine murders. A blog by 23-year-old plotter Lindsay Souvannarath had the headline “School Shooter Chic; violence is the aesthetic.” Her blog and that of another plotter are still live, despite Tumblr’s crackdown on other content (specifically nudity).

Other sites have cracked down on content like this. Twitter even started banning its own Nazis. Alex Jones, who spews incendiary conspiracy theories, has been banned by almost every platform that once hosted him. Tumblr only cares about nipples.

"It really was a lovely platform and great for fun porn and sex education content and writings," Amp, a kink-friendly sex educator and co-host of the YouTube channel "Watts the Safeword," told me. "And now... gone. It’s impossible to find old blogs or posts. Some are still there, but a lot are either personally deleted or just have each and every post 'removed for having adult content.'"

Amp hasn't been back on Tumblr in weeks. His page is still up, but he abandoned ship.

People are going to "Discord where you can create private servers to post and chat," Amp said, "and Bdsmlr, the Tumblr clone for kink. Or just Twitter. It’s not as easily digestible as Tumblr with how much noise exists, but it does allow adult content."

Twitter's guidelines don't restrict nudity if it's consensual. That's refreshing, Twitter.