The Woke Wedding

Not Enough Local Wedding Professionals Cater to People of Color—So I Made it My Mission to Find Those That Do


This is fantastic! Thank you for sharing and for doing the shoot, which is gloriouse by the way, though you already know that!

I just started a thread on the forum at, Print On Demand site, earlier this week about the need for the designers at Zazzle (I am a designer), and for Zazzle its self, to "step up" and consciously become way more diverse in their designs than they are right now. Zazzle is very, very lily white, especially when it comes to weddings and baby showers. My daughter just sent me your article because the response from other Zazzle designers has not been as universally accepting of this, as a need at Zazzle, as I would have expected. I got several very supportive responses, including Zazzle themselves who thanked me for starting the conversation, but I also got two or three very disappointing and dismissive replies as well. I am use to that, being a many decades long social equality activist, but still the need at Zazzle and other PODs is great and your article helps many, including me, in supporting our claims for the greater need of diversity. THANK YOU!
Great. Another example of how the juggernaut wedding industry convinces people, especially women, that their special day is somehow important enough to inconvenience their friends and drop $40-80 grand on a celebration of a statistically temporary union.

Actually, I am only replying to ask this: Just wondering how the word "woke" applies here? My understanding of woke is to be aware of social or racial injustice. Having a tough time finding a wedding planner, photographer, etc. that specializes in overweight black lesbians is not an injustice. It's a niche that is a very small minority of the overall wedding industry therefore many in the industry may not have had the unique privilege of baking a cake for someone as specific as you. Good on you for seeking out professionals who are more experienced in your particular needs but I can't help but feel like you are just going out of your way to feel slighted when it never really happened. Ah but what do I know. I'm a white hetero male so I could never understand, right?