VISITORS TO East Burnside have likely noticed there's a new kid on the block (and I'm not just talking about Boogies Burgers and Brew). One of the city's best sources for modern and mid-century furniture, the Good Mod set up shop in the former TEDx space at 1000 E Burnside back in May for a month-long pop-up shop. And yet, it remains, its timeline now indefinite (they recently moved their permanent shop to the fourth floor of 1313 W Burnside, in the coveted warehouse space above Everyday Music)—it could be two weeks, it could be six (maybe more?).

For a business that tends to keep out of sight, doing much of its business online, one can imagine that the visibility on this formerly dingy stretch of increasingly foot-trafficked real estate could become addicting. Within striking distance of the style-minded patrons of Lille Boutique and the 811 E Burnside building, curious shoppers are lured in by the carefully edited showroom visible through the windows, where visitors are met with various delights, from a stiletto-legged dining table to a floor-to-ceiling map of Portland circa the turn of the 20th century. As an introduction to the wider world of the Good Mod's wares, it's a well-dangled carrot, but one that could disappear at any moment. The Good Mod pop-up shop, 1000 E Burnside, showroom 1313 W Burnside, 4th floor,

It's parade season, and in Portland there's a parade for every niche, if usually of the two-wheeled variety. Vintage, hat, and vintage hat enthusiasts get their day in the sun this week with the third annual rendition of the Portland Hat Parade. The invention of "Lulu" Anne Weiland of Lulu's Vintage, the Hat Parade began on an occasion when she invited her friends over to dress up in her collection of vintage hats, after which they struck out onto the town for champagne and dessert. They attracted enough attention on the streets that Weiland decided she may as well make an official spectacle out of it, and thus the Hat Parade was born.

Free to attend, participants gather at Lulu's for a pre-parade meet-up, where last-minute hat purchases can be made. (Vintage or self-made hats are preferred, but the only class of hat that disqualifies is the baseball cap.) The route will include visits to area hat shops, along with a concluding fête over drinks and other treats. The Third Annual Portland Hat Parade, Lulu's Vintage, 916 W Burnside, Sat June 30, noon (parade leaves at 1 pm).

In other retail news, Portland swimwear empire Popina Swimwear has purchased a building in the Hollywood District that is set to become their new headquarters at the end of this year. Big enough to house a large studio space for in-house designer and proprietress Pamela Levenson, storage, and 2,000 square footage of retail space, the new building will replace Popina's original HQ and storefront at 4831 NE 42nd. (Their second Pearl District location, at 318 NW 11th, will remain open.) Take it as a good omen that Levenson and her husband Will found "a red poppy flower that fought its way through the asphalt" outside the building, he reports. "Our original business name was 'Poppi,' and the red flower in the Popina logo is a red poppy—pretty wild." Look for a grand opening to celebrate the new configuration in early 2013. Popina headquarters, 2030 NE 42nd,

Close on the heels of swinging open the doors for a soft opening, Garnish is celebrating the opening of their second location, having expanded from NE Alberta to a some primo retail real estate in the Pearl District. The grand opening event will feature dancing and live music from Stumbleweed, plus the requisite snacks and drinks, toasting not only a new outlet for the in-house Garnish line designed by shop owner Erica Lurie, but exclusive editions like handbags from Latico and Portuguese brand Artelusa, as well as "funky belts" by Motif 56. Garnish grand opening party, 404 NW 12th, Fri June 29, 6-9 pm.

The Portland location of the Las Vegas-based Patty's Closet is geared up to welcome an accessory-dedicated companion store to its side. Sparkle by Patty's Closet will mirror the apparel shop's dedication to moderate pricing, with jewelry and small accessories like iPhone covers in the $10-40 range. On its opening day, the first 50 customers will score gift bags, so if you're on the hunt for some cheap(er) thrills, go early. Sparkle by Patty's Closet, 828 NW 23rd, opens Sat June 30, 11 am.

River and pool weather is imminent, and if you're in the market for a new suit, don't miss the sample sale at Citrine this week. Pieces that may or may not have gone into production for 2012 by Calvin Klein, Speedo, Raisins, Anne Cole, and Leilani will all be on offer, including a small selection for men and kids, all within the range of $25-45. They'll cap things off with a "beach party" featuring bubbles and a 10 percent discount in the rest of the store, plus a one-day-only 50 percent off rack, so hit it. Citrine, 2937 E Burnside, Fri June 29, sale at noon, party at 6 pm.