It’s Time to Learn Some Nude Beach Etiquette!

How to Not Be a Jerk and/or a Creep at Sauvie Island



DON'T go to a naked beach if you're uncomfortable around naked children. Just because you're uncomfortable, that doesn't mean I have to avoid the beach


All in all a decent article which much of it applies not only to the nude beach and life in general, though the author seemed a bit high strung with the italics, exclamation marks and overly exaggerated capslock that could have made the points without the extended play on hyperbole - bullhorns on the nude beach are so over done when your just trying to get a suntan and have no intention of being the dramas of anothers' projected mind.

Bobby said it best, "Don't worry, be happy, get naked." Ok, I added the last part, but it makes sense - nudity should be worry-free, fun, happy and freeing.