I really love Patrick's writeup of the Woolly Mammoth Comes to Dinner show at TBA. An excerpt:

Let’s see... The audience was young and very pretty. I do remember that, because I’m not young or pretty and was therefore suffering acute anxiety combined with lust—which always leads me to shame. This makes me want to drink more; the idea being that my shameful anxious lust can be somehow masked by drunkenness. I know from experience this rarely works, but damn if I don’t keep trying.

As we were seated, I remember how surprised I was at the size of the audience. I had no idea that Woolly Mammoth was so popular with the young. But what would I know about that, really.

Read the whole thing.

Last night at the Works, Tender Forever played pong with a human head. These are the kinds of things we're talking about over on our TBA blog.