Tonight at TBA, a visit from Jenny Slate, Gabe Liedman, Max Silvestri, the hosts of the well-regarded Brooklyn comedy night Big Terrific—SNL short-timer Slate wrote and voiced "Marcel the Shell with Shoes On," and she stars with Liedman in the awesome web series Bestie x Bestie; they'll also be showing short films from the director of those videos, Dean Fleischer-Camp. After a not-particularly-successful comedy interlude as part of last night's programming, I'm looking forward to this—these guys are pros. That's 10:30 pm at Washington High.

Also tonight, dance performances by zoe|juniper and the Offsite Dance project, and another round of Andrew Dinwiddie's faux preacher schtick. (Has anyone else seen that? I'm curious what other people have thought.)

If you're wondering about the Offsite Dance project, which takes place at roving locations in industrial Southeast, there's a review and some video on our TBA blog. Also on the blog, we've got a review of the recent works program New Musics, which included a collaboration between Grouper and the Portland Flash Choir, plus a look at the first performance of Dean and Britta's 13 Most Beautiful... Songs for Andy Warhol's Screen Tests:

Hey demographic, you're about my age, right? Which means we're too young to remember Andy Warhol's experimental art scene of the 60s but old enough to have died of an overdose by now if we'd been a part of it.

Read the whole thing.