Prostitution SHOULD be fun and easy!
$1000, Zingy, and I'll throw in a dubbing.

Bow's got the dating beat.
Something about the pretentious/classist ads for "Elite Singles" makes me want to hate fuck the dating=money crowd much more.

Least this is honest. Except Zingy. "Buddhist"? Fucking liar.
My brother had this idea about 6 years ago. It was basically ebay prostitution, where johns and hos barter each other for hookups.
This is why I just stick my dick in the gloryholes at Steam.
I'm for whatever it takes to keep these people far out of the dating pool that decent, love-worthy human beings swim in.

I'm also for setting them on fire.
What will Patti Stanger do now?
Whatever, phonies. Y'all keep making me offers and treating B-Town like some kind of ersatz version of this particular dating site.

ROM wants to dreadlock my hair.
Night Moves offered to dreadlock my pubes.
Graham offered to deliver me a hemp cheese Boboli pizza in a dragon lace two-piece.
Ahayron just wouldn't stop crying.
CC offered to "smack it up, flip it and rub it down," whatever that means.
Do they take checks?
Not sure why Zingy needs to pay for it. In Newport Beach you can walk down the street and if you "Namaste!" passing women you'll get laid on the spot. (Try to pick a soft spot if you can. It's gentlemanly.)

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