"You’re so handsome. You’re so tall. You worship me in all kinds of ways. I love you so much! But I don’t think I can live without a microwave." Marlowe Dobbe

♥ #45 Tho our secret love is threatened by many an investigation, it is as eternal as your penchant for lies. I want to ride you bareback and shirtless.

♥ 213531 You make me brave, take my troubles away. How are we here? Vibrant energies entangled, 2 stars melted to 1. My halo, angel, key, adventure soulmate.

♥ ; You’re an amazing and beautiful woman. Thank you for your encouragement and support. You make me a better person. I love you. Yours. Always.

♥ A I Love us. Love, A. XxOo B, too {slurp}

♥ A BEAR Oh hello, I love you! Let’s jam each other’s rocky buttes!

♥ A VERY HANGRY MAN if you’re reading this / then its too late / let’s smoke weed and eat burritos. xoxo your gangsta drinky crow

♥ A-DAWG AND FEEFEE I look forward to a new year in a new country with a new cat with you guys. You two are my everything, even if your butts stink. Love, Kimbo

♥ A-MAZE-ING GIRAFFE I want to draw you out, trace the lines to your heart, get to know you. Maybe that’s a lot to ask. Still. I will ask when we meet again. ~CRC

♥ AARON, You are the gravy to my potatoes, the frosting to my cupcake, the chicken to my enchilada. You are the love of my life. Happy V Day to my hot Husband!

♥ ABE Breakfast in bed, middle of the night dog outings, and that hot bod?!?! Sign me up 4 lyfe. Xoxo

♥ ABRA CAADAVER Happy V-Day to a wonderfully beautiful smart and ambitious young lady! You will forever be in my heart LOVE YOU LOTS! XOXO

♥ ACDC It’s Valentime’s Day and you are SO GOOD! FULL BARS!!!! oxo adc

♥ ADA CABOT The world is terrible, but I am thrilled to be able to navigate the criminal justice system with you /dunt dunt/

♥ ADAM I’ll let you take me to Home Depot for Vday, but only if we look at Excel spreadsheets when we get home. You rock my world you handsome [silly] beast

♥ ADAM Roses are red, you’re super awesome, glad we’re together to share adventures in the macrocosm xoxo

♥ ADAM BEAR So incredibly grateful for the galactic forces that brought our souls together, my determinist. You’ll forever have my heart & be my AHA rep. <3, AB.

♥ ADAM KRUSE Happy Valentine’s Day to my sweetheart! I am so lucky to have you in my life.

♥ ADB To love and be loved by you is like finding home. You light the fires of my heart, bring peace to my mind and inspire my passions. I love you!

♥ ADR We could stand to be naked together a lot more. I love you. More than Mega Mint. SJW

♥ AIDEN You make my life sooooooooo much better! I love you. We should 69 and then get some bbw.

♥ AINOLLOPA I LOVE YOU I wish you could of taken the day off but let’s enjoy this morning. I fucking love the shit out of you Toots! You’re my favorite! You’re my everything

♥ AKI You are so smart, beautiful, and awesome. I am so lucky to be with you. I love you.

♥ AKON LANGGA <3 What a gift is, to look at some and say, I’m so happy to have found you, at last at long, at long last... you’re here. We’re here. I love you forever

♥ AKU’S SHINY SHOES Time DOES last and my contemplation surpassed all that I thought you would be to me. I continue to strive for more within me & by your side-Driftwood

♥ ALAN How do we top getting married and going to Hawaii? Let’s stay married and go to..................................

♥ ALAN Love you to the moon and beyond!!!

♥ ALENA I love you my darling, and I am so happy that we’re going to be parents soon. I love you to the moon and back.

♥ ALEX 7 years and we still find new adventures & things that make us happy. Here’s to many more! Love you so much baby and I’m so excited about the future.

♥ ALEX Here’s to you my single buddy! You’re great. Don’t forget that. Our time will come. For now, we will have fun. ;) <3 Kendar Where’s the chocolate?

♥ ALEX To my beebs, my love for you has grown over the last six years, thank you for being such an incredible partner, best friend, & lover.

♥ ALEX Whilst love won’t make you wealthy and rich, I am hoping that ours won’t make you itch, especially tonight when we need some great play from Nurkic

♥ ALEX Your mural work has been inspiring. I love how you are capturing the heart of the Eastside. M & I like your weird stuff too. So don’t ever stop. <3

♥ ALEXA You know what’s cooler than being cool? You.

♥ ALEXANDRA You are my churro legged beauty. The salsa to my taco. The corn to my tortilla. You are the pinto to my bean. I love you. Lets get tacos? Tom

♥ *ALI* Roses are rainbow Kactus is black Thanks for being a sexy, silly, tender babe And always having my back. (pssst, your venus in cancer is showing.)

♥ ALI BEAR You are the bomb that makes my heart explode with joy!

♥ ALISA Love of my life and sugar in my coffee. You’re the sweetest there is. Happy Valentine’s Day!

♥ ALISHA Three nights of magic Like flowers found in the wild I want to plant more

♥ ALISON I’m so glad I matched with you on Tinder

♥ ALIX Love my babygirl Alix my freckled wonder Be mine forever

♥ ALLEGS you my super special sweetie unlike no other whom ive ever been with. lets keep doing everything fun together all the time

♥ ALLIE every since I met you, you became my all time favor miller time!! U my champagne of hearts and I don’t mine getting drunk on that!! on the run 4eves.

♥ ALYOSHA Honest, Handsome, Halcyon to my hungry, horny, and ornery. Holy shit we’re having a baby. Here’s to happiness and harmony. I love you.

♥ ALYSIA I’m so glad you’re mine, sexy smartypants. - Clarence

♥ AMACY I like to be alone. But I’d rather be alone (and naked) with you.

♥ AMANDA I Love You More Than There Are Stars In The Universe

♥ AMANDA MY LOVE Thank you for always being the most beautiful person in my life. You’re humble, generous and loving to everyone around you. Love, Your Macaroni Knee

♥ AMBER welcome to sexy sesame street. me, you, and Big Bird livin’ it up. where squirrels feed on leftover love-bits, and I dream of your kiss til I wake.

♥ AMBER “THUGGALETTE” I love you more than I could ever explain. You are the best mother our children could ask for and you are my HERO. 8 years strong.. will you be mine?

♥ AMBOY We’ve visited mountains and beaches, attended weddings and rallies, endured illness and airports. You’re incredible; I’m so glad we share a birthday.

♥ AMY [Otis Redding lyrics]

♥ AMY THIEL Some people forget that love is tucking you in and kissing you “Good night” no matter how young or old you are Love is You and me

♥ AMZ You are very important to me and always will be! You deserve a friendly handshake :) love you, b.

♥ ANAYA I have been so blessed to share my life with you. I cant wait to see whats ahead, because no future with you in it is not worth looking forward to.

♥ ANDREW 4500 miles, 3 weddings, 2 traumatized pugs and 1 wife who loves you. We did it! Let’s get through another amazing year. I love you pumpkin butt!!

♥ ANDREW DIAF. I love you. Never stop being squishy.

♥ ANDREW Weaver of Lore, love of my life. Thank you for our beautiful boys. Thank you for sharing dreams and magic. Thank you for always doing the dishes.

♥ ANDREW C. I would be lost in this world without you. You bring grounding to my feet and repair to my soul. Thank you for intertwining your life with mine. I♥U

♥ ANDY I love you :) Your love saved me! Our home has grown and so have I because of your love and we have become one thank you for helping me heal, one love


♥ ANGELA A is for Amazing. A is for Angela. You are BOTH. You’re a song on my radio. Your voice is a song in my ear & my heart. Your smile makes me so happy.

♥ ANNA I love you so much I’d take a pickle back shot for you, which is the same as taking a bullet. Vals and sushi tonight?

♥ ANNABANANA My love, living with you this past year has been so much fun!! I wanted to wish you a very Happy Valentines Day from the bottom of my heart! <3

♥ ANNAGRAM I could die a thousand deaths and it’d all be worth it to have spent just one day in love with you. -R

♥ ANTENETTA MARIE With no one else could I imagine growing old wrinkled and fat with. I could not go through life without you now that you are mine. I love you always!!

♥ ANTRONIUS Oh I love thee, let me count the ways: Pai Days in Bed, Enduring the Banuk & all 2017, Hugs @ Hug Point, & everything squished in between. I love you.

♥ ANYUSHKA Every day I feel your token against my skin, I smile inwardly but not so secretly. Being encompassed by & bound to you is a thrill that never gets old

♥ ARR I don’t know if I told you this but, I kinda like you, like alot. Love, Mayy

♥ ASHA MY SWEETS Feeling your love, like each breath, fill me; moving me. Knowing your love, a lifetime I will cherish, inspires me every moment. I love you!

♥ ASHLEIGH MY FROG You hopped into my world and firmly planted yourself on my tree. I love you more than ever. Happy Valentines Day! Ribbet.

♥ ASHY LOVE You smell like toots And the face of an angel I just love the heck out of you

♥ ASLAN You are a little Angel from Heaven and I promise to love your forever and ever ! ConCon

♥ ASPEN my Sympatico Soulmate! I am never going to do all the life things without you. well except for sometimes sleeping, because, ya know, that’s important.

♥ AVAGADRO You dark beauty haunts my mind, as do Beauford, Beauregard, and Lenore’s sweet behind

♥ AVIATOR BOB Up in the air, down in the sea, deserts will bloom, my love for thee. New paths ablaze, joining as one, the light of our love, emulates the sun.

♥ :: B :: My Love..my sweets..I love you with all of my heart! I can’t imagine my life without you in it..so let’s drink wine and watch basketball.Go Blazers! K

♥ B Thanks for all your kindness and patience. You make me very happy. See you at the Somedays Inn, xoxo

♥ B You. Are. So. Beau-ti-fullll. To meeee-eeeeeeeeeee. Can’t you seeeeeeeeeee. <3 Mo

♥ B-A-B-Y Baby, Oh Baby I Love to Call You Baby Baby, ooh my Baby I Love for You to Call Me Baby.

♥ B-U-T-T Hey...nice butt. -PBA.

♥ BA I can’t believe we have such a cozy home, silly traditions, and now a ridic dog together! So grateful for you and our little life. C U @ PF Changs

♥ BABEFIELD I didn’t quite believe that I would ever find a human like you, but I feel endlessly lucky that I have. I love you my cutie sax player kayak fisher <3

♥ BABER We’ve been through a lot. I hope we get to go through a lot more. You are my best friend. Love you the most.

♥ BABY DADDY, You’re my absolute favorite! All the BJs and the world could not express this enough! I love you and your plump ass.

♥ BABYCAKES You really melt my butter with syrupy sweet sugar lips. Let me make your breakfast salty and greezy.

♥ BABYLOVE Thank u for always being such a wonderful, loving, & supportive partner! I’m so glad I married 15 yr ago! I will ALWAYS b here 4 u. POR VIDA! Mi Amor!

♥ BABYSIZE I loves you all of the loves. Here’s to many more years of adult seating at Edgefield. Maybe someday we’ll actually stay there

♥ BADAM If I had to choose between Fast Freddie Biscuits and you, you’d win. Don’t tell Freddie. I love you, and your rage rants. More, please!

♥ BAE KRAB Know that I love you enough to process my love to you on this public form. With all my love and many more Valentine’s Days to cum... Your sweet shrimp

♥ BAGELCRACK 15 years ago you saw me wearing eyeliner and a beautiful AIM relationship blossomed. Eternally grateful it manifested IRL. Kisses. -Shiznitobang8801

♥ BAKER69 In this crazy world you are my companion, loving, loyal, patient, smart. I love your protective wings above me, coaxing gentle breath and secret sigh.

♥ BALDY Thank you for all the little & big ways you work hard to keep our family fed, housed & happy. Only love makes sense these days. I love you! xo-Chubbs

♥ BANANA PANCAKES You said, “We’re not perfect but we’re perfect for each other”, after I lost my mind for a day. That is some sexy shit. Crosswords in bed for life!

♥ BANGS You fill my heart. Thank you for your love, care and the best tacos I have ever eaten. I have a million kisses for you and the bubbies. Much love.

♥ BASIL You’ll always be my g.o.a.t.

♥ BBBWW Bubba...you’re the fries to my potato, the secret to my sauce. The best-est, my favorite-est. I love you.

♥ BBEAR You are the Bunny of my eye. Thanks for being such a beautiful person and wonderful companion!

♥ BBYDLL Here’s to another 20!

♥ BBYDLL long as there are stars above you/you never need to doubt it/I’ll make you so sure about it. Thanks for 20 yrs of love + family. U girls are my life.

♥ BEAR Tightest queen I worship yr perfect pussy & asshole. I yearn for u to caress my soft meats & whisper sweet murder into my ear. Luv <3 Yours 4eva Wolf

♥ BEARDY BIRLDS I LOVE YOU SO MUCH <3 Fit Foosh and Foot Fish, let’s take Huggaboo Transportation 2 Feet Feet’s Pallet Palace 4 pancakes! Giant gold coin love, H&$ A+

♥ BEARMOOSE HOLY SHIT I LOVE YOU! HOLY SHIT WE’RE MARRIED!! Thanks for being the best person alive and having a cute butt. You are my forever person <3 xoxo Kass

♥ BEAVERS we love you ttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssddddd much!!! Johnny & Meepers

♥ BEAVERTON BLACK CATS Keep the crunchies flowing and I’ll keep letting you pet me -Abs

♥ BECCA After 10 years and two kids and three cats I still adore you as much as ever. Happy Valentine’s Day you sexy thing!

♥ BECCA Wishing you the sweetest of loves. -Your troublesome and cute boys.

♥ BECCA AKA BUSSEY My spoon-stealing, beautiful, loving, inspiring, #1 bad ass with a hot ass partner <3 I want to spend forever farting on you and grabbing that boot!

♥ BECKY I love you with all my heart

♥ BECKY Life with you has been really great. I love you! P.S. I ate all the chocolate while you were out.

♥ BECKY You BLOW my mind! http://youtube.com/watch? v=pSnJ5MV5T84. Try not to be a Blow Hard and Blow our relationship up. Happy Valentines Day XOX Ken

♥ BEEBO You are my favorite bubble tooth. I adore the life we have created together and can’t believe I get to marry you THIS YEAR. My Love You

♥ BEGRIMED BBY Overcome by your odiferous orifices Ignited into incendiary infatuation Fettered to your fetid frame Blankets blissfully billow Eternally engulfed

♥ BELA Who would have thought we’d find true love at Slims? I think we will always find eachother and walk and talk in gardens all misty wet with rain, xoxoo


♥ BEN MY BUMPKIN 1 year next month, and our first v-day! I love you, you cookie loving, british man of mine! let’s feed eachother chocolate forever, especially today!

♥ BEST ANGEL You are everything!

♥ BETH LENORE Let’s explore and save and grow and love ever more fervently. During this year, our 10th, and years beyond. Let’s not get married! It’ll be romantic!

♥ BETH, DIGGIN’ ON YOU You’ll always be a part of me. Cause I’m dangerously in love with you. I like the way you work it. And all my life I’ve prayed for someone like you.

♥ BETHUPUNCTURE You have stabbed me with your needles of love and soothed me with your balms and herbs from the Orient. I love you and I love our family. POUNCE!

♥ BEVYN smart, funny, sweet, sexy, brave -- you are gorgeous personified. quite simply, thank you for sharing your one wild and precious life with O and me.

♥ BEX I left my heart in Corvallis.

♥ BIG D Twinning is winning except when it’s the flu. We’ll rock our matching flannels and gray tuxedos in our nest all winter. Love you the most. Squirrel

♥ BIG DADDY Thank you for coming into my life. Looking forward to our future. I love you! -BabyGirl

♥ BIG DADDY CHRIS Wanted to wish my wonderful man of 20 years and the father of our 3 beautiful girls, a Happy Valentines Day! I love you always and forever!

♥ BIG DADDY J Happy 5 years my luv & Happy Valentines Day! There’s been crazy tweekers, transients and stray cats..we’ve seen it all! No one I’d rather do IT with.

♥ BIG DAWG YAM HEART There’s no one else in the world I would rather have invade my single lady lair over 2 years ago... Make me honey pies 4ever. Luv, ur lil javelina

♥ BIG DILL You can’t make pickles without spilling some brine. Luckily your brine is delicious. Love, PJ

♥ BINKY Once upon a time there was Milwaukee, then Kirby, then the Package, then Morning Light. I love them all! -- Your secret admirer from Mars Platform 5

♥ BIO I luh you gurl. - STAT

♥ BIRAJ Will you be my pumpkin?

♥ BIRD Thank you for the years of love and support. With love birdie.

♥ BIRDIE & LITTLE BIRDIE So grateful to have you two. Our hatchling is a real bird of a feather, and you’re quite the fine flapper. Glad we took wing and feathered a new nest.

♥ BISCUIT Thanks for sticking with me all these years. It’s been a great ride with you through it all and I wouldn’t give it away for anything. I love you.

♥ BJS I love you through the frustration. I wish you the very best. I know that everything you need is coming to you. Keep it level and you got this! xoxo

♥ BLAKE B Baby, even though we will be celebrating in two different countries on two different continents. My love crosses the ocean. Happy Valentines Day Baby.

♥ BLAKE’ To the handsome scumbag who made me not hate jazz, sushi, & 1 kung fu film:I can’t wait to come home to you. But I’m not gonna spread for no roses.

♥ BLUE You’re a lot. And I love it all. XOXO, Fern

♥ BOAR’S HEAD BRUCE You can run, but those short stout legs of yours won’t carry you far. Or fast enough. I’m HOT on your trail.

♥ BOCTOK-ZAPAD For a fragmented community with dozens of separate circles and cliques, you were the binding force, bringing and keeping everyone together. I’member!

♥ BONDOOGLESHMOOGLEBON What a year this will be with a shmooglebon in the oven and it’s already cute as a button! I sho do love n cherish you sweetest of sweethearts.Lubloo

♥ BOO I know I can be a dimmy sometimes, but I love you more than words can express & I’m so happy to have you in my life. You’re the Lorelai to my Luke. <3

♥ BOO BEAR I am so blessed to have you in my life! You are my superhero, my rock, my muse, my inspiration, and my best friend. Here is to many more my love!

♥ BOO BEAR I love you & you’ll always be handsome enough for me! Xoxo, your lil bunny

♥ BOO BOO KITTY FUCK Even though we are living in the mountains, I want to keep our Mercury Valentine’s Tradition. Team Marotto Forever. I fucking love you Otto, Pickle

♥ BOO X 2 Oh, what a journey we’vehad! From the early days in the Volvo, to now driving into our adult lives - you are so loving and awesome! I LUV U BOO x 2!!

♥ BOOBERRY BISCUITS Let’s lift our love on high, along with these matching burritos, and sing glorious songs about our fat kitty. I love you more and more everyday.

♥ BOOBOO There is no way that I can tell you how much I luv u in 150 words, but, here it goes. You are amazing, you are my best friend, life sux w/o u. I luv u

♥ BOOFRIEND You are the cutest thing in the mornings, I can’t handle it. I love that we can be spooky together. I love you boo.

♥ BOOGER Doot doot 4 ever! Love, Bug

♥ BOOMER RADISH “30s, poetic bent, fit, funny mate 2 adore & share thrills with” seeking me in LA Weekly, 1994. Thanks for 24 years of full moons & best kid ever


♥ BOOPIE Look to your right or left and you’ll see me with a big, dumb grin on my face looking at the love of my life. Love you, Fiancée.

♥ BOOTIE you’re my assolute favorite.

♥ BOPPY You are the purrrfect human. Thank you for the scratchies, feeding me when mom sleeps in, hiding me under the blanket from scary things...love, LuckyB

♥ BOSKOE 17-31707-1

♥ BOYFRIENDA I love you more each year. You make my medulla oblongata. xoxo, your Boyfrienda

♥ BOY MAYOR OF SECOND LIFE i love you my gay life partner cant believe we’ve been married for 7 years see u soon <3

♥ BOZO You give me a reason every day to love you more and more! Thank you for being here for us always full of laughs. Oh and your cock it’s exceptional.

♥ BRAINS Me and Sampson think you’re swell <3

♥ BRANDON I’m so happy to have shared these past six years together. Can’t wait to see what this year holds for us. I love you to the moon and back.

♥ BRANDON Love you handsome... Spend 4eva with your feisty Latina. I promise nothing but wild nights and amazing food. Love you Daddy #hesgettinglucky #stud

♥ BRENDEN You are the most beautiful boy on this planet and I love you so much. Thank you for our life together.

♥ BRENTON BAE I love making the insane work! And there is no one I’d rather be crazy with. You make me a better person. Till death do we part. 10,000 miles of <3.

♥ BRET On our 5th V day, I just have one question? Still up for awkward?

♥ BRETT LOVE, We are evolving in trust! Trust in self, trust in source, trust in us. I am so grateful to be on this journey with you. I say YES to life with you!

♥ BRI B. I adore you like Ryan loves chokers. This week is already so annoying. Drink w me soon. xh

♥ BRIAN, I am so happy to call you mi amorcito! You bring so much laughter and joy to my life (and not just because of the tickling). <3-Missy

♥ BRIANNE 16 years ago we dressed in black and platonically got together to protest our shared hatred of Valentine’s Day. I’m so glad we ended up making out.

♥ BRITT Thank you for being such a superlative and sexy wife. I love our life at Circus Maximus.

♥ BRODY You are my favorite person :) Thank you for always being down for a good time. Here’s to more good times and adventures together :) Xoxoxx

♥ BROOKE I love you more than anything or anyone. You are the most brilliant beautiful woman the world has ever known.

♥ BRUSSELS SPROUTS MAN permanent, silent screams of remorse, guilt, shame, sorrow, love. i’m eternally sorry. wishing you unending joy and happiness.

♥ BRY Thank you for loving me, even though my bigote is Cameron Diaz. I love you more than words can express. xoxo Palin

♥ BRYN Happy Valentines Day! We hope your day is wonderful ‘ We love you! Daddy, Aunt Carole, Aunt Terri

♥ BSERIDOO, In these final years before the fall, all I need is the air that I breathe, and to love you. Oh & a tiny stinkyfaced wiener & two fatbutt cats ))((

♥ BUBBA Looking forward to our next adventure-If I’m falling asleep with you by my side, it will be okay. Thanks for making me laugh. PS I love your dick.

♥ BUBBALOO Thk u for loving me when we both still tasted of heartbreak. Drunk tear-soaked greasy mean; you see it all & make me love it 2. Always until we don’t.

♥ BUDDY Happy Valentine’s Day foxy boss babe. Excited for our adventures to come... Kiss kiss, Poppy.

♥ BUG Each day, I’m happier that you didn’t hit my head with a rock. I love you with all my heart. Next clue: When you sneeze, we plug this in. Love, Booger

♥ BUH-TEA I love that you are my valentine. You are the best dad and baby Ting and I love you!

♥ BUKIBOO Looking forward to the next 10 years. Thank you for tolerating my ridiculously big record collection. Love, Derek!

♥ BUNDLER Thank you for morning kisses, Hen sandwiches, and most of all for giving me our beautiful boy. Love you.

♥ BUNNY Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you more than the 150 character limit can ever know! You are amazing & brilliant! I cannot wait to see you- Love Moe

♥ BUNNY I love you more with every passing year. I can’t imagine my life without you. I’ll always be your Bunny Bear.

♥ BURRITO You are definitely my person. I love our life together. I love being a parent with you. Thank you for caring for me so well. I love you.

♥ BUZCH I love you, favorite. I hope I am half as good to you as you are to me. Except for the part when sometimes you don’t have gum. What’s up with that?

♥ BV ‘I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul.’ Neruda I miss the way we are together.

♥ CAITLIN you’re my favorite & i love you so. sorry i have to work 2nite. let’s get drunk and make out when i get home! be mine always? pretty please! <3 Kerry

♥ CAITLIN! You are a cosmic BADASS! You are capable of anything and everything! The sun rises for you,and lights the moon for you! You are one with the universe!

♥ CALVIN I love you so much, booger. Thank you for everything, the highs and the lows. One year down and I can’t wait to see what our future holds. -Rachael

♥ CAMCAKES I love you so much ol macaroni knee! Thank you for being my best friend, biggest supporter, and my all around favorite person ever. You da best. LUFFS

♥ CAMILLE Ultimately, without further ado, I have never experienced a love so fond, so constant, so imaginative, so limitless, and so pure. Also, I am funny!

♥ CAMMY UR my ichi-ban Thanks for so many years of sweet Lub

♥ CAMMY We’ve been through so much together and our love continues to grow! Here’s to another year together I love you!

♥ CANOE time dissolves into water along your sides Seas into eternities Discoveries with our lips finding moments into new moments

♥ CARGO BIKE COURIERS A sweet midweek moment is the Merc trike arriving with the most prepossessing pedalers in town. Friday has been overthrown. Thank god it’s Wednesday!

♥ CARLA ROSSI your white face makes all of the kids go boo, but know I’ll still love you even after princess’ coup. FEED ME TUNA!

♥ CARLEE You are the love of my life. Everything good in my life is because of You. Happy Valentines Day P.S. Stop taking up all the space on the bed;) -DH

♥ CARLOS Tonto!! Te amo con todo mi corazón <3 Your best friend & lover, Sofie

♥ CAROLYN SUE Your love gushes forth like a fountain. Let’s get a beach house at the beach and discuss the historical history of the SPEDS.

♥ CARTOPIA Your faces are red, the honey buckets are blue, You’re all screwed, but I still love you. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

♥ CASE12 U tha king. Thank you for being my friend. We’ve come a long way! Since love sucks, here’s a lil valentine for you. Love you Kee! Yonki 2! <3 -GrafHoe

♥ CASSANDRA You are beautiful! You are strong and independent and unique. You’re my idol and I love you. Live in the light and BREATHE!

♥ CASSIE MAY You drive me nuts but there’s nobody else on earth I’d rather have annoying me. I love you like a fat kid loves cake. Happy Valentine’s Day, Love Ad

♥ CATDAD1000000 You have grown into such an incredible husband & father this year! I’m forever thankful for your love, devotion, silliness & smarts. THE BEST. AROUND!

♥ CAY You are a dream of a human being and I love you! Wishing you a fluff-filled, cozy, and sweet AF Valentine’s Day. With Love, B

♥ CAZMISTER Poetry does not expire. Poetry smiles in your direction. Poetry speed the poet. Poetry doubt for want of meaning. Poetry and again.

♥ CBS Our road trips are always a blast, even long long ago when we were CrAzY in love. I’ll cruise with you anywhere, any time. I LOVE YOU! I really do.

♥ CD I hope you have another amazing Valentines, Little Miss Magic :)

♥ CD My beloved, you are the lover of my impossible soul.

♥ CECILIA If you like pina coladas, or getting caught in the rain. Baby, I love you and I am thrilled that you are in my life. My love for you will last forever

♥ CENTER OF MY BEING.. You drive me crazy

♥ CGF4 I’m all in for ya!! Let’s keeping doing this for a long, loooong time! U Boi -LEZ1

♥ CHAR sun in pisces, scorpio rising deep in the deep end, keep me revising old stories—u gave a sweet new start 2 ur cancer babe’s venus in gemini heart

♥ CHARLIE You’re pretty cute You’re pretty tough I’m stuck on you Yeah, I know I’m stuck

♥ CHARLIE FROM NOPO The Phil Lesh Show wouldn’t have been as sweet without you... Happy Valentine’s Day!! See you at Sean Hayes??? Nina

♥ CHEF RAY Your kitchen is too hot, baby. Ray & Deb Show Forever! I love ya. Happy VD xox

♥ CHERU-CHAN I’ll never forget you. FOD

♥ CHESTNUT I love you more than all the fishies in the ocean and the birdies in the sky. Giddy up! Cinnamon

♥ CHEWBACCABONHAM my tears are salty, so is your jizz. lets take another trip around the sun together. TrashPanda

♥ CHIBIMIKE To our 15th Valentine’s Day. You are my strength, my heart, my soul. You make all things possible and I love you with all of me! lunumu

♥ CHICKEN HEAD Remember that time we almost got eaten by a mountain lion? That was so totally worth it! I’ve loved you even more every day since. Love, Green Heart

♥ CHICKEN QINGERS “This is how you remind me of what I really am.” - Nickelback

♥ CHICKY FRANCES <3 I know I’m the luckiest duck to have you in my life. You make me want to feather our nest with hard work, trust, and very comfortable bedding. Love U!

♥ CHLOE I might be one of the luckiest people in the world, thank you Universe. It has truly been magical! Looking forward to many more adventures with you!

♥ CHOWDA To the hard working smart handsome honest & loyal man that I feel consistently lucky to be with I love you SO much..and dat ass your lil troublemaker

♥ CHRIS Happy Valentine’s Day BABY! I love you soooo much

♥ CHRIS MEWMEW I’m so thankful to have a funny compassionate BFF love to share my life with. Cant wait to see what adventures and crazy shit we get into this year XO

♥ CHRIS S. What a dream. With your big heart, beautiful smile, & gorgeous looks you are a catch in our eyes everyday. We love you so much

♥ CHRISTIAN Let’s. Let’s stay together. Wether times are good or bad or happy or sad.

♥ CHRISTOPHER Smell you later.

♥ CHRISTOPHER COOK Roses are red Violets are blue I suck at poems, but I’m super into you Call me maybe...?

♥ CHRISTOPHER DEAR Year together and far apart, ups and downs. I don’t know where it will go but I hope you are always my friend.

♥ CLAIRE I love you almost as much as Superman loves Lois Lane. Eric

♥ CLINTON, You are my hottest love, favorite dance partner, and best friend. Can’t wait to discover more birds more places, and things we love to do together!

♥ CODY SEAN You have been my valentine for the last 2 years. I LOVE YOU!

♥ COLE I’m so excited to be growing this baby together! She’s going to love life and we’ll have so many adventures. Love you! Happy Valentine’s Day! Love, WC

♥ COLIN I love you. Our twentieth (!!!) valentines together. It just gets better, baby. Here’s to twenty and then twenty more. Xoxo

♥ COLTON Roses are red, violets are blue, do you know de way, to Uganda my boo? Lubs u sexy thang!

♥ COMPOUND CREW Y’all are the peanut butter to my jelly, my best friends, the thing that keeps me sane. I love you.

♥ CONNOR My life changed the day I met you@ the public fish market. Who knew my great love would begin w/ fresh seafood and a guy who took a chance? U amaze me

♥ COOKIE BUNNY Day slips into night, nights into weeks but when I’m with you seconds melt into lifetimes and I cherish every second we spend together. Love you Bunny

♥ CORBIN https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=P_Fx1yq3A8M . 1:52-2:12. I love you.

♥ COREY I almost put a note in the Mercury, for I Saw You 13 years ago, now I know you. I love you.

♥ COREY I really, really, really, really, really, really like you. Lookin’ forward to the adventures, memories, and art that we’re gonna create together!

♥ CORINNE You made me a criminal, because I “felon” love with you. Thanks for being so awesome all the time, Love Ryan and Groucho

♥ COUNTRY TEST KITCHEN To my wonderful giiiirrrrrlllleyyy! Soon be time to pack up and move yet again....maybe to Hooglie Vooglie? Or do you wanna go for a walk?

♥ COURT Happy V-Day to a best friend I love almost as much as happy hour. Drinks soon! <3

♥ COWBOY i can’t wait to wake up next to you again soon.

♥ CRAIG New things to mock and less thingsss. 2018: Storm King summit and Bella dinner. Also, marriage. Ps, one in, one out! It’s printed, now it’s real.

♥ CRAIG You are beauty, light and poetry. I won’t be reckless with your heart. Come with me, please? You know what it is to resonate with my soul. Trust that.

♥ CRAIG (MR. BUNNY) You bring love to me and richness to my life. I look forward to continuing our adventure together. I’m so happy we caught each others’ eye. Larry

♥ CREECENUGGIE Cheers to us for making one hellova human! If he grows to be anything like you, I’ll be one proud & happy lady. Love you to bits guapo!

♥ CUDDLE BUG Waking up next to you is the greatest blessing. You give me purpose and I’d do anything for u. Including anal. Here’s to many more travels and kisses.

♥ CUPCAKE I love you, Bundles! Every year gets better and better!

♥ CUPCAKE LL COOLS DAY LOVES YOU FOREVER! You’re the cup of the cake and don’t you forget it! XOXO

♥ CUPS However far away I will always love you However long I stay I will always love you Whatever words I say I will always love you

♥ CURTIS 18 Year’s together and you’re still my favorite person! Happy Valentines Day sugar plum!

♥ CURTIS wanna bone? woof woof

♥ CUTIE BOOTIE I am glad you accepted my friend request after only meeting me once. And that you replied to my messages. And my request to Skype. Love you!

♥ CYNTHIA The last 16 months with you have been absolutely magical-you have changed my life and I can’t live with out you I am yours and you are mine forever

♥ CZARINA-VORLON Happy VD! Wish we could be together drinking and laughing and rolling on the floor until our sides hurt. XOXO - SupremeVorlon