"NICOLAS CAGE Your eyes are pillows for the soul. I look in to them & find myself adrift in a sea of humanity. Lost, alone, despondent. Nirvana just out of reach." Marlowe Dobbe

♥ D, BOO SCHNECKE Thanks to the Mercury you’ve been my boo, Schnecke and constant travel companion for 8 v-days! Love you! To many more v-days and trips around the sun!

♥ DADA Thank you for making such beautiful babies with me. I love you so much you don’t understand. Love the love in our home. Mama Lennon and Coen

♥ DADDY Every day with you is the best day of my life. -Love, your Kitty

♥ DADDY I love you so much. You and me for 30 years. You own my heart, my ass, and my pink parts. Never forget that. Love your Baby Girl

♥ DADDY You’ve changed my world, Love you endlessly. Love, Slut.

♥ DAGMAR You make me melt like chocolate on a waffle Wild like catnip Comfy like a thick blanket And proud of us both Thank you for completing me Fiercely

♥ DAIN -- Who’d have guessed that being spanked on top of a volcano would lead here? Looking forward to continuing to level up together <3

♥ DAINTALANI What’s on your list today? Milk, milk, lemonade DO YOU WANNA GO TO FRED MEYER?? GET ON YOUR FEET GET UP AND MAKE IT HAPPEN I love your butt!

♥ DAME You’re my Rocky. Hopefully I’m your Adrian. We got this boo-boo Love you to the moon!

♥ DAMIEN I love you, chicken. You fit with me so well it’s only natural we got together once we met. Here’s to many years of delighting each other. <3

♥ DAMIEN The spiders were a gift. <3 dedi

♥ DAMIENERSONDUDE Franks for being so good at all the dude stuff and throwing the robster. Ret’s go on a hike and smell new trees soon prease. You’re my faborite.

♥ DAN I love you more than Mooseph loves his snacks.

♥ DANE All though I smile and seem carefree there is no one who misses you more than me. Timi

♥ DANIEL 14 years later, thanks for still making this Emily your Emily. I love you! xoxoxo

♥ DANIEL Thank you for loving and spoiling me! I love you always.

♥ DANIEL You’re so sexy and smart and weird and cute! Thanks for being my friend and making me soup and camping with me and teaching me what a matsi is! xoxo!!

♥ DANIELLE I have so much love for you. You have been there for me through thick and thin. I am so grateful to have you in my life. Happy Valentines Day!!

♥ DANISKI My healing heart loves through scar and fear. Our connection is something wonderfully mystical, like old spirits that find each other... Thank you

♥ DANK i know it’s cheesy but YOU’RE GRATE! xoxo love you

♥ DANWHALE No fluke we met on porpoise. Ill chase your tail across all oceans and be in your splash zone. You are my blow-hole mate. Love your Humpbutt. Mmerrhhh

♥ DAPHNE HEATHER You are the greatest; beautiful, intelligent, thoughtful, an incredible cook and an amazing woman. I am happy you are my Valentine ! Love you! H

♥ DARLING LIONESS “They say that bears have love affairs And even camels We’re merely mammals--let’s misbehave!” (We really did, didn’t we?) <3, Bear

♥ DARLING, SWEET BEN I still light up when I see your smiling fuzzy face. Thank you for giving me 4 years of laughter, kindness, adventure, acceptance, and pure happiness.

♥ DARREN I love you beyond measure and cherish every moment we are together. My heart is forever yours - I love you <3

♥ DAVE Roses are red and candy is sweet, You totally rock and sweep me off my feet! Adventures with you- I can’t wait for more- At the crag or dancefloor!

♥ DAVEY HUBBY I love you SO MUCH. I’m so proud of you and I think you’re the sexiest man in the world. So excited for our adventures this year!! Love, Wifey

♥ DAVID I love you so much bubbins! Happy four years!

♥ DAVID I think you are cute as shit. I want you to be my hand-holding, squished-sitting, actually-watching-the-movie with me man. Please be my man, David.

♥ DAVID When I look in your eyes, I melt with you. I’m wrapped around your finger, head over heals ... YEAH!!

♥ DAVID You are my Totino. No other word captures what you mean to me. You’re kind, thoughtful, patient, and smart. Your smile lights up the world.

♥ DAVID, My brilliant, sexy man. Truly, you are the love of my life, the music in my heart. I adore your writing, sense of humor, & how your mind works. Always

♥ DEB! You are my forever lover. So many great times lay ahead!

♥ DEBBLES AND DOGGLES You guys bake my cookie!! Happiest VD! Get well soon.

♥ DEEGEE Never in the history of the world have I known a love this true. LOML.

♥ DEMIST I would choose you everyday, over and over again. You’ve made my life wonderful, my Hunk. Love you.

♥ DEMOCRACY I love you! I will metaphorically fight for you, the freedoms you bring. One special thing about you is that we can disagree and still be cordial.

♥ DENISE “All of my life I dreamed of meeting one with immense beauty, and once I found her I would charm her and she’d be mine forever”

♥ DENISE! We were so real, your miracle is still real, and I will love you always ~ your William

♥ DEREK Hi donut. This has been the best year of my life and I never want to lose ur stinky butt. U make my <3 smile & ur the best cat dad. Meow, I love you!

♥ DERRICK Thanks for sharing your love sweets, and bringing me a sense of happiness I didn’t expect to find. Yours, Tracy

♥ DEVIN Happy Valentine’s Day, my bluebell! From the day we first met, I knew it was love at first sight. After that, I never looked back. Forever and Always

♥ DIAN LEE BERG You will always be mommy’s chunkn punkn puddn pie. I love you!

♥ DIANA where have you gone ? I search for u in all the wrong places will I ever see her again or is she your seekorit? Love Eric

♥ DIGAPONY I love laughing with you. I love eating tacos with you. I’m thankful we met on the smoking patio. Here’s to years to come (and more margaritas).

♥ DJ FARROUT You are out of this world! ! you have taken me with you on this journey to outer space and it has been unreal really. Thanks Kizzez and Hugz

♥ DJ, MY LOVE I love you to the moon and back! To infinity and beyond, +1. You are the best thing to ever happen to me. I love you!

♥ DOG KINGDOM Who’s my faves? Who wants snacks? Who’s the sweetest pals I know? That’s right, ITS YOU! Happy V-day guys. Ya think ppl will think we’re furries? :D

♥ DOM you’re my best friend. I miss you. Lets go see a movie.

♥ DONALD Every single day is more memorable than the last. I can only imagine living without you. What a world that would be. -HC

♥ DOODY You are my fucking favorite...I just can’t get enough of you...xoxo... Butt

♥ DOUBSTER.... Thanks for being my traveling companion over the past 30 years. It’s been a wicked journey and I’ve cherished every minute of it. Luffing you...Foufie

♥ DR. CHAOS MD Rabbits may be stupid but Pandas are Dumb! At least we have each other! In dust we trust!

♥ DR. GOAT The next year will be full of surprises and new adventures and I cannot wait to do it all with you! I love you to the mountains and back! Love, Monk

♥ DR. YUMMM Be my Valentine? - Missy

♥ DREAM LADY Thank you for making my dreams come true! I Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

♥ DREW F I adore you to pieces, distraction, etc. Can we be valentines? Yours, Ali

♥ DUKE Champagne with chips, the Redwood Deck, hut hikes and our cozy booth at Astoria Bistro; it’s been 11 years, valentine, will you still be mine?

♥ DUSSIN’S TUSSIN You’re creamy like pesto ranch, warm like a loaf of sourdough included with the meal. Are you the manager’s special? Or are you Spumoni tony?

♥ DUSTIN Could be a DJ, when I see you my heart beat changes tempo.

♥ HONEYPEACH Roses r red French ppl r snooty Don’t ever 4get I luv ur cute booty You’re so lovely. Excited for us to grow and go places. Xoxo -MM

♥ E-MAN I love you more today than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow. I love you to the moon and back! Happy Valentine’s Day to my hubby of 30 years!!

♥ EARTH WOMAN!!! What a year! Our furry brood increased,we saw new places,ate delicious food (Denver breakfast burrito!!), laughed and cried! A+ year,eh? LOVE YA!!

♥ EL DUBS I wanted nothing from you but your time; I’ll cherish ours fondly. I was hurt when we last spoke, but please never doubt that I love you, indefinitely

♥ ELI It’s all new & wonderful / Hope we never find this excitement getting old / I imagine I’ll always want to touch you / and hope you’ll always be bae

♥ ELIZABETH I have loved you for 31 years and I look forward to our next 31 years. You are always my valentine on every day of the year.

♥ ELLE the spring is cumming one of the best four seasons to smooch all over

♥ ELLIOT “Hang around, I’ll make a cock sucker outta ya!” - your loving wife

♥ ELLIOTGALS & BOOCREW My girls- You are bright stars in my life making a constellation of inspiration. Your talent, tenderness & intelligence give me strength. Love RayRay

♥ ELLY You are the fish oil cure to my aching sciatica. Thank you for always giving me the last bite and cool rags when I’m down. You are incredible

♥ EMA Your booty is as fire as your anime recommendations. Lets see black panther together then eat tons of vegan food and tater tots - nathan

♥ EMILY I think you’re cute. But I’ll probably never tell you. Cuz I’ll look like a weirdo. So I’ll say it here. -T

♥ EMILY I’m so lucky to be the Worf to your Dax. Happy Valentine’s, today and forever! Love, Tony

♥ ERIC Hey Sug... goddamn it, I love you.

♥ ERIC I love you more than cats love squeezing into tiny boxes. Love, Claire

♥ EST OLIVIA I could wake up to you all the days I get. Let’s bicker forever, laugh a lot and keep getting better at being ourselves. I love you but you know that

♥ ESTEPHANY You’re my best friend and worst secret keeper, and I love you! Thank you for loving, listening and being the best sister! :-)

♥ EVA You are the joy in my day, the smile on my face, the hope in my heart. You may not even be 3 yet but you fill my life with love.

♥ EVAN Happy Valentines Day to the love of my life, my best friend and the most amazing husband a girl could ask for! I love you, babe! Rachel

♥ EVAN I like you and I love you.

♥ EVAN When I think about you and us I just smile and laugh. I have spent the last 4 years getting to know you and I could spend 100 more. I love you babe!

♥ EXPLOSION Who knew two young kids who liked to get drunk and roll around naked on a bed of Doritos, listening to N.E.R.D and Yellowcard would dent the universe?

♥ FAITH Back to being trill with you

♥ FAMOUS You are MLC! She Bop, we rock, 80s pop! None of this is hustle yeah it’s all love. You are the key (West) to my heart. Happy VD my love.

♥ FANTASIA Looking into your eyes has me dreaming in the stars. When you’re around I know everything is okay. You’re fluffly, pink, and dangerously beautiful. <3

♥ FART HEAD Love you. From Fart head.

♥ FASHA Dad, u may be a total bonehead & we may not see 1another often enough but u luvd me so much that no matter the distance i always feel ur luv. -luv HPS

♥ FEM I love the shit out of you! Thanks for receiving my telepathic call. Yours Always SMW

♥ FLAMING FART I’ve been waiting all night...actually, my whole life, to meet you. We live our love daily. LET’S DANCE IN THE KITCHEN! I am so...Lucky! XOXOXOXO

♥ FLETCHER Today I will be fondly remembering the last two Valentine’s Days as they were pure magic. Never doubt that you are loved & cared about. -Gumdrop

♥ FMR It matters little which markers we use to count our trips around the sun. I’m enjoying the ride with you, space man. Loving..

♥ FOXY Each bite burns like fire As the love bug eats the soul The heart fills with warmth -Zoltar

♥ FRAN Every time I look into your beautiful, sky blue eyes, everything around me melts away. You make me remember the meaning of life. You make me whole.

♥ FRANCISCO DE BORJA G I couldn’t fit your name on the entry line, but it will be forever written on my heart.

♥ FRESH You beat me this year to the e-val, but we always win together. 15 years in love and I still <3 your pussy: meow-meow

♥ FUNKYCHAZMAN You da bomb and I Love You

♥ FUTURE S.O. I’m quite excited to meet you. I’ve been looking for you for a while now, and 2018 will be the year that our adventure begins. See ya soon. Love, SMR

♥ FUZZY BAYO, Carry my body through space and time. You are my connection to the Universe and all that comes after. I am yours and you are mine. Love, Sweety Bayo

♥ GABE Thank you for your unconditional love, patience & tenderness. I am grateful for every day that passes with you by my side. I will love you forever.♥

♥ GABE You are my sweetest boi, the sweetest love. I want to spend all the holidays smooching with you! I love you!

♥ GAGER FROM THE 503 Please allow me to be the one to fart in YOUR mouth this Vday. I’ll eat well the day before I pinky swear laugh u booboo

♥ GAL GORE let’s cover ourselves in chili fries and dip dive plastic forks into each other’s navels. only you know that kind of romance. happy 9th, taquito lovr

♥ GARRETTIE Will you be my valentine? I love you! <3 ABTNLEO <3

♥ GATORBILLY You’re the skiddly-whoa to my hey-o, the PB to my J. Life is simply sweeter with you in it, I love you more each day. Happy hearts day, my husband! xo

♥ GEOFF Happy v-day baby! I appreciate everything that you do for me and Seamus. Sending you all of my love. Sophia

♥ GEORGE N For all you do. Many thanks. H

♥ GEORGIA Happy Valentines Day lovely human. May you pet all the best cats and dogs today.

♥ GEORGIA I love you. Thank you for loving me and my dog. She loves you, too.

♥ GHOULFRIEND You are my BTGG fantasy come to life. Huge boobs and a tiny vag are amazing, but your sweet spirit and smiling face are even better. I love you!

♥ GINA Although you’re from Iowa, you radiate PDX: A Chevy Bolt, the chickens, and dressing like you owe someone money. You’re my Fred Armisen. I love you!

♥ GINA Kisses! I love you baby. I look forward to spending time tending our gardens together.

♥ GINGERBREAD Soycurls are squishy Violets are Blue Food Fights Candy Is almost as sweet as you <3 Loverboy


♥ GO MAKE BAGEL 14 years under a red hot moon. You make me feel on Top Of The World. Winnebagos and Cats. Thanks for sticking through everything. Love you, Babe.

♥ GOAT FACE Just met U, but who knows. Laughing, talking and energy. Stop being silly and just kiss me! BTW, Roscoe will <3 me. Forget ur projects. Big Truck Girl

♥ GOOBZILLA You are the one person that I will always share Mrs. Doubtfire gifs with. Can’t wait to marry you!

♥ GOONIE You are literally everything to me and Im so stoked to be able to call you my partner in crime. cant to continue our life long adventure. goon+lentil

♥ GOSLING You’re as perfect as pizza. Love you now and for the many adventures, mishaps, arguments, and laughs to come.

♥ GRACE You are so brave and beautiful! Wishing you a Valentines Day that is filled with candy and kitties. With Love, B

♥ GRACE SADIE Love you so much, Poppet. First year of marriage has been such a good time, looking forward to 30-60 more years xoxo Boo Bear.


♥ GREEN BEAN Happy Valentine’s Day, my honey bunches of oats! Thank you for loving me so fiercely, and unconditionally, everyday. I love you!

♥ GREG Ever since we met on New Years Eve 2015. I knew you were the one. Love you babe. Your the best. Love John

♥ GREG I want a long life of questing with you (even if that means we occasionally have to collect 100 bear asses). I love you soooooo much!

♥ GREG It started long ago, through ups and downs. Never needing riches or fancy gowns. We’re in sync; We’re quite a rhyme. Me love you long time. mary

♥ GRUNDLE You are my stink. You are my fart. You are my dumb. You are my farg. I love you and I love the creetch baby. Shh.

♥ H BEAR Roses are red, Our love’s everlasting; You wrote the book On the art of p-blasting.

♥ H FRAIDY You are the very girl. You make each day easier to face. I could not be the father and person I am without you. MFRL! Love, Jed

♥ HAEEUN Hope you’re having a nice Valentine’s day! Much love from Charlie.

♥ HALEY Even though we have only been dating for two weeks,I have a major crush on you. You the best thing since the directors cut of Dune. I heart u girl.

♥ HAMMY You make my heart twerk XOXO

♥ HANDS The whole gang loves you and so do I! <3 Beardy

♥ HANDSOME I love you so much, you’re the only great thing to come out of the presidential election.

♥ HANDSOME JOE We love you even without your appendix. xoxo Lana, Finley and Baby Sister

♥ HANDSOME LOVE BUG 7/28/18 can’t come quick enough. Can’t wait to be your bride! You are the sweetest baby in the whole wide world. You are my love, my heart, my taco!

♥ HANDSOME THING You yhat my Yaris, tiki my Tonga, and melt my heart. All ways. With honey and rainbows. Whip me up some Dragon Lotion. Juicy little soup dumpling.

♥ HANK I’m not just reaching for that napkin in your hand. :) Love, Peggy

♥ HANNA XOXO Oh how I love the ‘scentually’ anticipation of your amazing ‘sendable kisses’ LSL!!! I hope my tales continue to tantalize your sexy senses!!! ;) ;)

♥ HANNAH We love you mom!! Happy Valentine’s Day!! Love, Alfie & Duncan

♥ HARRISON The last 6 months with you have taught me a lot. Thank you for everything. I never know what absurd thing is going to come out of your mouth. Ily Bex

♥ HARRISON, Thank you for a year full of love and Taco Bell.

♥ HAWAIIAN DREAM I met you December 10th , and can’t stop thinking about our nights on the beach amongst the shooting stars, whiskey and story telling. Happy Love Day!

♥ HAYDEN Bugs are gross except for one, He’s kind, handsome, & so fun. From Oregon to Japan & Italy soon, It’s only my love bug that makes me swoon!

♥ HAYS U are forest and I am sea, being together is my favorite place to be.Thx 4 our journey together. You sexy beast, U! Luv, your fave Marine Biologist

♥ HEATHER Happy Galentine’s Day to my favorite trashy movie partner in crime. Drinks laters, baby!

♥ HEIDI You thaw my frozen heart. Perhaps ship has sailed and I lost my chance. Know that I think you’re a beautiful woman and I will always adore you.

♥ HELEN-SUGAR U R sweeter than Sugar, hotter than Summer and rock my world on a daily basis. Thank you for letting me be your brillo-pad. I <3 U, my awesome possum.

♥ HERMAN From Sunstrip to the Olympic Penninsula. From Treehouse to the living room. Thank you for the epic adventures and beautiful memories. Love Herman

♥ HEY-ME We had a good run; I’m glad you’re happy. I miss C-M-G’s too. That might be awkward to hear... best, a small cat

♥ HIGHBRARIAN Thank you for always recommending the best horse books in the library to me. You are the only reason why I read. Everyone else is trash and I love you

♥ HOKU D.B. NEWTON Can’t wait for more crazy travels, side yard sun time, record discovery, culinary inventions, and celebrations in the garden of the ten of cups. xo

♥ HOLLY ELYSE We have moved on to our tenth revolution around the sun, and there is still no one I’d rather experience life on this crazy rock with. I love you. -B

♥ HONEY BUCKET Can you believe we’ve been living together for 8 years? I love you and your sweet caboose more than anything. Be my Valentine? xoxo, Laura

♥ HONEY BUNNY Hey, Sexy Sexy Sexy!! I love you more than anything!!! Things have been rough lately, but we will pull though it together!! P.S. I like your butt!! <3

♥ HONEYBEAR Almost two years and -- no lie -- I love you more every single day. Please be my best friend forever and don’t ever stop shakin’ dat booty. Yeh, bebe!

♥ HOT REDHEAD #1 I’m only submitting this because it’s your year to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Anything for My Princess.

♥ HOT SAUCE Happy Valentine’s to my silly, clumsy, sporty, nerdy girlfriend. Looking forward to another year of happiness. Love you!

♥ HOWARD Going on 15 years, you’re still my rock. Thank you for loving me and for putting up with the cats.

♥ HOWARD You are the best! And the best thing ever in my life. You deserve so much more than waffles. Love More than you know Your Wife

♥ HYDRA You’re so rad! I’ve been crushing on you hard, but was committed every time we cross paths. No longer is this bozo attached. I’m in need of spankins!

♥ IAN I love you more than a back-alley hooker loves crack. Thanks for putting up with me for another year. Happy Valentines Day! Keeses

♥ IKAILAI & SOULPAPA Lake,2 months on the earthside and you’ve filled my heart baby. Papa, you are the best daddy. Family magic 4ever

♥ ISABELLE Mon cher Birdy, j’aime, aime, aime tout ce que tu es et attends avec impatience tout ce que nous partagerons.

♥ ISAIAH You’ve toucha’d my heart and my spaghett

♥ ISMAEL D Cariño, te quiero mucho. Haces que me late el corazón. Espero que vivamos juntos agarrados de la mano hasta la eternidad.

♥ J Please don’t fart on me anymore. I’m being serious. Love, your pie.

♥ J3H Well, we did it- beautiful babies. They are pretty cool, but we are all set. Let’s do some other awesome things now.

♥ JACK You are the Keith to my Shiro, the Bakugo to my Izuku; lets be huge weebs together. May your layers always be where they’re supposed to be my darling.

♥ JACOB MY SEXY PANDA! Thanks for marrying this cougar. (Some will never understand our love; too bad for them.) Also for accepting my falafel-based proposal.

♥ JADEN You will always be my favorite taco. And hamburger. Love, c and kash

♥ JAIMEE You are the love of my life. I treasure you more than you know. You have given me so much love and encouragement , I aspire to be as kind as you.

♥ JAKE You’re the best snuggler around! I have the best time with you and I’m excited for what other fun things we’ll do. I’m so lucky to have you sweats :)

♥ JAKEYPOO Sweetie, you bring rainbows when my eyes rain. You are the tree & I am a leaf, falling for you. Your trunk penetrates my sunken earth & we are one.

♥ JAMI True love does not come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. You are my true love forever and always!

♥ JAMIE So glad I wasn’t scared off by your middle school mugshot! Love you even though you can’t make a fish face. Bearhugs XOXO, Katie

♥ JAMIS This year has been the most wonderful! I love you and I hope to be yours forever. You are my dream person! I will be brave for you. XXxoxoxo -bootie

♥ JANELLIMAL Valentine haiku: Crazy hair girlfriend; Glad you’re now my ex-girlfriend, five years my best wife...not to mention Christian’s favorite Mom. Love.

♥ JASARAM We love you forever & always, our potion-crafting, laser sword-wielding, dungeon-exploring, comic-crazed, snuggle-bugged, dirty trickster comedians!

♥ JASMIN You pull my heartstrings constantly and I want to make you feel like everyday is Valentine’s Day. Well... At least 3-4 days out of the week.

♥ JASON Stop being a butthead. You know you want me. Thoughts & prayers ~imoan

♥ JASON Thank you for loving my mom unconditionally even though she’s such a slag. Your days are numbered. Signed, Princess <3

♥ JASON E.D. You’re my favorite Loot Drop PDX score: rough around the edges. Like a vintage puzzle missing a piece or two, your charm is in your idiosyncrasies! KK

♥ JAYSONMYLOVE Thanks for being my Valentine the past 16 years. Can’t wait for what’s ahead. We love you, love Val and Baby Raiden-thanks for being an awesome Dad :)

♥ J-MAE You’re hotter than the hottest hot-wing smothered in hot n’ sexy-sauce! Please hand me a MOIST towelette, I made a mess... Forever, Ol’ MAN stinky29

♥ JEANETTE With your luscious lips, perfectly scattered freckles, and sunshine smiles you are a bright sparkle in my life. Miss your voice and face every day.

♥ JEANINE I can’t believe it’s our 3rd V-Day! I’m more in love with you than ever baby! You truly are the love of my life and woman of my dreams! I HELLA luv u!

♥ JEFF I never regret making you marry me. Let’s make next year better; it can’t be any worse than the last year!

♥ JEFF I really wanna stop but I just got the taste for it, I feel like I could fly with the boy on the moon. Enjoy those CRJ lyrics, my love.

♥ JELLY BEAN -- I love you so f$%#ing much. You’re the best emotional support animal a Sour Patch Kid could ask for.

♥ JEN This big nugget and our ittle nugget love you so much! Xoxo

♥ JENNIFERM Shine bright, Unicorn.

♥ JENNY Peaches I love everything about you. You brighten my day. I love all the adventures we do. Lets become centenarians together. Love ya to the moon!

♥ JERED You’ll always be my baby. Thank you for the thousands of wonderful days. Peas and carrots forever

♥ JEREMY S 14 Valentine’s days together....here is to 100 more. I love you. Seeing you is the best part of my day. Love you lots! - Mindy

♥ JESS be your own john wayne. go after everything and write and drive off into a high sierra sun set with intensity and love

♥ JESS You are all I see.

♥ JESSE I choose and love you everyday, and I will continue to until the day I die! Happy Valentine’s day penis breath!!

♥ JESSE It’s crazy to think that I’ve had a crush on you for 26 years! I still swoon inside when I think of you. I am forever grateful for your love. I <3 U

♥ JESSE Thanks for always being down to do last minute things. You are the best hubby. Now take me some place sunny for being such a rad wife. ~ Jesses Girl

♥ JESSICA Our love will last forever

♥ JESSICA We luv u more than mice popsicles, mice pie, bird tarts, mice cake, and even mice milk! You really are the bestica! Love, 3 and D. Fuck Max!

♥ JESSICA Your heart is a fish and mine is the sea. And like rhymes and riddles, why do they made out of, the bees? Love, Jessica

♥ JESSICA RA Even though you don’t live here anymore, I know you’ll see this. Keepin’ it alive. I love you, forever and ever and ever and ever and ever. <3 BBQ

♥ JESSIE MOUSSE ROYALE Can you believe it? Four years! It has been a wild ride obtaining my Bachelor of Arts in Meerkat Studies. I love you more than Nemo loves meat. -Panda

♥ JHEA Thanks for being patient, accepting, & supportive. You made me feel special. I had a sweet time. I’m sorry I didn’t say more. I’d love to see ya soon.

♥ JHONNY Really glad we decided to skip Valentine’s this year... Anyway, no matter how many times you quote memes at me, I’ll still love you. <3 -Myth

♥ JIB JIB You’re in Canada now, we miss you! Thank you for saving my life and thank you for loving me. Be mine, valentine. Love you. xoxo

♥ JILLIAN Will you be mine forever? I’m so happy we’re moving in together. You’re the best baby a daddy could have.

♥ JILLY Just B Cuz!

♥ JILLY-PEÑO With every passing day, my love for you grows. I never thought I would lucky enough to share my life with someone so amazing and strong. I love you!

♥ JIMMYMCSKIP Demonstrating love & affection U give so openly. I love the way U make me feel about U baby. Want the whole wide world 2 see. Best of my love. MS♥JS

♥ JIMSY-KUNこのダメ人間を愛してくれて、ありがとう。今年は5年目って、すごいだろう。これからもよろしくね。大好き!

♥ JJ You got your flu shot, so I can still love you. XOXO, A

♥ JO Happy Valentine’s Day!! Hopefully we get to spend it together this year :o) Thanks for making our first year together so special, let’s do it again<3

♥ JOE Here’s another fun fact about me: I was lucky enough to meet and marry the love of my life. Also, he’s a great dad. Straight up.

♥ JOE This is super lame but I can’t wait to not look at your face when you read this. Thank you for existing. I love you to the moon and back <3

♥ JOEMIL Still the yummiest gordito around! We is, siempre and forever, mi amor. Now come to me so I can squeeze you.

♥ JOHN, Please come back home. We miss you, and this Valentine’s Day is going to be a sad one without you. Love, Me and the Cats

♥ JOHNNIE KEITH My Forever Valentine, Happy Valentine’s Day! Love You...Your Honey Wigner, Rosemarie

♥ JOHNNY STREET Happy Valentines Day Baby! Enjoy the cool drinks and blue water while I’m by your side.

♥ JOHNNY UTAH Surfing the cosmic waves with you has always been the best ride. So lets pack another bowl get the girl and save the day!!! Love you forever Bodhi.

♥ JOHNNY WILD SPIRIT Roses are red, baby poop can be blue, we’re so grateful to share the ever so busy moments of this sweet life with you! Handsome I love you like crazy

♥ JOHNNY-BEAR Thanks for the last 18yrs. For being my best friend. For camping even though you hate it. For making me feel beautiful & strong. For loving me. -Erin

♥ JOHNW. The bartender at Satyricon who poured a broken-hearted lady a stiff drink & now 9 yrs, 7 countries, 4 homes, & 3 pets later, you’re my everything!

♥ JON Best I Ever Had - A

♥ JON Come bother me. Xoxo

♥ JON Thank you so much for finding me. I love you so much. You are an incredible father, husband, son, and brother. You deserve all the love in the world.

♥ JON Whelp. This is awkward. (Just kidding. I love you. Let’s go eat pasta and ride spaceships. Can I touch your butt?)

♥ JON MY LOVE Love ya honey. I hope this lasts. Eeshh

♥ JON, You’re still the one that makes me laugh Still the one that’s my better half We’re still having fun, and you’re still the one. love u endless, Di

♥ JONATHAN I can’t wait until you find out that I’m in love with you. –K

♥ JONATHAN You are my cat’s meow

♥ JONATHON I’m so happy you’re my person. I love you the most.

♥ JONNY We love you, thanks for taking such good care and keeping us in your bed all these years. K, B, M, C, O, and Otis

♥ JOOJ My world quaketh, my booty shaketh, when you utter those dulcet syllables into my ear: FUCK-O. You sweet talkin’ cheetah with a heart full of aplomb.

♥ JOSETTE! Josette de la rue des Martyrs! Every moment with you, always better than the last, is a slice of paradise. Tu es ma meilleure-ica. Je t’aime!

♥ JOSH To the king of all pooty pooters. I know we’re apart this V Day, but I want you to know I’d wait in the longest line of elephants for you. <3-- Willis

♥ JOSH You have made all my dreams our reality. I will always be your partner, your friend, your lover and your valentine Amy

♥ JOSH, I love growing old with you. Here’s to another year. All my love - J

♥ JOSHIMAL My 1TL and such a hottie Even when you’re driving Dottie Almost married 5 years To that I say, “Cheers!” So grab your chit and lets get naughty!!

♥ JOSHUA I love you’re jelly lips. I love your jelly buns. See you back at ours.

♥ JOSHUA THE GUITARIST YOU are the wind beneath my wings, love you FOREVER! Love, Love

♥ JOSIE CAT Our relationship is everchanging...Today and Future O n J will navigate thru the waters, woods n sand together. Acorn sisters <3 Love, Panda

♥ JP Being your koala is the best part of my life. Here’s to adventuring & cuddling for another 6 decades. It still won’t be enough time for all the books.

♥ JSB You’re my best friend and I couldn’t be happier that I can now call you my wife. I love you more every day. Love, your Husbo.

♥ JTOWN COMET OF LIGHT I hope to get weird with you forever, holding your hand through each new adventure. You’re the stars to my sky, the storm to my weather. I love you!

♥ JUBEE You da best, love you tons. Sorry I’m a grumpy asshole sometimes. Our kids are awesome. Kisses and V-day wishes to you baby.

♥ JUDITH On our anniversary I can think only of you. I smile thinking of all the Valentine’s days I’ve shared with you, my beautiful wife.

♥ JUDY Hey you sweet and sexy thing! You’ve given me so much love and, um..attention over the past year(!) I’m still stunned (and a little sore!).Luv ya! RBJ

♥ JULEE I love you ROCKSTAR. Will you be my valentine?

♥ JULES “Bicycling is a big part of the future. It has to be. There’s something wrong with a society that drives a car to workout in a gym.” — Bill Nye

♥ JULES Ti amo mi amore. I love you forever and ever! Thank you for all you do and here’s to the adventures awaiting us.

♥ JULES You continue to be the beauty in my life. I enjoy every moment with you, most especially moments like the one we had while I was writing this. Always.

♥ JULIE Anudder one!! I can’t believe we have two beautiful boys. I wouldn’t want to take on this challenge with anybody else. I love you more than ever!!

♥ JURRD Did you know that Puxatawnee Phil was a slaveowner? I love you! Kurrd

♥ JUSTIN Fuck, I love you -M

♥ JUSTIN Seeing you being such a great dad makes me love you more each day. Can’t wait for the next adventure with N#2. Thank you for being you!

♥ JWW You are an incredible man and the best Daddy in the world. I am forever grateful for your presence in my life. ~your girl

♥ JZO We met in TX. It is hot there. You’re hotter. I love you like snacks. Oh yeah one more thing. You’re better than government. It’s true like your eyes

♥ K Having you back in my world has been amazing, fulfilling, and oh-so-romantic. Hope I’ve done the same for you. Let’s try Seattle again soon! Love, J

♥ K DAWG I’m glad we made it official.

♥ K KU i love you from your head to your boobs to your toes.

♥ K L H HYPHEN B My honey bee, you’re the one for me

♥ K.B.K.J.M Here we are, 6 valentines later and I just keep loving you more and more. You mean the world to me. I enjoy every moment we’re together. I Love you!XO

♥ KAELIN I take back everything I said last year Love David

♥ KAILI(BABYGIRL) I just wanted to tell you and everyone else in Portland I LOVE YOU and im not going anywhere thanks for making my life amazing you are my babygirl

♥ KAINOA I love you without knowing how or when or from where. You are the sinoatrial node to my heart, the Dana to my 44, and the coco to my nut. Love, wifey

♥ KALEY I’m tremendously lucky to be married to someone with such a pure, caring heart. Thanks, too, for being my best friend. I’ll love you always.

♥ KALI, MY MOON Happy first Valentine’s Day since we got married! My gay heart wants to shower you in Doc Martin’s and floral ties. To us and our growing family -Kate

♥ KAREN You are such an amazing woman and the best girlfriend anyone could ask for. Thanks for always being there for me. Love Ken

♥ KARL Your collar bone hair is the apple of my eye. It is my dream to be together and watch it grow forever.

♥ KARLFRIDAY Cheers, schatzi!

♥ KASI You go by many names in our household: cutie butt, smootchy butt, honey bunny, lil poot, and more. However, the most important is, “My beautiful wife”

♥ KAT Suppose you’re thinkin’ about a plate of shrimp. Suddenly someone’ll say, like, plate, or shrimp, or plate of shrimp. Be the Otto to my Miller

♥ KATE It all started with a handcrafted Valentine last year. I kept and looked at it everyday as it sat on my back desk. You have had my heart ever since.

♥ KATHLEEN, Thank you for being so wonderful. For loving us as you do. Together we go forward in love. Adventure awaits us! <3 A&J

♥ KATIE (JUDY) F. Happy Valentine’s Babycakes! This is gonna be our best year yet! :-) I am so proud of all your accomplishments this past year, Love You Most!

♥ KATIE AND SRI You are the best roomies, landlords, family, and life long friends a lady could ask for. I love you both!! (And Dug! You are a good boy!)

♥ KATIE LADY All these years later, I am still deeply in love with you, and you are sexier than ever. You taught me how to be a good man. I love you ALWAYS&4EVER

♥ KATIE Y. To my dearest newly wed Wife Happy Valentines! I love you and cherish you!

♥ KATIECLIPSE I’m not a skeptic...magic by any other name is still magic...and magic is wonderful... ;)

♥ KBOOGIE You’re a feast to my eyes & a challenge to my sanity. But after all these years you’re still the only man for me. Let’s grow old together.

♥ KEATY, HeartDayy you are my favoriteeeee :)) Cunntt wait to see youuu , I love youuu babeeee Snail kissessss Siri

♥ KEEGAN heh heh heh! heeeee, awwwwrrmphhh. heh heh heh! Licks, Nama

♥ KEEGAN where love has no end, and peace fills the space between, we are welcome there

♥ KEH From whippits to threeways, from getting drunk, getting in trouble, & getting high - love has many different faces - here’s to six years & many more

♥ KEITH I miss drinking sangria and jib jabbing with you. And it’s so cute you have an aol email still. Happy Valentine’s Day. Lets get naked soon. Love maria

♥ KELLIE G Best mom best friend best unicorn ever!

♥ KELLY I have a malignancy in my prostate but when you’re in my arms, it’s benign.’

♥ KELLY You are the coolest human. You’re better than Bee Movie

♥ KELLY AKA BOOPIE XoXoXoXoXoXoX It’s official!! You have my heart, sweet DP. How fun to commemorate our 5th VDay together in this way. I LOVE YOU!! XoXoXoXoXoXoXoX

♥ KELLY G Best mom best friend best unicorn ever!

♥ KELLY M I love you so much and I love you more every day <3 CRB42069666

♥ KELSEY I’ll swim the ocean for you The ocean for you Whoa, oh Kelsey I love you sooo much!

♥ KENDRA AKA BUTTHOLE Oh, with all that I’ve done wrong, I must have done something right To deserve a hug every morning, And BUTTHOLE KISSES at night. Love you xoxoxo

♥ KENNETH Happy Valentines Day Honey! So proud of all that you have accomplished. I’m beyond grateful. I love you babe! Love, Your Super Hot Girlfriend

♥ KESHA Candy popper!! Happy Valentines Day 2018. It’s my favorite day so I thought I would let everyone in Portland know I love you. I love you Kesha!

♥ KEVIE Happy Heart Day wishes to my most valuable valentine! Let’s get something good to eat! Love, Cute Stuff

♥ KEVY POO I luv u more then u love fly fishing, anything sweet, both our kitties put together, even driving w/ no traffic. U r my bonehead 4EVA <3dont forget it

♥ KFF I’m with you thru “fairy tale village & cheese picnic” times + “taxi scams & food poisoning & accidentally buying agua con gas” fiascoes, always.

♥ KIM & JAZZ Happy Galentine’s Day! So happy our journeys have crossed paths out here. I appreciate & love you gals more than you know. Love, Ash

♥ KIMBERLY B I love your fucking face! I do love you. I do. I’m sorry shit gets so hard sometimes. Happy V-Day babes. Let’s have some fun today! XO Siggy

♥ KIMBERLY NOEL Love of my life it’s been 30 years and I love you more each and every day. Always and forever yours my darling beautiful wife, XOXO Dave

♥ KIMBERT EYESTAIN I’ll always be the ho in your garden. Thanks for being such an amazing friend mama! xo jason

♥ KIMMIE Possible love for someone: My love for you. Happy Vday! Love, (shh) dada dada.

♥ KIMMY I don’t have many “emotions”, but you always remember to check doesthedogdie.com before we watch a movie, anyways. True. Love.

♥ KINOKO You are the most beautiful, talented creative lil bunny sloped babe I have ever known. Thanks for taking me & so many others to worlds of wonder luv u

♥ KIRA “I just wanna lay my head on your chest, so I’m as close as it gets to your heart.” Wife I love you to the moon and back. Be mine. <3

♥ KIRA You are magic! *

♥ KISKA I love you with all my heart! I am so grateful for the community that you have given to me, and for the love you spread in this fine city. LYLAS

♥ KISS ME KATE The adventure never ends with you. We are soon to be nomads on our quest to leave this country for Belize. I’m looking forward to it. I love you. YSM

♥ KIT ‘Till men are fairytales in books written by rabbits and the moon packs up her light show and goes home, you will be my brightly shining. Love, L

♥ KITTEN PAUL Meh. Love, Stroopie

♥ KRAZY KIWI There are no hands as magic as yours! When your fingers are locked around me, pumping like there’s no tomorrow, I’m in blissful heaven. I love you!!

♥ KRISTINE I want to get back on meds for you!! You deserve at least that much. But first we need to do shrooms together.

♥ KRISTY We’ve gone through so much together and I love you more than ever. Things aren’t always perfect but I love the little life we’ve made for ourselves <3

♥ KRYSTAL Thanks for being the best roommate and best friend I’ve had in Portland! Can’t wait to watch bad Hulu shows and drink wine with you on Valentine’s.

♥ KT My perfect V-day date: pizza and cheap wine in our new house. You can come too. <3 you!

♥ KT You will always be...my gorgeous Kel, the very best kind of distraction, my best lunch time playmate, snuggled in your back is my favorite place to be

♥ KT, You are my meow and I am a love you! I am going to spend the rest of my life gettin dem snuggs and dat boot.

♥ KURTIS I love you as much today as I did when we first kissed. If I had my way and money not an issue, we’d hang out all day every day & it would be GLORIOUS

♥ KYLE AND NEKO, You are my BBs, my loves, my little beast, my little family! I love you and will always give you scratchies and meats! xoxo kp

♥ KYOUNGRYOUNG Of Course you are whole world away but you still have my heart wit you always. You are the best.

♥ KZ You broke my heart last year(!) So why do I still love you? Every day you’re the first thought in my mind when I wake up and the last before I sleep.