LAUREN Not last year; but the two prior, meant to write you something sweet. This year all ready shaping up to be so much sweeter. Thanks dude. Love, Mario.

♥ L You have such an amazing mind & body. I can’t thank u enough cuz I’m an idiot. Btw sorry to be so crass but u hv the greatest ass.U deserve the best.A

♥ LALE Lovely Darling Lale! Thanks for exploring this globe together for the 10 yrs! What a hoot to ride, paddle, pedal, & stroll around the world with you!

♥ LARA. You’re the best bouk, thanks for moving me here sweetie

♥ LAURA Happy divorce! This year will be the best- you deserve it. You always did all the work anyways. Love, your Portland friends

♥ LAURA & BEVERLY Happy Valentines Day! Here’s to many more violent and adult themed episodes of Altered Carbon and life sized teddy bear destuffings.

♥ LAURA FAY You give me tummy bugs, and they itch every day! Thanks for the load you shot into my heart, I love ya. Sooo glad we ignored Dan Savage’s advice!

♥ LAUREN Not last year; but the two prior, meant to write you something sweet. This year all ready shaping up to be so much sweeter. Thanks dude. Love, Mario.

♥ LAUREN You are the Mohammad Ali of callipygian! You really are the greatest. I adore you. Thank you for always keeping it special and fun!!

♥ LAURENGE And now it’s been officially ten years. I know you haven’t had the best year, so I can’t wait to see when things get better. Love always. XOXO --Russ

♥ LAURIE I just wanted to let you know that you are amazing. I know things have been tough lately, but I love you more than I ever have. I love you so - M

♥ LÉ MONSTÈRE Here’s to second chances, children and menu changes, my fierce warrior Chef-Queen, my love!! UR the Xavier to my Magneto. I love the fuck outta u!! XO

♥ LEC Hey boo, thanks for keeping that booty delicious after all this time. Can’t wait to eat it forever.

♥ LEMON You are my favorite person in the whole wide world, forever and ever.

♥ LESLIE L I know you read the Mercury every week and hopefully when you read this you’ll start thinking of me. (Listen to Flamingos-Mio Amore) Always, Charles.

♥ LEVI Two ones!? I know we’re all adjusting to life as a family of 4, but there’s really no one else I’d rather have by my side on this adventure. I love!

♥ LIAM Pure of heart, independent, kind. Innocence intact, sharp like a knife. The world is lost to you. Piercing blue sky, red sunset wandering in the wood.

♥ LIBBY Happy 3 year anniversary! I love you so much. Being with you fills my days with joy. I look forward many nights huddled with you around a camp fire.

♥ LIFE GIVER Thnx 4 birthing me into this shitty ass world & making sure I know that life is worth living by showing me more luv then any1 could ever no. I loue u!

♥ LIGHT O’ MY LIFE Nothing beats waking up next to you, except maybe going sampling with you, taking care of His knees, or listening to you read. Here’s to the next 15+!

♥ LIL NILLIE You make our heart sing! Happy Valentines Day to the best wife, friend and dog Ma two could ever ask for! We luv ya tons!! Jeff & Rita

♥ LIL PEEP Im not religious but I am trying yo believe you are in a better place with my cat Humper. I love you. You are forever in my heart.

♥ LILAH Always thinking you, bb-san.

♥ LIL’ SCOOPER Here’s to hoping that our second date is as good as the first. Let’s make babies?

♥ LILLY It has been good hanging out, and while I am still smitten, platonic works. You are an incredible person, and I am happy to call you a friend. - J

♥ LINDA You’re my prince, you’re my frog, you’re my toad, you’re my snake. Love, Michala

♥ LINDA KAYE Ima lova,lova,lova you my soulmate.

♥ LINDSAY The tradition continues! You’ll never know if this is Alec or Jessica but no matter who it is I/we love you very much!

♥ LINDSEY Here’s to another year of 5Ks and rice bowls. Love yoy

♥ LINTY TOOTS Happy valentines days smoochie! You are a true gentleman and scholar XxOoXxxOOoXXOOx

♥ LISA You are my rock! LT, Harry and I are the luckiest animals out there! Love you TONS

♥ LITTLE MISS It’s been such a weird, tough year. But I’m grateful to find us still standing by each other. I love you more and more. Be my sexy Valentine? --Rob

♥ LIZ Check it out! Lizard + The Wizard!

♥ LIZ, “TRADITION”...”tradition” With giggles and swoons, MAX PS- I also thought “MADE YOU LOOK!” would be funny.

♥ LIZZY I miss you more than millennials are missing Snapchat’s old format

♥ LOG JAMMER This year will be remembered as International Fuck Fest 2018! Let’s see if we can’t also buy a house and join the Mile High Club! Love, Can’t Finish..

♥ LORD FRANK Would love to have your hands on me..... Always your sweet kitten... and Lady. Happy Valentines’s Day Handsome! Love those hugs!!!

♥ LOVAH LOVAH Happy anniversary. All I ever wanted was for you to be happy & content.I love you more than anything or anyone...for anytime;past, present & future.

♥ LOVE OF MY LIFE... I miss you when you’re not near me, I need your touch, your lips, your smell, your presence near me.

♥ LOVEGIRL I know it is incredibly cliche but there is really nothing more to say You are my everything And I will love you forever - beyond the end of time

♥ LOVEKIM What if we had never met would I still be a marionette dancing along your strings? Though we were so very far apart you still found my beating heart.

♥ LOVELY LAURA Hope you still feel like I am the right1 You thought I’d forget and not write1 Lets go on a D8 n stay out 2 late I’ll show U my heart n my big 1

♥ Lovely Lobkin! I adore you. Thank you so much for being in my life. I hope you have the best year ever, and I hope to spend more time with you.

♥ LOVER TITS I love you...more than life. P.S. Moose Cock!

♥ LOVERBUNNY love you love you love you love you love you love you love you love you love you love you love you longtime better park of a decade

♥ LUCILLE I love you and the life we’re building together. These past 5 years have been the best of my life, and I’m looking forward to many, many more. <3

♥ LUCY FIRE I love u I’m so glad to finally meet my true soulmate you’ve made my life comple

♥ LUE Eliza’s alright but you’re the REAL best of wives and best of women. Can you tell I’ve been doing my homework?!? XOXO

♥ LUEBELL I am so glad I am your mom.You are the best thing on this planet buona notte always. Mommy

♥ LUKE I’m in lesbians with you Trink

♥ LULU “Old man, get out of the seat near me so the cute guy can sit next to me.” And then I did... Love you, bing bong!

♥ LUNCH SQUAD This last year together has been so incredible. U keep my heart and stomach full. U know how to always make me laugh. Y’all the buzz to my woody. ILY

♥ LYNDSE I love you so much!

♥ MACKIN My favorite weirdo. How lucky we are to have found each other. I love you!

♥ MADDY I wallaby your valentine. Signed, a local knife expert. PS: I’m serious about the couch

♥ MADELINE I will always love you, ya weirdo. You will always have my heart.

♥ MADELINE May our threads forever cross, no matter the paths that we may weave. Yours always, Tommy-o.

♥ MADWOOD Somedays are better than others, but no day is complete in your absence. The memories of you, carry me through and right into your arms, again. #aott

♥ MAGGIE It’s not like this is a new thing, but we keep loving each other and the sun keeps rising and setting and I feel lucky that it’s you I wake up beside.

♥ MAGIC MAN You fill me up when Im empty, you feed me vegetables, feet together in bed,magic of loving myself overflows to the love I feel for you, Honey Dragon

♥ MAGICBUZ Let the Good Times roll! Always! Cheers!

♥ MAGS You are so wonderful and sweet to me. You are the light of my life and i love you so much! To another 8 years and mote fun to come.

♥ MAGS You’ve been the best thing to happen to me in quite a while. I don’t even mind your cats poopie feet.

♥ MAILMAN NICK Hi my lovey hi my sweetie hi my baby. I love you SO MUCH. XOXO

♥ MAMA (LORETA) Mama, Thank you so much for everything you do <3 We love you!! Now you have a letter to find in the paper Love, Hunter, Vida, Tata, Niko, and Luna

♥ MAMA BEAR I love thee Mama with hair like silk, lips like cherries, skin like milk. Your shell like ears, and eyes so black, like frying pans. Love, Bear Head

♥ MANIC PIXIE DREAMBOY The chemistry is undeniable the circumstances are not optimal. You’re mean, I’m crazy, we should’ve at least met up for coffee. I want my print 11x14.

♥ MARCK Your scent of Carolinian tumbleweed or last nights pizza, I don’t know which I prefer — but I love you nonetheless even though you love ikea more.

♥ MARGARITA MATT Every day that I wake up and see you next to me, I know I’m the luckiest person alive. I love you forever <3 Cassandra PS u still got dat juicy booty

♥ MARIE, The last 5 years have been the most wonderful & fulfilling in my life; the rest of our lives can’t come fast enough. I love you with all of my heart!

♥ MARK I’m more in like with you than I was when we married. I love you but I’ll have to be buried (or cremated preferably). No taxidermy Forever & Always E

♥ MARK You’re my favorite human and I adore you -m

♥ MARKMOTOHEAD May your days be bright, your motors run strong, your projects get done, and our love burn long. Happy Valentines Day # 20, here’s to many more. Xoxox

♥ MARS We’ve waited so long for each other; knowing we deserve this. Thank you for being my goddess! I live to worship you and savor your affection.

♥ MARY I’m sorry for ruining Valentine’s day last year. I was a fool but I’m workin on that. Do-over in 2019? I still believe in us. I miss your tiny boobs

♥ MARY you’re such a wonderful shining light, you’re beautiful and you’re sweet and I’m so glad we found each other

♥ MARY B. Will you be my Valentine you foxy vixen I love you so much and I don’t know what I would do without you. P.S. Sammy loves you 2

♥ MARY JO You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear. Luv U!

♥ MARY LOU I know I’m being cheesy, but it’s true. I’ll never find anyone quite like you. I truly love you, my darling Mary Lou.

♥ MARY’S CLUB DANCERS and staff: I’m continually in awe of what amazing badasses y’all are. Thanks for creating a community open even to wayward bankers. Love, your client

♥ MASTER DADDY SIR M’L I crave your whispers & kisses on my neck. I long to worship your magnificent manhood. I submit to your orders & enthusiastically accept my rewards!

♥ MASTER OF MY UNIVERSE I remember how I felt when you said” I think I’m failing in love with you” I still feel that way now, I lover you my Belli

♥ MATT for your corny jokes and teasing. for being by my side at every up and every down. for making these past few weeks bearable. i love you.

♥ MATTHEW JAMES You are the love of my life & I am so happy that we are together. You make me so proud & I am excited to see where life takes us. Samson loves you too

♥ MATTY It’s been a little over a year since we met, & already I can’t imagine my life w/o you in it. You make me a better person, & I love you so very much!

♥ MAU-CA Of all the happiest, luckiest days in my life, The best must surely be the day I first kissed you. And my happiest dreams just keep on a-coming true

♥ MAUREEN You are the best wife a man could ever ask for I love you more each and everyday

♥ MAV LOML I have waited my whole life for you and cannot wait to continue our life together with loads of laughs & love. TOPIC, be mine! X o X o X

♥ MAX “Always remember, there is nothing worth sharing like the love that lets us share our name.” 5 years and going strong, I love you more every day. -Boo

♥ MAX I love you more than Frank loves rum ham. Happy Valentine’s Day! -- Sarah

♥ MAXO We go together like Boss Ross and trees. Lets go get some Toadstool. Like right now. Love, Callie.

♥ MAYA I’m looking forward to another year of forest hikes, lazy Sundays, and cooking adventures with you! Love, A.

♥ MAYOR WHEELER Big thanks for carrying water with the $450m freeway expansion. Couldn’t have got fossil-fuel infrastructure in town without your help! Yours, ODOT

♥ MÍ VIDA No matter where we end up or how long it takes to decide, soy tuya. Para siempre, en donde sea. La S ama a la Yadi

♥ MCGOO Once you were unknown/to me, you made me mortal/Now you’re my heart’s orchestra

♥ MCKENNA I love you forever! You are the best wife, friend and adventure partner in the world! Beedoo

♥ ME I love you even if no one else does

♥ MEANEY I’ll love you forever and miss you even longer. Thanks for being the best friend a girl could ask for. xoxo sb

♥ MEEMS! Check it out, my V Day shout-out to you was published in the paper! If this isn’t love, then love doesn’t exist. (I better get laid for this) Mooms

♥ MEGADOODLE You are still the prince wife of my heart, the best human, and the one I love most...second only to Maya...just kidding, it’s a tie!

♥ MEGC Portland has roses Monkshood is blue No number of crows remember all my luv 4 U choo choo choose me

♥ MEGGGY Me and fuzzbutt (aka BAE) love you very much.

♥ MEL I love you more every day. There isn’t a day that goes by that I wonder if you’re the one for me. I’m so happy you said yes.

♥ MELINDA Valentines doesn’t mean much to me, but you mean everything to me. So happy Valentine’s Day mom!

♥ MELISSA I am breathing, trusting, and believing that we will be able to have pie together. xxox Papa Smurf

♥ MERCURY STAFF Thanks for all your hard work, and for being my much adored Portland family. <3

♥ MERIDIAN u love having stinks. every day a new stink. and u love it. ur eyes shine brighter than frank ocean. thank u for being here c u soon haha

♥ MESSY BEAR *My heart is spoken for, completely realized, fulfilled, and all yours. I want for nothing. Boom-arm outstretched. I love you. I love you forever.

♥ MF Happy Valentines Day! I <3 you! Love, SF


♥ MICHAEL you’re my favorite xo

♥ MICHAEL B Nine Valentine’s Days and I am still crazy about you after all these years and my head is still spinning. Let’s go to a concert! Love you <3 Samantha

♥ MICHAELB To the Sweetest Sweetie in the Whole Wide World! I <3 U!!! XOXO- Barbie

♥ MICHEAL, I adore you, my best friend and life love! Joyous times flow through us with such sweet grace. I’m forever grateful your presence in PDX and my life!

♥ MICHELE Lil’ darling,I feel that ice is slowly melting Honey,it seems like years since it’s been clear Here comes the sun and I say Its all right. xo, mike

♥ MICHELLE‍ You are fucking beautiful!! Ohhhhh.... and dat ass Let’s get stoned and hang out soon

♥ MICIFU We started with some flatties now we’re here! You and Nacho are my entire world. I love you both so much and couldn’t be happier in life. Besos amor!

♥ MICRO Hey lovey beans 6 years and thousands of beers! I love you more than hairspray and sequins! Xoxo

♥ MIDGE Here’s to all the fun and rubby goodness we share. You’re the most handsome, sexy, fun guy a gal could have as a partner in crime. xoxoxoxo Gidge

♥ MIDGE Rolling into another year, looking forward to it all, your imperfectly perfect BF is declaring his love for you and Paul McCartney. Deal! xoxo GIDGE

♥ MIDNIGHT MATTY You’re the best I ever had, and you know it. Read this and come find me...I’ll bring the rope! I love you forever ps

♥ MIKE 20+ years of Valentines Day! From our early days of homemade cards and dinners to the fancy meals we shared as 2. I’ve loved every one. Love Kami

♥ MIKE THE GROWNUP We are here to propose! Be our son’s godfather!

♥ MILLS ;* the sun to my moon, the flaker to my hardi b, the pee to my anal -you’re my fav lil cutie. let’s keep discussin liquid, mixed bags, and puggers forev!

♥ MISS POOPS I rub you so so much! - Mister Toots

♥ MISSMISS i relish our lifelong adventure. love to catsup with you soon. once we’ve mustard marriage, we can do anything. mayo love me forever like i do you.

♥ MISTER MAN You might suggest I dream of robot bodies & zinnias, of ocean waves & evergreens, of starships & stretchy socks, but I always & only dream of you.

♥ MLE Another year of adventures! I know we’re both psyched for you to have your own place, we’ll get there soon! <3 B

♥ MOE Happy Valentines Day Babe! You are the best, most hard working, smart, intuitive, funny, caring and best guy I know and I am so lucky. Handsome too ;)

♥ MOISAN Happy Valentines Day I love you baby! Smooth LD

♥ MOLLY I love you more than Kirby loves apple sticks!

♥ MOLLY, MY BFF I was in love the first time I ever laid eyes on you and it’s grown each and every year. Thanks for letting me join you on this wild ride of life. MWA


♥ MOM AND DAD Thank you for always taking care of me when I’m sick, looking after me when in healthy and paying for my massive obsession with circus. I love you!

♥ MOMMA MSW Whether listening to Keak da Sneak or E-40 like we used to, geeking out on some Carcassonne, or raising a child, I cherish our journey. 143 Nubh minh!

♥ MOMMY A you are the best mommy ever xoxo nora

♥ MOMO I can be a bit squirrelly from time to time, but there’s no otter chipmunk I’d rather crack shellfish with. All the bear hugs, laughter & love - B.

♥ MONKEY I’ve lived to see your glory. You are my wonders great and small. Someday this tomcat you will marry. There’s hope for our ass after all. -Beetle

♥ MONKEY LOVE BISCUIT You’re my hero and my lifesaver and I don’t know what I’d do without you. Let’s ignore all of our responsibilities and run away to Paris.

♥ MONSIEUR PHILIPE Here’s to 16 years of adventures, music, book group, homemade gluten free bread, and extra long snuggles. You are my new (and old) favorite! love, e

♥ MOOLS Thanks for staying the Whiskey Pringles to my Lizard Man-Baby! I love you more than mini pigs and the WWE, and I love the WWE. Beep! Beep!

♥ MORGAN While I deeply enjoy our correspondence, I eagerly anticipate having you in my mouth, again.

♥ MOTHERTREEBIRD Thank you for keeping our tree blooming and our bird singing. Amazing ornithologist dendrologist May I Let Fly. Lets take a tumble under the moon.

♥ MR. DOUTIBATUM <3 <3 <3 Through Hell and back, you and me till we die! Adventure Buddies 4 LYFE!!! <3 <3 <3

♥ MR. NAPNAPS Maru tonight? Vodka shots on me...literally.


♥ MR. SEELEY After 3 years of bicoastal life: we get to finally be together in the big apple this year. I love you, darling. - Mrs. Seeley

♥ MR. WINDY Together, we will crush 2018 as an unstoppable force! Let the margaritas and nachos overfloweth! Wonder Twin powers activate! Form of... eternal love!

♥ MR.D You are my pen to my paper, pancake to syrup, cookies and milk, heart to chest cavity. We just are meant to be! Love you now and forever. MrsD

♥ MRS HOBSON I will love you forever and always. You mean the world to me and are my world. You make everyone smile and your the kindest person I know

♥ MRS WINDY You now I love you more than seagulls love garbage, but goddammit, if you don’t stop making popcorn, you’re OUTTA here! XOXO

♥ MRS. D I said I’ll make you smile for the simple fact I’m good at it, I’ll make you smile just so I can sit and look at it. Happy Valentines day! Mr. D

♥ MULDER Oh baby, don’t you go all supernatural on me, supernaturally!

♥ MW Valentine’s Day is super lame. Being your valentine is super duper. Thanks for being the sexiest ever. E. B.

♥ MY BOSS It’s been bittersweet to watch you plan your wedding. She loves you but I love you too. I hope this doesn’t make things awkward. Dutifully, Willow.

♥ MY CHEECHEEE ILY more than all the other cheecheees in the world. Thanks for being such a standup human, partner, & friend! You make my life sweeter in every way.

♥ MY DEAR BRIGHT EYES You are my morning ray of sunshine, my warmth of a new day, and my shimmering falling stars. I love you.

♥ MY GIRL You fill my heart with love. Jerk. I am grateful for you every day. More tartar sauce please.

♥ MY HUSFOX What a hunk. Your beautiful smile & gorgeous eyes, you are a dream. Your love is pure gold. I love you with all of my heart. #husfox

♥ MY LITTLE BABY I love you so much. Even if youre a stupid moron with an ugly face and a big butt and your butt smells and you like to kiss your own butt Love, TBHM

♥ MY LITTLE CAN BEANS You are my favorite person. You are my little breadstick, my precious pipper. Let’s make a little barnacle. Namaste.

♥ MY LOVELY JAIME You are the funniest, most compassionate, beautiful, and better at most board games than me. Life would suck without you in it. Love always Doug

♥ MY LOVELY M, I love you. And before you ask, it’s because you are loving, driven, beautiful, clever and really sassy. Life with you is joyful. Your loving man, TLC

♥ MY MAN MIKE So many ‘bonding opportunities’ in our near, 18 years together : ) Proud, grateful & still excited to be your’s, always & forever. ~Michele.

♥ MY MEL There are not words for the amount of love I have for you. May our future be filled with love and happiness

♥ MY SWEET LOVE BUB I love you w/all my heart. Thank you for allowing me to be the mighty Sequoia deep in your forest. You help me be a better man every day. Happy V Day!

♥ MY THREESOME Happy Valentine’s Day to my threesome! Love you both very much & wishing you the most fabulous day! *MUAH*

♥ MYLINDA my Sweet Sexy Awesome ‘S.B.U.’ what a fun, wild n crazy ‘17!!! my heart won’t let go...what will be in ‘18??? your Amazing Princess, LSL!