"WOLF MAGIC I love your true self and would definitely do you with a strap on. You make me whaley happy. Love your dove" Marlowe Dobbe

♥ N I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul.

♥ NANCY Quit flying drones into Christmas trees. You’re still cute without amazing chest hair. Love c n j

♥ NAOMI Sweet, surreal, sustenance, surrender, serene, serendipity. U are my everything, my nothing and it’s beautiful. We want more but now is wonderful. 2NT

♥ NATASHA I promise to keep it slutty, 5 star rooms only, douchebag-ish, steaks rare, more trips, more naps, all nasty....and never call them back. Love Uni.

♥ NATASHA You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. you make me feel that i have a purpose in life and i love your bullet kisses!

♥ NED My lover, companion, and friend. My lover! Companion! Friend! Here’s to 40 years of living, loving, joy.

♥ NEIL THE REAL DEAL I want 2 luv u kiss u squeeze u 4ever in fact I want to wear u like a backpack & lose you never, get a head start but I will find u cuz I’m clever!

♥ NEMESIS You have taught me how to love, trust and thrive in a healthy relationship! Thank you for being an amazing partner and showing me dusty magic! )*(

♥ NEW LEAD HOUSE I love you all v much. <3 <3 <3

♥ NICK You’re the fox to my owl. You’re the Tom Servo to my Crow. You’re the beer cheese to my pretzel. Thanks putting up with me. Love you byarb.

♥ NICOLAS CAGE Your eyes are pillows for the soul. I look in to them & find myself adrift in a sea of humanity. Lost, alone, despondent. Nirvana just out of reach.

♥ NICOLE Thank you for becoming my wife. Looking forward to the many more years of growth and love. I love you

♥ NICOLE You’re my best friend in the world and I can’t wait to marry you in June! I love you

♥ NICOLLE Naval Sea Cadet Petty Officer First Class Larsen reporting for duty ;P

♥ NIKKI I will love you with pride, my lavender queen, my friend. It is a pleasure.

♥ NIKO thank you for loving me fully, being my best friend, putting up with me & always supporting me. love u, em xo

♥ NIKO LIZA you’re enchanting. i love you. i like to sit with you at the factory at lunch hour, watching the smoke stacks. i want to see your new underwear hub

♥ NIN You complete me. You make me laugh, love, and smile in a way I have never before known. Let’s make a human!! I LOVE YOU TILL THE END OF THE UNIVERSE !

♥ NINI(S) So thankful for my two friends; you two keep me cool, fashionable, fun and young. #hellablessed

♥ NIXXIE You are loved by so many in this world you are a flame in the dark tunnels that we may live sometimes keep your spirit lit May everyday be special

♥ NOAH BARNES Hey Nerd, you are my best friend and I love you so much! I can’t wait to experience life with you!!

♥ NOEL I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I took an arrow in the heart. love ya, nerd!

♥ NOELLE While this last year has been hard I look forward to the years we have could have together. I want to grow each and everyday with you. I love you!

♥ NOELLE While this last year has been hard I look forward to the years we have could have together. I want to grow each and everyday with you. I love you!

♥ NOELLY POLLY OLLY I will always love you! Our love story will always be my favorite. Luvz u, Tashi

♥ NOLAN Roses are red violets are blue, thanks for hanging out with me even though my car smells and resembles a zoo! You are amazing!

♥ NOODLE Babe! How outrageously, preposterously lucky I am to share my life with you. as Dolores O’Riordan sings, “you’re a dream to me.” You’re the best. <3

♥ NOODLEFACE Yer the Frodo to my Samwise, the Blanket to my Gertrude, and the Wheels to my Milo! So grateful you chose me 8yrs ago & for all the adventures since!

♥ NORMANDO You are my honeydew, my sun and stars, my favorite yellow mustard fan. You make me feel so loved everyday. Let’s keep growing really old together.

♥ NOVIO Thank you for all you do, I Iove you so much and am so luck you came into my life.

♥ NT I’m in love with you, dummy. -Polack

♥ OCTOPUS I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going. Love, Squid.

♥ OH, MY MAYA! Thank you for letting me perform weird, exotic bird stuff in the bedroom. It really ruffles my feathers... in a good way. CUK CAAAAA-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW!

♥ OLIVIA To the best canvas of my Jackson Pollock artwork ever, you rock my shit. Love you baby - Steffan

♥ OTHER BEANS You’re driven, kind and quite silly. We have so many small adventures. Thanks for always hanging out with me.

♥ OTTO’S MOM Mama,. The hunt is on, who knows where we'll land?. Once there I'll penetrate you for the next 20 years. I'll try to enjoy the ride together. Love You

♥ OUTLET I am sweet on you. Thanks for bringing the people together! xoxo

♥ PAMELA U r living the life of a badass poet. I’m happy ur my Galentine. Thx4 being the wind beneath my wings &4 swearing vengeance upon my enemies. XoXo Rose

♥ PANCAKE You’re my stumptown summer heartthrob. Lets get houses with a shared backyard and a herd of dogs.

♥ PAPA I wanted to surprise you so I came home early!! I can’t wait to see you!! Love you always, Kona xoxo (Mommie loves you too!!)

♥ PAPA SCHNUGG 10 years of Valentines, just you and me. This time next year, we will be 3. So much love for you, Papa Schnugg! <3

♥ PARSNIP My silliest ghost, let’s take a trip to the coast, while eating toast, I don’t want to boast, this is a public post so I’ll just say I love you most!

♥ PAUL Puppup babyflakes husboy! You are my best friend and life is worth living when I’m with you. It’s kinda shitty when you’re not around. Lub Kitkat

♥ PB 2018 marks the year we have loved each other half our lives. That is nothing compared to the rest. You are my home. Happy lovers day, lover. GB

♥ PDXKEITH I love you and I like you. <3 PDXHANNAH

♥ PDXRETROVEGAN You’re like a moon that’s full, Across a sea of foam I’m the sky you’ve been burning DK

♥ PEA It’s been a long year, but we have so many years ahead to look forward to and I can’t wait to snog your chowder bowl through them all. Luv you always.

♥ PEEPO To my darling sweet peepo, you illuminate the world and are everything to me. i love you dearly!

♥ PEETIE Sweetie Peetie Pumpkin Pie Poo Poo Head, I am so happy we are getting married this year! P+P+p+p forever

♥ PEETS I love you so. Thank you for being my best friend, always trying to understand my weirdness and letting me be me. I am so lucky to be your schmoopsie.

♥ PEEZLE Let’s turn loose our golden falcons so they can meet in the sky where our spirits belong; necking like two hot kids. Hafiz got it right.

♥ PERLA I love you very much, please be patient with me, I always think of you, I’m sorry.

♥ PEYTON You are the love of my life. Im so proud of you. My sweet angel. You are the most caring, loving young lady i know. Mom

♥ PHIL I am blessed that each morning you choose to share this adventure of life with me. Our relationship offers more Love than I dreamt possible. xoxxo

♥ PIGBE We’ve been rocking this parent thing and I’m so glad we got away to st Lucia for a solo trip. I love you love you love you!

♥ PIGGY O’ MINE Every day together is a new journey. It’s a choose our own adventure story. Looking forward to spending it with you. Will you marry me? Love, ur ogre

♥ PIGSQUAD I have a crush on half of you.

♥ PISSY MISSY From the burning deep inside to the burning down below! Next time you say inside please just simply blow!

♥ PK Two spectacular sunsets and a sunrise is no surprise as my heart swells and I see love & happiness in your eyes Islamorada was the ideal vacation!

♥ PONY You’re my better half and you make me strive to be like you with your hard work and integrity. I am glad to have such a good partner and friend. Jboo

♥ POODY BEEF You’re my favorite screaming eagle. Thanks for becoming a hockey stan with me. Dinks forever, I’m the only night cackler in your life. Turkey kisses.

♥ POOKIE BEAR I LOVE YOU! You make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I never want to be without you in my life, heart and soul. Hold my hand and we will soar! Dave

♥ POOKIE BEAR BUDDY I’m so lucky to have you Tina! You are my bestest friend and I love you so much! Purrrrrr :-* -buddy

♥ POOKIE WOOKIE Life is lonely and boring without you. I love you unconditionally and I miss you very much.

♥ POOPS You make my heart happy. I love you so fucking much poops. I wouldn’t want to go through this life with anyone else, whatever it takes <3

♥ POOT Sharing the lovin’ bed with you and your socks is one of my favorite things to do! Let’s keep growing the shrine! Love, your BABEH!

♥ POPPET Thank you for 10 years of not celebrating St. Valentine’s Day. It’s all I’ve ever wanted. Love you the most and looking forward to more.

♥ POPPY I Love You Very Much. Thank You for being here with me...

♥ POPTART You are the sweetest thing that pops up next to me in the morning! I’ll be sure to warm you up to be the best poptart you can be!

♥ PORGLET From my first visit to Ahch-To, I fell in love. Your lovable screech, your propensity to flail, your loyalty to your babies. This wookie is smitten <3

♥ PORTLAND, We love your heart. Please take care of it. And learn hands-only CPR to help others. Love, Portland Fire & Rescue

♥ POW POW FOXITA You’re the best adventure buddy ever. Thank you for trusting me through all this change. Love you mucho mucho.

♥ PRADITO With you I am home. Here’s to another house that we fill with ear pinches and nudity.

♥ PRESTIGE <3 gracias por otro año mas! Espero podamos cumplir todo lo que planeamos para el futuro. Te amo!!!

♥ PRETTY WIFE With things like service or touch, Ya say you can’t hear those much. So with words I think I will show it, Cuz ya know I’m a very good...idk, bard?

♥ PRIMETIME Queen Janelle says its a prime time for our love, and I’d agree. Let me pick you up in my brand new pickup, you gd golden woman. I love you forever <3

♥ PRINCE DING DONG A haiku: The island is nice However I cannot wait To be home with you I love you Levi XO J (pumpkin)

♥ PUFFIN Let’s pretend we don’t exist Let’s pretend we’re in Antarctica

♥ PUPPER I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love...Pupper.

♥ PURPLEDOODLE You Rock my World.

♥ PUZZLE PIECE You make me whole. I love learning, growing, & creating with you. Can’t wait to see what our garden grows. Love to love you.

♥ QUABE You really see me. I see you too. Do you want to watch me dance to you?

♥ QUARA You are my Valentine! You are like a chile-covered piece of chocolate. I like your spice and spunk! I love you. ¡Te amo! Mom

♥ QUEEN K Scary movies, Thursday happy hours, crinkly articles in bed, jokes and jokes and jokes, dreaming & planning for what’s next...we still got it, babe!

♥ QUINN HARRISON I love u beyond the stars

♥ R I am Tinder-hearted for you! 3/7/17 and always xoxo...J

♥ RACH Thanks for being the pea to my carrot, the octopus to my turtle.

♥ RACHAECHAE Every day I wake up next to you & sense the warmth of your body nestled next to mine, I feel so lucky that a Lovecat decided to curl up in my bed.

♥ RACHEL I never dreamed of being this lucky. You are the most beautiful and amazing wife in this world. I will love you forever and always. Happy V-Day.

♥ RADICAL AMOROUS FAWN Let’s make out, until our lips chap, our hips slap and our supper interruptus. Let’s laugh until our cheeks hurt. Love, Justifiably Rachael Crazed

♥ RAIN Happy VDay Sweetheart!!! I’m excited to celebrate two years of hot sex and romance with Master Storm! Living with you has been a blast! Love XOXO <3

♥ RANDY I rant & rave but you’re the one I crave because you’re my absolutely fave. Love u, Kandi Jo

♥ RANFI With you, I’m home. Whatever souls are made up of, ours must be the same. Thank you for loving me. Endlessly your’s, Daisy

♥ RAUL Can you believe we met 11 years ago?! I knew from the moment you walked in that I wanted you to be mine. I love you forever.

♥ REAGAN Your smiling eyes lured me in like magnetic magic and I knew instantly that I had found...”The Chosen One”, guided to me by angels!

♥ REBE Looking forward to a year of good stuff: food, Sam, making art, travel, books, film, butts, music, and the space to explore being silly/fun. Love you!

♥ REBECCA Loving you is like the perfect cupcake. Soft and moist on the inside and full of pretty sparkles and glitter on the outside. You are my everything.

♥ REBECCA U no dae way my kween, Lubs

♥ REBECCA You are A++ number one tippy-top incredible! We know how lucky we are and we love you so much! Ben, Finn and Soba

♥ REBECCA, PILLOW POEM You thanked me for talking to you on 1st Thurs at the contentious open mike when we later crossed paths at PNCA. Private meeting? romanfromhell@gmail.

♥ RHW Thanks for keeping our little family on the straight and narrow! While little G and M are running around like crazy you keep us all together. <3 JHW

♥ RHYNO I love you like lil’ O loves Tillamook Cheddar. Let’s have a classy Valentine’s Day celebration with MHL + BSO ;)

♥ RICARDO Sweet apple pie with your hands outta line Looking for some meat (heat?) Gonna take you high When you feel that sting, you gonna fly!

♥ RICHARD Thank you for loving me... Thank you for being there... Wait, wrong holiday. Oh well. I LOVE YOU!

♥ RICKZ Hard to convey how much I appreciate & adore you. More coffee please (“coffee” too ;-), at my place, your place, the coast, the van, the wild. OxoxO

♥ ROBBY Happy love day hubby! You’re the joany to my boney and I can’t imagine life without you! Xoxo

♥ ROBIN My love! Another year with you, and somehow you still butter my bread. I love you and the bad ass life we have made together. *swoon*

♥ ROBYN T.B. After all these years I’m still the luckiest guy on the planet. Baby-- thanks for us! Love, Tony B.

♥ ROCKER I still love your headphone hair.

♥ ROCKET MAN Peace, plants, Happy Valentine’s Day.

♥ ROCKS You are the love of my life. I know your heart is with me. My greatest desire if a life with you. No one has the connection we have. Love Forever

♥ ROPEGUN science, climbing, popcorn, trauma, biking, ice cream, flogging, road trips, logic, drag balls, bubbly water. Such beautiful love we have - belay bae

♥ ROSANNE You’re my favorite person in the world You mean everything to me, You’re as cute as Bug’s tummy, I love everything about you, I love you 1,082

♥ ROSEBUD & IDA BEA Wishing you two Sweethearts a Magical, Spectacular, Fun Filled Day!!!

♥ ROSEHIPSPDX Dearest mommy, my rosehip friend I’m sad and devestated because of our end My love for you is deep and true Your absence has me feeling blue

♥ ROSEMARIE Looking forward to warm and romantic times ahead in 2018. JKA

♥ ROSENBUDDY! let me count the ways..i just want you to feel special on a lonely hallmark holiday, sweetie muffin topper! thanks for always orbiting near. love you!

♥ ROSITY Remember Ash Street, before our little Bandulus, when our love was Heavy? City nights like that give me warm Sentiments. Your Northern Lover Emerald

♥ ROSS, TEX, AND BILBO to the hot blonde, crazy redhead, and freckled lil freak. Love u guys, XOXO R <3 :)

♥ ROY I want to tell u I love u! It’s been a year since u did this for me & it really touched me. U continue to do so every day. Here’s to us honeybunny!

♥ RPM “The beauty of a thing is not the atoms that go into it,but the way those atoms are put together.”-Carl Sagan You are my favorite atom arrangement. -N

♥ RUBEN Can’t believe we are celebrating our first wedding anniversary,2nd 4th of July of when we met.You inspire me everyday. Happy valentine’s day Mi Amor.

♥ RUPERT I’m glad you’re around. Take good care of STJM. Slurp, OG BDE

♥ RY I am so incredibly lucky to have found you! Thank you for loving me as much as I love you. Here is to an amazing 2018

♥ RYAN Love you so much my big booty husband! You’re my errthang.

♥ RYAN you brighten my day! so happy to have met you. happy valentine’s day. xoxo. -s

♥ RYAN You’re so handsome. You’re so tall. You worship me in all kinds of ways. I love you so much! But I don’t think I can live without a microwave. B

♥ RYAN “CUTE GUY” When my name comes outta your mouth it sounds like a Teddy Pendergrass solo covered in syrup. Thx for brightening my special month

♥ RYEN You inspire, challenge, and invigorate me. You’re also extremely good at sex. 4 years of radical, beautiful bisexual love and a lifetime to come <3

♥ S Like, hi, and you know, like, I really like like you. B

♥ S HOT BABE Happy Valentines Day to my red hot lover under the covers. Bennyboo

♥ S J HA-HA-HA on this bullshizzz hallmark holiday i wanted to let you know that you’ll always have someone creepin around in your corner. sincerely and fondly <3

♥ SABRINA Happy Valentine’s Day to the sweetest pea, that loved a grumpy old man as mean as me.

♥ SABRINI TORTELLINI Hey boop, I love you so much and want you to feel as beautiful and loved. You deserve all the happiness & I am lucky to share that with you everyday!

♥ SAILOR I love your shoes, and will forevermore. ~Lula

♥ SAMANTHA ROSE You are the best thing I’ve ever gotten to hold and to love. I hope you will be mine this Valentine’s day once more and many more to come <4 5ever. <3

♥ SAMIRA I cannot imagine growing old with anyone else but you. You are an amazing wife, who has always been there for me. I love and adore you forever! JB

♥ SAMMALAMMA Let’s unplug and tune in to each other - forever - in our trailer, as we careen wildly into the sunset. You say yoga, I say brewski. PS Fuck Trump.

♥ SARA I’m constantly amazed at how much our love and relationship grows. I’m excited to see where this year takes us. I love you, babes.

♥ SARA If I could give you one thing in life I would give you the ability to see you through my eyes then would you be able to see how special you are to me

♥ SARAH 11 years in, and you’re still my favorite. <3

♥ SARAH I’m so excited to be your Valentine forever! I’ll never get tired of hearing your story about how that beaver attacked you in the lake that one time.

♥ SARAH WE GOT MARRIED! That’s amazing. I love you immensely. I’m still awestruck by the whole “spouse” thing. Also: WE HAVE OUR OWN HOUSE!

♥ SARE forever imagining you here. ilysm. f, bsm.

♥ SASKIA Though you are a world away, you never fail to brighten my day

♥ SAUCE BOSS In the rhetorical words of Ja, the modern Marquis de Sade: “What would I be without you?” Yr the yin to my yang. The swang to my bang. Lemme get that.

♥ SAUL 32 years and counting... I love you! xoxo - Your old lady

♥ SAVANNA I can only hope I make you as half as happy as you make me. I love loving you. Happy Valentine’s Day to my beautiful, smart, funny wife. No refunds.

♥ SCHATZ Mein schweetie Schatzi - du weißt das du bis A meine Beste in diese verdammte Welt. Ich bleib immer bei dir, ist das OK?

♥ SCHNUGGIEMAMA Henry,Sunny and 3 love you soooo much!And so do I !Heres to the next 10plus years of love,adventure and loyalty loyalty loyalty! Love for Infinity, A

♥ SCOOBY, I love you so much, it’s been such a blessing to have you in my life for 16 years. We love you, always, forever Your girls

♥ SCOOTER You’re my favorite of them all. Love Phan

♥ SCOTT Boo, You’re awesome. And tall. Be my Valentine again! Schmetterling, Ja

♥ SCOTT Everyone sucks, but you don’t. Let’s eat 45 pounds of biscuits to celebrate. I love you.

♥ SCOTT You are my one and only and you can count on me to have your back. Love you Babe

♥ SCOTT You make the sun shine brighter, the air taste sweeter and the world more beautiful. My heart sings with joy and happiness. I love you. XOXOXO Chanda

♥ SEANY WEANY CLAP FOR MY BOYFRIEND Thanks for putting up with me. I love you.

♥ SECRET LOVER We can’t show our love & only we no about the wonderful bond that we share, i wouldn’t change it for the world. U taught me what luv is & how to luv<3

♥ SERA Thanks for making love with me.

♥ SERENA (SERENE BEAN) I love you more than words can describe. You are the smartest and most caring individual on this planet. I can’t wait to grow old with you baby :)

♥ SEXY BOYFRIEND Your love makes my pussy vibrate and your fingers make it rain. This Valentine’s Day will be thunderous and wet! You fill me with your passion.

♥ SEXY PANTS I love you and your balloon knot more and more every day! Grrr...

♥ SHACK-NATO I love you more than sharks love blood! I love you to Pluto and back! You make my dreams come true! XO That Kat

♥ SHAMANIC SARA Puppy love - both literal and long-term figurative - is in the air. You are the backyard digger of the treasure that is my adoring heart.

♥ SHANA, FINN AND MAITI Thank you for another year of love! I know the future will bring us all good times, great memories and warmth to our hearts. XXXOO Millie & Bagheera!

♥ SHANNEL You fine as fuck tho, shuugrtl. Wifelife love. xx

♥ SHANTASTIC Thanks for 25 V-days, Love Thang. Ocean cliff views with Chinese takeout or homemade pasta with a side of Netflix -- it’s all confetti in my hair.

♥ SHARON Your Hair is Winter Fire January Embers My Heart Burns There Too

♥ SHAWN I can’t believe how recent events have made us closer and stronger and more in love than ever. Our family and you make me feel lucky every day.

♥ SHERRI This is our 1st V-day apart-not sure how I’ll handle it. You’ll be in my thoughts, but set in my <3 like a turning tulip farm windmill. XOXO! Stevers

♥ SKEETER I will always be waiting for you in the bushes of love. XoxoX ~Petunia

♥ SKINNY KITTEN, You’re the LOML, and the Lucky Gal. And I’m the LG who gets to take full advantage of you! Lets be REALLY nice to each other!

♥ SKY FISH I love you like I’ve never loved anyone before! The rest of our lives together doesn’t seem like nearly enough time. ~Sea Bear

♥ SLAPS AND B SLAPS I love you guys so much and am greatful to be in the slap mafia with you. Happy love day and just know I always got your back. Write that down <3

♥ SLOWHAND Hey babe. Thought it would be cool to write you a note. I want to nuzzle you all over. I can’t wait for your call today baby. Love you forever xoxoxo!

♥ SMELLIE KELLIE Thanks for not kissing my dad this year. Loveyou.gov, missyou.net

♥ SMOOTHSASHAAGGROALEX Cheer up buttercup! You are strong and capable of wonderful things. Just believe in yourself. Great accomplishments start with small steps. U r loved.

♥ SMUSH It’s been an amazing 10 years. Can’t wait to spend the next 100 visiting all the Atlas Obscura sites and petting all the animals with you!

♥ SNUGGLE MAN I will snuggle you and our fur child forever. Happy 7 years of being together, happy V day, and happy adoption birthday to our sweet pup. Love you!

♥ SNUGGZ Waking up next to you is my favorite way to start the day. Want some breakfast?

♥ SNUZZLES I’m leaving you for Noop Noop. Sorry. Tittybean

♥ SOFIE That thing you do with your finger is nice

♥ SOGENE I would never have guessed that I would be engaged to an incredibly hot, intelligent, patient, loving person. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted.

♥ SPACEY MA Y I enjoy every moment we spend together. I will always be your Aladdin Sane even when it’s nothing but a moonage daydream so hang on to yourself. Love

♥ SPARKLE You rock my world, love you forever. Gene

♥ SPEAR We met on a plane on a cold wintry night You strolled up the aisle, my true love, Mr. Right You sat next to me and our our hearts did unite Fiona

♥ SPLINTER We love you so much! Happy Valentine’s Day, sweet Ironman 412! Love, Mom and Dad

♥ SQUISHY, 1,000+ veggie burgers, 10 years, and one Fluffhead later, I’d still rather be with you. Here’s to cuddling all the wombats, together!

♥ SR Savoring you is my pleasure. Love, Fresh

♥ SS i hope this year is full of adventures, as long as i’m holding your hand I know everything will be ok. let’s not divorce, ok?

♥ STACEY Let’s go behind a rock and get a little boulder

♥ STACY I love you more than nacho cheese after midnight. -C

♥ STEFFAN We started the year off right with AZUL colored love! You are my favorite, Poot! Goddamnit! Ugh, Love, Olivia

♥ STEFFI, LU, AND CLEO Happy Valentines Day! Love, Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson

♥ STEGS WASHING YOUR HANDS IS GREAAAT! Happy 28th Anniversary! My heart still burns there too.

♥ STEVE Love you!

♥ STEVEN ‘To My Friend’ - I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you... Happy Five Years to you my Love. - XOXO - Kimberly

♥ STEVIEHOTASS Can’t wait to spend this Valentines with you smoking a bunch of pot and eating cheese/chocolate until we have bloated hot steamy sex ;)

♥ STEWIEKAAAA You are truly the jackpot in the love game of life and I am profoundly blessed that you have made my heart your home. Countless hugs & kisses, L

♥ STINKER I had the time of my life with you. I can’t believe it’s over. I ache for you. Please heal yourself and know that I am here still. I will wait for you

♥ STOY I’d stand in the shadows of your heart and tell you I’m not afraid of the dark. You’re the Twiggy to my Manson, let’s never be apart.

♥ STRONG CLAW (SUNNY) This is going to be the year I marry you & the last Valentine’s Day before I can call you my wife (Borat voice). Yr my best friend & I love you tons.

♥ SUE We’ve had our ups and downs in the years we’ve been together,but like a good roller coaster ride,we always come out with a smile at the end.Love you!!

♥ SUGAR NOODLE So glad I met you in that vacant lot. Here’s to lasting longer than the big block of cheddar. Love Mounds

♥ SUGARBOOGER I love our life together. You are still a HPOA!!!! Happy Valentines I Love You!!!! -Gene

♥ SUMACERO Me gustan los aviones, me gustas tú Me gusta viajar, me gustas tú Me gusta la mañana, me gustas tú Me gusta el viento, me gustas tú Me gustas...

♥ SUNNY When you’ve both shit your pants while making eye contact, you know the love is real. And I love the shit out of you. -Eli

♥ SUPERMAN You fix shit, build fires, fuck me, cook while I study, trap squirrels, tuck me in, & balance my Hufflepuff. What would this kitten do without you? <3

♥ SURFER ROSIE Y’all are the apples of our eyes. Roll the dice babies. xoxo, floating room

♥ SUSAN Happy Valentine’s Day, can’t wait to see you. Love, Portland

♥ SUSAN Such an awesome, crazy, exciting year. Can’t wait for another one! Happy Valentine’s day beautiful. Love Eric, Fatty, and Owen

♥ SVEN Roses are red / Violets are blue / Two grumpy poops / Really love you!

♥ SWAMI DJARUM ZZ Love you forever, babypants.

♥ SWAN LEGS MADISON I love how we get so fishy together. Yours truly, Steve

♥ SWEEBEE SQUIRREL Lovin you is more than just a dream come true.Everything that I do is out of loving you. La la la la la, la la la la la.Do do dodo do, ooh. AAAAAAAAH.

♥ SWEET B Again & always, I choose you to dance in the living room, dine at the food carts, & hug the trees. My love, my wife, you are the home of my heart.

♥ SWEET HONEYED HAMLET The years are flying by, I couldn’t ask for a better partner to spend the rest of my days with. I eagerly await growing older and wrinklier with you!!

♥ SWEET MAN E I am so lucky you are in my life, I love you oh so much. Here is to many more years of S & S! You are one of my favorite humans thanks for loving me!

♥ SWEETEST STEFANIE I love you more than ever. Thank you for always loving me and sticking by me. You are smart, hot and generally amazing. Your loving man, T Snooches!

♥ SWEETIE POP I’m are so lucky to have an adventure partner like you! In a foreign land or a foreign food restaurant, it’s always fun with you! I love you, Honey!

♥ SWEETPEA You’re the Gorilla My Dreams and I’m Your MonkeyMan! Times have been tough, I know. Here’s to going bananas together, baby! XXXOOO

♥ SWEETS I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve. Excessively yours- Chicago

♥ SWEETS Let’s make it official this year. Love you, azizam!

♥ SWEETUMZ I L O V E Y O U! Thank you for all the years of and laughter and fun timez! Don’t know what I’d do without you. You are truly a delight! X O x o X O

♥ SZILVIA You’re amazing! I am so thankful to be on this journey with you. I love you!

♥ T You are my queen. Thank you for marrying me. Love -M

♥ T-BIRD I roam the stars and still I see you... the brightest one. I love you so, so incredibly much. The apricot of my eye. Happy 4 years.

♥ T-REX SHMOOPS My sweetest Deviant, You’re fucking amazing (& beautiful) in every way. You make my heart happy. I love you ∞ Also you have epic boobs

♥ TALL PAUL If I wrote Erotic Friend Fiction, you’d be the star. xoxo, s

♥ TAMARA You’re the bees knees and the love of my life! Can’t wait for all of our adventures this year and for many years to come. You’re my favorite human.

♥ TANNA BANANA From not taking NO for an answer, to You living the Good Life with Me. I got you Babe, that’s all I will ever need! + Oz, Teton, & Chief, of course!

♥ TANYA I love you so much. I promise to do my best to be to not be a crabby asshole as often. You deserve that and more after 12 years.

♥ TANYA Take Me with U

♥ TATOOINE99 You make me POP! Like a fresh batch of popcorn, I’d like endless refills of you please. Sixteen years together and I still can’t get enough.-k

♥ TAYLOR You are the most bad ass bitch I know. And I should know, I am you. Keep on loving yourself because you deserve it. xxo -Taylor

♥ TECTONIC Thank you for being the best sound camp ever! I finally found my dusty tribe! You welcomed me with open arms, I love you all! Evan!!!

♥ TED Don’t believe what other people say, I still Love You...Best, Craig

♥ TEDDY, MY LOVE I still can’t believe how lucky I am 2B w U. I’m endlessly inspird by ur passion, interests, &ur smile, and look forward 2 our future adventures 2gthr

♥ TEEBERS, u are the love of my life & the most handsomest & my MFEO forever sweetheart & I’m so excited for our fancy bistro this year! will u be my Valentine?

♥ TENDER TOPE-TOUCHER Your taste impeccable, sensitivity acute. I trust no other to achieve exact balance of sproing and give. Tenderly touching topes 4eva my love xoxoxox

♥ THAT MAMA Did you know your lap is the best? Critters the world over love to lay on you. U R the best person, my love, my life, my shield maiden, my cat friend.

♥ THE BIG HANDSOME MAN I love u, I love us, even when our farts wake each other up. Thank u for being patient with me, even though I don’t conform to anyone’s standards

♥ THE HIGHBRARIAN Hey gurl, u are the best trivia co-host a girl could ask for! Let’s laugh our identical laugh too loudly into the microphones & watch a scary movie!

♥ THE JOE You are my favorite handsome, erudite, swarthy man-thing! I love you and appreciate you every day, my sweetie!

♥ THOS Daddy continues to impress by being a handyman, fun dad, hero, snowboarder, & tickling my beaver while looking at built ins. More to cum in SW my pet.

♥ TICKLEBUTT I love you so much and am so excited to spend our first ValentinesDay as wives. You make my life so much better just by being in it. Best. Wife. Ever.

♥ TIGER Hoping you’ll make me purr,,, bite my neck and take me from behind on Valentine’s Day! xoxo -Kitten

♥ TIME TRAVEL PARTNER A February full moon in a Kipling-esque India. You knew instantly. I was like, meh. Another world and four decades later, love keeps surprising.

♥ TIMOTHY DEAN I love you so very much, even though you can be a giant, stubborn, ass! Together forever Dimithy.

♥ TING A LING Eleven Valentime’s Days ago I hoped our blossoming romance would turn into what it is today. I love you with my heart and soul. Love, Spoon

♥ TJ I miss you dearly we are so incredibly proud of mr British man all are love aunt Crystal and Uncle Jerome f

♥ TO MY “GROUNDHOG” Now that your namesake has seen his shadow. I am looking forward to many more years with u by my side. Love your wiggles, P

♥ TO MY MOUNTAIN MAN Be with me. Love me. Happy Valentine’s Day my sweet! and if you ever kick me out of the bed again ....You will be toast! Remember... I love you!

♥ TOBIAS Proud of you for everything you do, congratulations on the new Soft Kill record and being a great dad.

♥ TODD You can stop running Dixon, no MPs here. I love, cherish and respect you and I vow to always be by your side. I’ll see u in the stars. Tina

♥ TOMMI LYG ! - m

♥ TOMMY CURLS HI BB ME & AGNES LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! So happy & lucky you’re my forever Valentine! <3

♥ TONI It’s been amazing sharing the past year with you babe. You’re a FABTF and I love you ! Happy Valentine’s day

♥ TONY BALONY You’re my fuzzy man peach and I couldn’t love you more. You’re everything I never knew I’ve always wanted, thanks for having my back babes.

♥ TOOTS, You are my favorite scrabble opponent, Simpson’s Chess winner, and pizza-eating companion. Gertie thinks you’re pretty great too. <3 Creepza Hut

♥ TOTINOS Happy Valentine’s Day to the chips to my salsa, the Griffin to my Justin, to the person who deals with my nonsense the most, ily

♥ TRACY I love your beauty and your science and your rock and roll. You fill my life with sweet love and spicy oh la la. Happy V-Day to the best roommate ever

♥ TRACY LYNN You are a nuisance and smell of corn chips, but you are my sweetest queen and I love you so. I love all your folds and atrocious breath. Love, Tina

♥ TREV.... BUTT I came into your life with the very flow of . You won me over to the shore with dance and laughter. For all that is right. For all of my life. U N Me

♥ TRINITY Thank you for your love and grace, lifting me high in this place- and never letting me go! What you have shown me have inspired me to live for you!

♥ TT MY FREAK You’re smart, strong, ambitious, slutty, kinky, & way too fucking beautiful. l can’t believe you exist and I’m so lucky to know you. Daddy loves you.

♥ TURBO VAVIES My Snuggle-luffa-lump drunk laughs, jeep farts, endless Metal shredding. I Love you w/all my heart & ha-hijis! Bobbies & Bobbies together forever!

♥ TWENTY Who needs candy with lips so sweet, She’s the one with tricks and treats This Bobcat is just so smart, Hope my love fills the hole in your heart.

♥ TWO TONE NICK You make life more exciting, I’m thankful to have you in my life and care for you deeply. *insert air horn noises here* - hale

♥ UNCLE Guess What? Chicken Butt! Yay! Loving our crazy little relationship and growing through the ups and downs. XOX -Salt Lick

♥ UTAH MIKE Happy 8th Miscommunication Day! I’m so glad we got all that out of the way in our first week of our relationship. You are my true love! xoxo, O.F.

♥ V Get your shit together. That way you can soar♥Z

♥ VALENTINE Marshall,I love you more than words can say,. I’ll be your Valentine every day. I’ll Love you forever,in everyway. XxxOoo

♥ VERN-MY-BOO What! Our 1st Valentines Day. I’m so blessed to have a special lady as you in my life. Cheers to this Valentines Day! Oh you’re the Bomb! Your Babe.

♥ VIOLA Fibonacci love, spiral and line, sometimes it feels we move apart but always closer together in time. It starts with 1+1=2 you love me and I love you.

♥ VIOLETA Happy V-Day and Happy Birthday hit me baby one more time!

♥ VKFRUIK Your my only. I couldn’t do this without you. You saved me from the hells of myself and I will always thanks and adore you. From your fago

♥ VORLON-VAMPIRE-QUEEN Happiest of happy days to you this VD. I wish we were together rolling around on the floor with our sides hurting from laughing too much. ILY.

♥ WAKEL-OLEY You’re rocket makes me yell “Hooray!” Bing Bong, Bing Bong. You’re the best in every way, and I want to sing your song to say, “Bing Bong, Bing Bong!”

♥ WANDA You’re the Satanic mistress of my dreams. Let’s sacrifice our firstborn child to the Elder God so that our immortal souls can love each other forever.

♥ WANNABE FRENCH GIRL I fucked up. We are both still around. when is it too late and was it ever really meant to be?

♥ WASMO Looking forward to all the snugs lil butterbean. Youre my favorite n Im always thinking you!

♥ WEBELO Although I’m in Portland this Valentines Day, my heart is with you! I love you! -Your Cheech-

♥ WEDGE ANTILLES The way you pilot that X Wing gets me as wet as Camino. Wanna share a Tauntaun tonight?

♥ WEE-BEY I love you so much and vow to bring you all the plastic grocery bags you will ever need. Here’s to our “Last Valentine’s Day.” Love, Omar’s Bitch.

♥ WHISEY KITTY i will love you for 20,000 nights and 20,000 days, and when we come back, we’ll be the brightest stars in the black. fuck shit i love you, whisey!

♥ WHISKEY TANGO Floating in your darkness, hypnotized by those eyes, drunk on those lips (both sets), and utterly head over boots for your hawt brain & ass! Red Fox

♥ WHISPER STACHE Valentine’s day is lame, but you are not. Thanks for being a sexy hunk who is really great at chopping wood and cooking me food. I love you!

♥ WHISTLER HOTTIE From my peak-2-peak to my cheek-2-cheek, all I can think about is your GONDOLA ride. I’ll let you ride, grind & switch ALL my slopes. Love, your wife!

♥ WHIT You are the Dad to little dog, who sings for you a tiny song and big dog too, she love you lot. You say tomato, I say po-tot.

♥ WIFEBUTT The jugs are fresh. The ass is still banging. Lucky to still be powerblasting you.

♥ WIFEY, Happy Valentines Day, Sweetie. I love you to the world and back. You are my hero, my rock, the poptart of my heart. Let’s have a fun 2018.

♥ WILLIE T Will you marry me? Like not right now, but someday?

♥ WIZARD Dear Dungeonmaster, I love you very much. Thank the underlords you came into my life. Very grateful for you and all you do.Hail Satan Love Wanda <3

♥ WOLF MAGIC I love your true self and would definitely do you with a strap on. You make me whaley happy. Love your dove

♥ WOMAN GROCER I see you on Sunday you sell me my things. You told me drove a taxi, I took it literally. You seem to like me so how about a date?

♥ WOOGIE Ima get them bunz, gurl.

♥ WOOGWOOG U R the Bunky Stinkmuffin of my life! I now believe the manifestations of ur magnanimous heart don’t constitute the machinations of a serial killer!

♥ WOOSTER Oh yeah, get a load of her! Love always- your composter

♥ WORMY you are an incredible lover -love, lil worm

♥ XOJO To my Lovely, thank you for the love, drinks and cocoa pebbles at midnight. Your hand on my neck when I drive is divine.You make me a better person.

♥ YAMIKA You’re the most wonderful creature I’ve been able to taste. Thank you for enduring the love and pain of being mine. Xoxo, snacks

♥ YASMIN I miss you already. Come back soon now, ya hear?!

♥ YEEZY AKA MY HOMIE Whisky makes me frisky. I know... wow so Portland. But maybe you like it? I can’t help that I’m too cool for you.

♥ YENNIFER Wowsers. By my calculations, I’ve loved you now for more than half my life. I guess that means our love took hold. <3

♥ You are my special woman. Holding you in my arms is like holding life itself. We survived to reap the benifits of a loving relationship. I love you

♥ YUNG GRANDPA YOYOYO, Can I pee in yo butt?

♥ Z It hasn’t been easy but its always been right. I love you forever -mc

♥ ZACHARIAH I love you so much! Flames flames on the side of my face!

♥ ZOE If you’ll be my Valentine, I’ll give you chocolate! Dealio? Happy V-day from your ever loving mom (& Crystal the cat)!!