♥ 1/2 OF THIS LOBSTER Looking forward to more travel, hot tubs, porch time, inappropriate jokes & watching you listen to your wine glass, you dummy. Love, your bumblefuck

♥ 20TH CENTURY BOY I’ve loved you for 25 years and look forward to 50 more. You make the world a better place.

♥ AAMIAKNEDNA Hello my dear. For a tale of our love please lend me your ear. Our love is eternal so have no fear. Embrace me forever, as my life’s peer. FART PARTY!

♥ AARON I love you so, so much and am so #blessed to be your wife. I am so proud of everything you have accomplished. You are my dream <3

♥ AARON U R A QT 3.14

♥ ABBY You are fiercely powerful, incredibly beautiful, and irresistibly sexy. You are a good girl and an All Star Queen to me. Fiercely Grateful, Ian ~*~

♥ ADAM (AKA YUNGCREAM) I love you more than anything, exactly as you are. Please stay.

♥ ADAM Eye lave ewe!

♥ ADAM My sweet,bearded gem! You sparkle wherever you go, and I can’t believe how lucky I am to get to soak up some of your shine. YOU ARE TRULY THE BEST!

♥ ADAM PHD GHOST You may be the hottest Victorianist I know but your character surpasses your physiognomical perfection. Love, World Renowned George Jabet Scholar

♥ ADAM Starlight star bright, first star I see tonight... oh wait, wrong one... fuck it— I wish I may I wish I might have you as my Valentine. LOVE YOU, MAN!

♥ ADAM Ten years ago, you made me ramen and we sat in a dry bathtub listening to Magrudergrind while I was rolling. I knew you were the one. You still are.

♥ ADAM You make my stomach jump and my knees weak. Kind of like a wicked case of salmonella. Let’s stay raw and wonderful. Smooches!

♥ ADJO No matter what we watch on TV or where we go for dinner. When you call every hour or once a day, I love you more all the time! You’re my soul.

♥ ADRIAN, My heart is light because you make me happy every day. I hope I do the same for you. Mijn liefje, I’m falling for you. Always, Kitten

♥ AGGY Love you so much my little omelet :) Yours truly, Jills Gayle

♥ AIREYNONNA I’ll be very happy If you’ll be my Valentine; You’ll fill my heart with joy, And my day with bright sunshine! Love Mom

♥ AJ To love you Is like breathing Simplistic and effortless It’s my pleasure To lend you a piece of my heart Forever

♥ AJ You’re the sweetest and most caring man we could have asked for. Love you so much! Love Talina & Peach

♥ AL PASTOR, Thanks for being my juicy dumpling aka lil stinker and being there for me through some really tough times! Your snugglin makes everything better! Xo

♥ ALAN We got married and went to Hawaii. Let’s stay married and go to Mexico this year!

♥ ALAN Yes, I’m this cheesy!! You are the light of my life! Forever and always, my honey bunches of oats!! My everything! I love you! Love, Brigette

♥ ALAN You got it, Raw baby ....`and you taste good too!

♥ ALASDAIR Roses are red Thistles are blue I moved to Scotland To drink Irn Bru OH! And to marry you. My only wishes Are for you to do the dishes 4evr plz luv u

♥ ALEX H. How lucky can I be? You decided to pick me. Sometimes the stars align, cause you’re my Valentine. My heart is yours to keep; so glad we made the leap

♥ ALEX I haven’t had a Valentine in a while, and I’m so grateful it’s you. Xoxo, Tiger.

♥ ALEX I’m gonna whoop ur a$$ in the ‘who can eat the most corn on the cob in 24 hrs’ challenge. Bring it baby <3 Love, Cecei beans

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♥ ALEX Our paths have crossed many times, and now we can do all the Physical Science. You are a dream within a dream. Let’s be sexy nerds FOREVER!

♥ ALEX You’re sweeter than honey on gumdrops, and the best friend and boyfriend I could ask for! Thanks for being my valentine! <3

♥ ALI CAT I wouldn’t have nothing if I didn’t have you. -Dare Bear

♥ ALISON To my boo wit da booty everyone adores. Ur the best gal pal a girl could want. Thanks for always being u, speaking ur truth, and bush envy! Love you!

♥ ALISSIA Hello baby, you are the most amazing person where your love comes from the core of your soul. You will forever be my always. Happy love day baby!!

♥ ALIVEA My love, you’re the Cole that lights my fire. I love you with every ounce of me. Thank you for being you, and for sharing your life with me.

♥ ALLICAT You make me happy. Also I really like your lumps

♥ ALLIE(DORK) I didn’t know someone like you existed until I met you. Can’t wait to go on more adventures with you. Ray

♥ ALPAD Love You Lady!

♥ ALYCE You are stronger & more beautiful than you know. Your son loves you & you will see him again one day. Keep fighting. I believe in you. You will win.

♥ ALYSIA May we drive each other bonkers for another fifty years. With deep love, your dork. xxxkcd

♥ AMANDA Hey sweet beans, thanks for being so supportive, loving, and all around amazing! Excited to celebrate 5 years of wedded wonderfulness with you! Chachi

♥ AMANDUHH Vampapi <3’s U

♥ AMBER We’re no strangers to love You know the rules and so do I A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of You wouldn’t get this from any other guy

♥ AMBER Your husband doesn’t deserve you, and neither do I, but I love you anyway.

♥ AMY my sweet and tender manatee, i love you. ~Dan ps. Gwen and Michael don’t hold a candle to you!

♥ AMY My tender & beloved Pika- each day i love you more & more. I want to burrow with you (& Kittles, of course) to ever & ever. Love, your sweetball Bruin

♥ AMY You’re good bad, not evil. Xo travi

♥ AMZ, AMY, LOML, In the immortal words of Frank Ocean covering Aaliyah, ‘you are luhhhh’. Thanx for being so wonderful. Portland is a much better city with you in it.

♥ ANA My sweet Bride, 25 years ago this Spring our love story began. I cannot believe my fortune in finding the perfect wife and mother. Forever, my love!

♥ ANDREW Happy Anniversary! Love you boo <3

♥ ANDREW Happy Valentine’s Day baby! You’re heart is so big to let me and Bentley in, I love our little family.. And YOU! Xoxo from your loving gf

♥ ANDREW I love you even when you blame your toots on the pups. Happy V day!

♥ ANDREW To the kindest, most loving, and accepting lover: Happy V-day! Thank you for being my sweetie and making so many fun memories with me. I love you!

♥ ANDY I miss snacking with you.

♥ ANDY Love of my life - I’m so happy we got together, and then got together again and stayed that way. Excited for years of love/laughter/travel with you.

♥ ANGEL You fill my cup with your hot coffee. You taste of chocolate, sweet molasses, and cinnamon, guapo. Me importas tu, mi amor.

♥ ANGELA You are the best partner a person could ask for. Thank you for all of your sweet lovin’, laughs, and lessons. I love you, poops!

АНЖЕА Я люблю б. Рб

♥ ANGRID PETERON Your beauty is like an overflowing bowl of cream. Your bosom, like bags of cream. It’s maintenance time. Let’s give Peps the iPad.

♥ ANNA BUNNY Roses are red, beans make people toot, I’m glad I get to date you, not just cause your cute.

♥ ANNACONDA You are my World’s Apocalypse. You are my Earth’s Great Flood. You are the reason I was born with lips. And why my heart pumps blood.

♥ ANNAGRAM It is with a clear head that I can say the only drug I miss is your touch. Wish I could main line your embrace. And give you head rubs.

♥ ANNALISA So proud of you every day, kid. Keep staying alive, trying new stuff, & finding your path in this world. Loved you from the start, always will. –Mama

♥ ANNALS To the love of my life, land that I love, apple of my eye...you are my shistah & I would never hurt you. I think I’d miss you even if we’d never met.

♥ ANNASTHESIA Yellow. Ducks. Strawberry ice cream. Watchamacallits. Skor bars. Horsies. Goldfrapp. Schitt’s Creek. Criminal Minds. Teen dramas. Disney Song karaoke.

♥ ANNE Happy love day!

♥ ANTHONY Happy 15th Valentine’s Day sweets! You are the best hubs and dad to our wild and beautiful kiddo. I love you! Let’s get a babysitter next year. -LW

♥ ANTONSKI DZHAN I love you love you love you love you love you! With real pieces of love! And with kisses!

♥ ANTRONIUS A toast to the Babe-A-rinos always a honeymoon. To be rocks & climb them. New careers, a new bed, crossing the North American border & on to South.

♥ ANYUSHKA I know, I know, but try not to roll your eyes: there’s no moment that isn’t vastly improved by your presence, and no day I don’t wake up wanting you.

♥ ARKEN I’m so lucky to be loved by you, and every thought of you warms my heart. I love you! Here’s to many more years together.

♥ ARLENE Baby. Ooh, Baby. Call me Baby. B-A-B-Y.

♥ ARNULFO Gracias for making me the happiest man in all of Portland. Our love is forever bebe!

♥ ARTS FOR ALL! As someone on SNAP with a limited income, you make my world bigger & brighter with dance, music, & theater.

♥ ARY Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your life and for all the adventures we’ve had together. You have no idea how happy you’ve made me. ILY!

♥ ASA Thank you for being such a sweet hearted and kind woman to me. Your light shines intensely. Be my Valentine...? D

♥ ASA Thank you for kissing me in the middle of that apple orchard. I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else. I love you.

♥ ASH This has been by far the happiest year of my life and that has everything to do with you. Thanks for being so kind and sweet

♥ ASHLEY These last 4 years have gone by so fast it’s crazy to think it’s been that long but they have been amazing. I love you to the moon and back! Love Matt

♥ ASHYLOVE I hate you. I will hate you forever.

♥ ATOM Thank you for being my partner in crime, por vida! I look forward to many years of causing trouble with you my love and our two mini hooligans!

♥ AUBRIE ...and you will walk across any territory and any darkness however fluid and however dangerous to take the one hand you know belongs in yours.

♥ AUDEN Like snow after Valentine’s, their is no predicting my love for you

♥ AUSTIN I love you with every cell, the L of my L. Happy Valentines Day, I’ll be home soon!

♥ AUSTIN Midwestern boy, you had me at “toxic masculinity.” Here’s to fuckin’ in 2019!

♥ AVOCADO My beautiful tree fruit. Thank you for being a part of this strange adventure with me, warming my heart, and nourishing my life. Love, your Puppy.

♥ AWKWARD MELISSA I had blood on my face / We saw a giant moth / I laid in your bed and we didn’t sleep / I went to prison and I still think you’re the one. B-

♥ B My sweets.. I love you ..thanks for the love and support and the laughs and all that shit. My life is way more fun with you in it :::Go Blazers:::

♥ B Thank you for always loving me despite my obvious inadequencies. Love A

♥ B Thank you for standing next to me; loving me; helping me heal; teaching me humility, compassion, and strength. I can’t wait to walk new paths with you

♥ B Tu eres mi cielo. Thank you for each every little thing... and for being second best.

♥ B, Roses are red, Our house is messy, I love our life, with Moonscream and Chessley. xoxoxoxo

♥ B. B. “All I want to do is get drunk with my wife An endless glass of wine, both of us on the floor” May we never be boring or misguided. I love you. ~Pea

♥ BABBY ANNE, Babbitha, your ass makes me wish I were a top. What would I do without you?? Ohh my we made a home together and I still can’t believe you love me back

♥ BABE Thank you for being a great sport and allowing us to have 5 dogs and 4 pigs. I ALWAYS knew you were a keeper and I love you- R

♥ BABE WIFE Almost 3 years together, almost 2 years married. Our partnership continues to inspire me every-single-day. I love your cute butt. You’re the best.

♥ BABERAHAM LINCOLN You’re a fox. In French, you would be called “la renarde,” and you would be hunted with only your cunning to protect you.

♥ BABES BABES BABES You are my best friend and the love of my life. I feel safe and loved every time you hold me. I’m so happy to have you in my life.

♥ BABESKIES... Love you more and more - thank you for being YOU! Xxxxxies now and forever..... A xxx

♥ BABESTINA Your curls make me happy. Tim likes biting your bracelets. This booty is yours. No matter how wide my... waste gets.

♥ BABEXOR Live long enough and life will take away everything from you. Its easy to focus on whats gone and not see what is right in front of me, you my love. x

♥ BABY BABY BABY When I look into your dancing blue eyes my being is at peace. The love that I hold in my heart for you is unwavering. Please be mine forever! Tunia <3

♥ BABY BEAR I’m so excited for another year of adventure with you. I love you all the houses. xox

♥ BABY HYENA Please stop getting into the garbage and chewing up pots and pans! I still love you but what a mess! Love You Always, Ur Baby Monk!

♥ BABY You were a blast from the past, turned quickly to much more- full blown Girlfriend, fiance and finally my wife. I love you today. And every day more.

♥ BABY-SAMA Thank you for aiding me to raise a Baby King. Many more adventures please! Much love and gratitude!

♥ BABYSIZE My sweetest sweetheart Babysize, I love you more every day. Stay out of the fucking hospital this year! Hopefully it isn’t my turn

♥ BACONCAKES Thanks for letting me have your Vcard 8 years ago. It’s been a wild ride, and I’m so glad to be on it with you. We sure did make a cute hump dumpling.

♥ BAECATION Lots of love from your munchine and two adoring doginis!

♥ BAKER69 Hanging Christmas lights A warm hearth crackling with fire Home with you is joy

♥ BARBEEN I love you so much I had to put it in the paper! Happy Vally Day my love, always thinkin of youu :) KIKOO!.

♥ BB To my beastie -- After 23 years, you still make my heart flutter; nevertheless, I’m eating all the Hippeas without you. POW.

♥ BB You make Valentine’s Day a holiday worth celebrating. I love you more than pizza! Love, Kitty

♥ BBKF Thanks to our mutual friend Craig’s List for the hook up of my lifetime! Nine years you have been slaying this kitty, keep that shit up! Love Pickle

♥ BBYDLL Thanks for letting me start 2019 with two girls trips. You’re the best, for reals.

♥ BEAR Prettiest eyes evilest smile bestest brain biggest breasts tightest pussy friendliest asshole biggest load blower please be mine 4eva eva <3 Wolf

♥ BEAR You built me a bower. We fell in love (and yes, we really did misbehave...in the best ways).You changed my life. I’ll always love you. <3, Lioness

♥ BEARANIECEAY You gave me our beautiful son, now let me give you my beautiful dick. You’re the MILF I always wanted. It’s not as frequent but it’s still amazing!!!!

♥ BEARDY BIRLDS The gang loves and appreciates you so much!!! Blubblubblub&toot-toot means I LOVE YOU. What an adventure we’re on!Let’s keep on navigating! Love,Hands

♥ BEARFUCKER, Happy Valentines Day. Although I know you’re really looking forward to your favorite holiday next month, Steak & Blowjobs Day. Can’t wait!

♥ BEAST Xo and giggles for rooftop trespass when I’m close and tucked in pocket when I’m not. Lets kiss at the top of the ferris wheel this time! Rebecca

♥ BEATRIX Youre the sweetest soul, my ride or die and the best co-mama a girl could ask for. Give TT some pets for me! Love, Jill

♥ BEAUTIFUL BOOTY JUDY Even when you moody, I still love that booty Lusty Regards, G

♥ BECCA January was rough, and I guess the first half of February too, but now that that’s out of the way 2019 is going to be our year, baby! Love you!

♥ BECKY 9 years. 4 homes. 2 dogs. 1 child. Endless love.

♥ BECKY I love you with all my bitter, twisted, ochre heart. Also Bruce says “hmph.” - Luke

♥ BECKY Tallest, loveliest redhead... having a microwave couldn’t convince you to stay; now we have two homes to make sexy memories in, Love R

♥ BEE Happy B-day! You bring joy to my heart, pain in my a**, dynamic mix valentine! It somehow powers me and helps me keep at it day to day. XOXO Beastly

♥ BEE I love you! Pretty cool that I did this, huh?

♥ BEEFLISA You are my sunshine and my smallpox. I hope we die at the same time so neither one of us has to be without each other.

♥ BEEJ! No pedestals for us! Thanks for all the pussy laughs, the high/drunk jinks, the naked dancing and the LOVESWEETLOVE. Our intimacy is IMPERATIVE!

♥ BEEPERS LOML SASHIE U R the funniest, most loving, unbelievably gorgeous babe EVER. I will spend the rest of my days giving you back rubs, orgasms and love. Xo Boopers

♥ BEKAH Never hurt ya, never leave ya, always love you. You’re the most beautiful human I know. Oregon’s best buds

♥ BELAY BAE Here’s to nearly 2 years of naked beach adventures, endearing wet willies, trauma mastery, and a popcorn recipe that will rule the world. Luv yuh dude

♥ BELLA I love you so much and I hope our new hood treats us right. I couldn’t imagine taking this project on with anyone else. 16 years and counting!

♥ BELLA I love you. You are my beautiful princess bride! You are my favorite. You are my forever. We belong to each other forever and ever!! Love you, Mommy

♥ BELOVED Our love is like a Nova. Mysterious & hard to get a hold of. Just like the stars, some how aligned. Always my love, Today my valentine. <3

♥ BEN I’m very glad to have met you. Kissing you is probably my favorite, but discussing 80’s action films is a close second. <3

♥ BEN MY FIANCÉ Holy shit we got engaged! I’m so excited to marry you and spend the rest of our lives together! Excited to keep my last name because yours is odd

♥ BEN wanna play carpenter ... we can get hammered and you can nail me ... baby i’m crazy in love with you bear .

♥ BENJAMIN! You’re the funniest person I’ve ever known and I can’t believe I get to date you. Thanks for bringing in the groceries and looking hot and loving me.

♥ BERENICE New house, new kid, new lives. Our situations may have changed but my love for you has not. Whatever challenges are ahead, well approach them together

♥ BEST BILLY BUDDY I love you more than cheese and can’t wait for you to poop on my chest.

♥ BEST IN SHOW DADDY I love you! You are my soulmate and best friend. I will love you forever and ever! Thank you for everything you do for me and our family.

♥ BETH LENORE It took me 11 years to realize this capitalist holiday isn’t about money and hallmark. It’s about LOVE and Hallbrecht! Thanks for being patient w/ me.

♥ BEVERLY I love you more everyday

♥ BHAVANIBEE How I love thee forever after....your bestie. Get well soon Bhu!!!

♥ BIG BUTT STEVE Love you bb! Kiss meeeee!

♥ BIG CHIEF 7 This will probably be a Big Surprise when you read this, after 51 years of being together. I want to wish you a Happy Valentines Day .Hugs to you I

♥ BIG DADDY Spank you for cumming into my life. Love, Baby Girl

♥ BIG DUMB NERD 4 years. 3 apartments. 2 pets. 1 helluva good time. there’s no one i’d rather eat donuts with than you, my twu wuv, my dweam wifin a dweam <3

♥ BIG EYES Thank you for being my favorite and for giving me the best awesome five years. So much done it spins my noodle. I love you. What will we do next?

♥ BIG PAPAYA Yr the bird for me & doing crosswords with you each week is one of my all-time favorite mating rituals!!

♥ BIG SKY BABE I Miss yer Essence n’ Spirit! I Miss Us! U R My Best Friend/Lover Find Forgiveness+Patience,Heart+Soul,Love+Mercy.Let us Heal My Valentine-GoldenXOXOs

♥ BISH Happy Valentine’s Day, my love! I am so happy we are on this adventure together. Can’t wait to travel the world with you... bisous ma cherie

♥ BITS <3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I love you behb <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3<3

♥ BLANCHE DEVEREAUX Trevor, I miss you, it’s amazing how I can feel so bad and still look so good. Thank you for being a friend. Xoxo Dorthy

♥ BOBBI SOX My dearest Person. Youtickle my fancy like no other. I-ay annotcay aitway toway uckfay ouryay rainsbay outway. Until we can revel lavishly in lust I penchant u

♥ BOBBIE I love you bunches EVERY day!

♥ BOBBY, Hope you’ll be singing heart shaped box at sukis tonight. Much Lust, your secret admirer.

♥ BOBO It’s been many moons since I’ve partaken in what was a tradition from our youth. So, here I am, professing my love for you in this tiny note. I <3 U!

♥ BOO After 15 years of marriage, you still continue to amaze and inspire me! You are my forever and always! Can’t wait for this summer’s adventures! ~Q

♥ BOO BEAR I hope you see this as my love for you has to be larger then the circulation this newspaper gets. I have loved you for almost 3 years and more to come

♥ BOO BEAR I love you so much my boo bear. Thank you for all your love and support. I hope you get the biggest sea otter hug in the world.

♥ BOO BEAR You are so handsome. I love you so. A+ fucking.

♥ BOO BOO Everything is doomed, and nothing will be spared. But I love you, Honeybear!

♥ BOO You hatez mez and wants mez to die, but I love you with all my heart anyway. Happy Valentine’s Day. <3 P. S. Roo loves you too.

♥ BOOBAE I thank baby Jesus everyday that Tinder brought us 2gether. I love you mucho - rhymes, hot nonsense and all. You da best! Love, Bean’s mami

♥ BOOBIE AKA PUNEET You are the love of my life and i’m glad that we moved to this wonderful city, eaten delicous food, seen many speechless waterfalls! I love you!MNS

♥ BOOGIE You and Woogie and Schoogie are THE BEST! THE ABSOLUTE BEST! HVD, Bobby

♥ BOONE I’m so in love with you! Looking forward to more adventures with you my sweet. Let’s get away together!

♥ BOOPIE ROB I was the luckiest woman alive when we met, then you married me! I can’t wait to share the rest of my life with you. You’re my one. Love, Hibiki

♥ BOOSHERS my D. I smudgie, potato, pizza you. lady-bug noofies and kitty winks. lovera

♥ BRAINS Happy Valentines Day! Love, Johhnie Biscuits. Now get home and feed me and buy me mimosas, you stupid woman!

♥ BRANDON Celebrating our 4th valentine’s day together is a blessing. I love you more than you’ll ever know, thank you for the adventure of a lifetime.

♥ BRANDON happy valentine’s day, big boss! i’ve hidden the metal gear somewhere only you know how to find. X♡X♡, princess peach

♥ BRANDON You are kind, sweet, funny, smart, empathetic, and sexy. Let’s spend Valentine’s together! We can do anything you want. And I do mean ANYTHING. Luv, B

♥ BRANDON, I am so grateful to have you in my life. Happy Valentine’s Day to the one I love. You are so caring! I love you more than words can ever say. Krisha

♥ BRANDONIO I love the way your face smells, and the way you do that Super Mario jump when you fart. I love you forever, handsome. Forever Yours, Mrs. T

♥ BRENDA You’re amazing. You’re a wonderful mom and a hard worker. I love you!!!

♥ BRENDAN Thank you for being you. Love, Bella

♥ BRENDERS Happy birthday & Valentine’s Day, my sweet, perfect cinnamon roll. I love you so much! I’m so glad to say I found my adventure buddy for life. - Josh

♥ BRENNA Happy Valentine’s day baby, I can’t wait for many more with you <3

♥ BRENT I love you. I’m glad we get to spend another year together...in Vegas!

♥ BRENTON Thank you for being my rock even when you’re 10,000 miles away. I love you. Can’t wait for that damn green card! Whoohoo! USA.

♥ BRETT Happy Valentine’s to me. After 24 years, she left to be with another man. Just an email. Devastating. But I persevered. I love me. I am strong.

♥ BRI B Loves you like Kaitlin loves her hairless pony, xh.

♥ BRIAN AND JOHN Thank you so much for believing in me and Brian thank you for sticking with me . We are going to the top. Love Timi DPILC/DMTJEEZUZ

♥ BRIANNA We Belong together. And not just because we’re Eskimo sisters, but because we like the same fancy cheeses. xoxo your lady friend & canvas. -R

♥ BRIGHT EYES My love for you know no bounds as is matched only by your intense and overwhelming love for me. I could not be happier that I am now!! I love you!

♥ BRITT Let’s make 2019 our happiest year yet. Thanks for sticking with me. Keith

♥ BRITTANY ♡ You are my one and only schnügels ♡

♥ BRITTANY Hi baby. I hope we’er sitting together when you read this, at a coffee shop or sexy bar, or maybe in a couch nest. I love you. Happy Valentines

♥ BRODY You put up with my shenanigans and always give me top notch D. You take care of me when I’m wasted and always bring me water. Love you like crazy!

♥ BROOKE, MY HONEY B Thinking of you from the other side of the world. Can’t wait to be near you again. You’re my happy place, and im so thankful for you. I love you -Bmo

♥ BROOKS F. You are the most beautiful tulip that beams rainbows and sunshine into my life. You are the starlight that gently kisses the night sky. - Sweet Babboo

♥ BRUCE I can draw your face with 6 dashes of a pencil, but I’ll never be able to adequately paint the light you bring to me every day. Be my Valentine?

♥ BRUNCHBED<3RS BRUNCH BED may happen only once a year, but it lasts forever in MY HEART SHAPED BED !!! Meaning my heart.

♥ BRUSSELS SPROUTS MAN you are so lovely. ily, sss. always. and i am so very sorry.

♥ BRY thank u for always being down for dirty hamburgers, margaritas, and karoke. My heart is forever yours sweet prince. -duv, palindrome

♥ BRYAN I love your Werner. Club 96. Bread.

♥ BRYANCITO Love you more than free burritos on a Saturday afternoon. :) #pow

♥ BUB Happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you for being the sunshine that was missing in my life. I am lucky everyday to experience life with you. I LOVE YOU!

♥ BUBBA TRUBBA I’ll never have enough Always craving more Feeling your wetness You’re Daddy’s lil whore On this Vday You’ll beg somewhat Always My dirty cum slut

♥ BUBBLE BUTT My heart explodes with happiness when I’m never you. Your the best, I love you so much.

♥ BUBBLES I am having such a great time getting to know you. Thank you for taking a chance on me. Seattle and Portland are so close now.

♥ BUBBLES I love you so much! Please heed my admonishment and be mine forever! Happy Oregon’s Birthday! All the love, Tampy


♥ BUBS Thank you for making the most perfect little burden of joy with me. You are the best daddy in the world, the boys and I love you to the moon and back!

♥ BUDDYBABE What is a small valentine called? A valen-tiny! ::3 years of schmoos!All the mushies.You’re the babest of the buddies, the buddiest of the babes::-jAm

♥ BUG Have you every had Korean hot pot? With one question, I started the greatest adventure I’ll ever know. Thank you for always being there. Love, Booger

♥ BUG, You are so wonderful and I’m so lucky to have you in my life! Thank you for being my valentine! Love, GBH

♥ BUH-BAY Hi my love, You smell :) I love you and the dog is cool too! This is why you couldn’t see the phone that day during E.R

♥ BUN BUN The first time I saw you is still clear as day and the spark I felt then is now a lightning bolt! Your such an incredible magical creature. Luv U babe

♥ BUNDLER I love you and our amazing kid. Looking forward to giving you Valentine’s kisses, and a squeeze...

♥ BUNNY POOKUMS, Be my Valentine forever and ever and always. Every day is Valentine’s Day because I’m with you. With hugs, smooches, love and chocolate! From me.

♥ BUNNY You make my heart sing, day after day, minute after minute. You turn the color of the sky the same jewel blue of your eyes for me. I love you so much!

♥ BUNS, I love that our love has lasted through it all. I love that many life times is not enough for us. I love that your body fits mine. You are da bomb.

♥ BUSTO I chose you to spend this one wild and precious life with me, and I am proud to choose you again every day. Life is better with you.

♥ BUTTHOLE You are the sexiest butthole of them all, and I love you to pieces. Eggplant. -Katie

♥ C I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day! -Z

♥ C-MONEY You’re the best. Thanks for everything you do for our family. Here’s to 11 (or 18, depending on how you count) amazing years - and many more. -B$

♥ CAIT THE GREAT, A first for me, in a small feat to be just that much more thoughtful: though I will never match you. Imperfectly Perfect. All of the things, 81818.

♥ CAKE You have my whole heart. Who knows what adventures await us...I look forward to navigating them hand-in-hand with my best friend. Love, Ya Boo

♥ CAM To me you are so dear, I love you more than you love beer. And though you like Tom Brady, no one can deny I’ll always be your lady. I LOVE YOU! KMV

♥ CAMI My love for you is endless. You are my heart and soul. -K

♥ CAPEEP You’re my goblin! I love you and I think you have the sweetest eyes and smile. You make me laugh a lot and being with you is the most beautiful thing.

♥ CARL When I first knew I loved you I was scared to tell you. I’ll always be grateful that you said it first. So I’ll tell you every morning & every night.

♥ CARLIBRA I like my women how I like my glasses: on my face. Happy V day to your lovable, gay, extra Libra ass. xoxoxo your Sag dyke gf

♥ CARLITO My love for you is every growing...like the distance from the 1 Train to Forest Park. I’m so happy to have you and our lil Gazpacho in my life!

♥ CARMELITA From Fated Thursday to Centralia, from Pierre to “the balcony scene”, life is never boring when we are us. I love you both so much.

♥ CAROL There’s no one else I’d rather argue with on Valentine’s Day. So if you’re feeling up to it, will you be my Valentine?

♥ CAROLINA Te he amado desde la primera noche. Que delicia y privilegio es pasar mi vida contigo.

♥ CARROT You’re my favorite mix of goofy and lovely and you provide to me the best and deepest kind of goofy love. I’m so lucky we found each other. Xoxo

♥ CARSON Oh how luckly and full of love I am for our little unicorn family, my sweet boop, our elderly pooch, and our little Lil that grows in my belly

♥ CASEY Life without you is like a joke without a punchline - it doesn’t make sense and no one is having a good time. Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you!

♥ CASEY MY HUGSBAND Our relationship is what I’m most proud of. I love you more than pasta. And cheese. I am honored and humbled to be your wiffle. Love, Mr. Tha

♥ CASEY You are the love of my life and I am so happy I get to be a weirdo with you. Let’s celebrate the holiday with some gravy. Yours always, Chem.

♥ CASSIE MAY Love means sitting on the couch sharing endless Insta memes and giggling waiting for your reaction. Love you baby! Happy Valentine’s Day! Love, Ad

♥ CAT BOY Thanks for always playing Scissor, Scissor, Scissors with me and always calling it a tie !!! Love you even more after 20 years! Xoxo -Kitten

♥ CATHERINE There is just no other way to say it, you are drop-dead gorgeous and a thrill to get to be close to. Thanks for choosing me to be your valentine.

♥ CB So happy to be spending Valentine’s Day with you (and Phyllis) in PDX! The coming year is going to be AWESOME; full of nude shenanigans! I Love You! J

♥ CD Darling! You are the finest, loveliest, tenderest, and most beautiful person I have ever known- and even that is an understatement. I love you my deer

♥ CD Your relentless love and support means so much to me and knowing you will be there for me for college makes it feel way less scary. Love you so much b

♥ CECIL I adore you so much, thank you for always loving me, supporting me and taking care of me. You are a great lover. Love you always, Thelly

♥ CENTER OF MY BEING Shell, you MAKE my world, you are the Light when all I see is Darkness

♥ CHAINGANG So stoked to be forever linked in our notorious exploits.

♥ CHANNY you’re my man 4e. I love you like kanye loves kim <3 oh, all the years to come...

♥ CHAP You always make me think of Rome, and the way the sun hits the buildings in the afternoon. To world peace! Cheers ;-)

♥ CHARLEY I love you so much. Thank you for being the best cat and plant daddy, making me coffee and nachos, and listening to me complain. You are my favorite!

♥ CHARLIE Happy Valentine’s Day to my cutie! I hope you have a nice hot tub & salami-filled day. I love you! Love, Your Deet

♥ CHARLIE You’re sweet like gum—you’re the brand I chew.

♥ CHARLIEUNICORNFAMILY Happy to have you as the oddball in my life. We made a magical family together. Keith & Lauren & you are the best. Liebe ist alles! Charlies Forever!!

♥ CHASE Your mustache makes me smile. Your heart makes me melt like a DQ blizzard!

♥ CHEDDAR GOBLIN There’s no one in the world I’d rather watch movies with than you. You’re my bestie and the cheese to my mac. I’d get stuck in a time loop with you.

♥ CHEESELOVER69 You see this guy, this guy’s in love with you He’s dying to be with you in all the familiar places Let’s cherish this weekend, love you boo

♥ CHEF DJ To the moon, the stars and beyond the edge of the universe- May you survive the night my love!! Go forth and face your busiest night of the year.

♥ CHELSEA Happy Valentines my dear transplant! I love you so Much!

♥ CHEWBACCABONHAM we can do better & move forward, a happy ending is in store...everyone needs to paddle, no one drowns, we make it to shore. ftr...i love you forever

♥ CHEWBACCADADDY I love you to the atmosphere & up. I will always be your best friend and I’m happy you’re my daddy.I love you. Love LucyBell Bonham

♥ CHEY you are the ear to my wax, the Jenny to my Forrest, the peanut butter to my jelly...what more can I say?! I love you and it’s just that simple!!-Val

♥ CHICKEN COOP You have my heart on lockdown and have thrown away the key. Vanilla Corn would be lost without you. Love Love Love you

♥ CHICKY BUNN Every year you make this lucky Duck luckier, happier, and feel more loved. I can only hope I do the same. Let’s go to Paris again, ASAP. Duckerrrrr

♥ CHICO It’s me Dan your owner. I know you’re my dog but you are the 1 Iove. At 42 and on tinder I think my dog and my roku are my true happiness. I love you!

♥ CHIMKIM BORGA although i will never be kimberly, you will always be my love. be mine, turkey! love, your pterodactyl potato

♥ CHIZUKO Please be my valentine this year and forever. Our first 20 years of wedded life have been great, and I will try to keep it that way. Love you, David

♥ CHOMBERS (MICHAEL) Thank U for being so great to XoeRae and I. Will you be mine? If yes, know that I promise U all my heart, trust & willingness to make us happy. Kisses

♥ CHRIS Every day I’m with you- or a woman- I fall more in love. You make me feel like my life is just beginning, sweet man!

♥ CHRIS I really love this wierd life we’re working on, Happy Valentines’ Babe! -Tits Akimbo

♥ CHRIS My Primetime, my love. You gave me my first kiss, and I hope you will be the one that gives me my last. I love you infinitely, happy love-puke day ~B

♥ CHRIS The love of my life, the half and half in my coffee, a gentleman and a scholar. I love you and the life we have made together. XO, Alisa

♥ CHRIS You are my favorite person in the world, and I am so lucky to have had you with me during these past 12 years. I am home when I am with you. Love you.

♥ CHRIS You bring joy to me every single day & have for the entire past year. I’ll always, never ride bikes with you & always kiss you at the bar. I love you.

♥ CHRIS, 12 years! No one I would rather savor a wee dram of Kilchoman with overlooking Machir Bay. Glad we had Bear & Beowulf with us in the wolf pack. 2019!

♥ CHRISTOPHER My one love, my twin flame. I am so glad we finally found each other out of the darkness, burning intensely bright into a supernatural supernova.

♥ CHRISTOPHER, Be mine, mine!

♥ CHRYSTAL You’re one wild hare.

♥ CIGARETTES N COFFEE Early morning on full moon Sunday, while we were sleeping naked in each other’s arms, I had a dream that you pulled me close and told me you loved me.

♥ CJC Beautiful butt, You are so nice and gushy, Beautiful butt, I like your big ol’ tushy, What can I do? But be a fool for you!

♥ CJH, my home, my family, my favorite companion: let’s waterbond and travel the world as we do best.

♥ CLAIRE I pine for you like Lana Lang pines for Clark Kent. -Eric

♥ CLAIRE You’re the romantic equivalent of binge watching all the best episodes of King of the Hill. You’re my lobster and I love you! -Isaac

♥ CLARA Thank you for showing me the meaning of joy and for always being on my team. You fill up my senses.

♥ CLINT I miss being close to you, but happy we still keep in touch. Love ya.

♥ CLOKIA You’ve still got the magic, baby. Don’t lose hope. I haven’t. The flame is still burning bright. This is -- no ordinary love.

♥ COCO AND LULU Life is filled with lots of things that make it all worthwhile, but none is better than your little smiles. I love you!!

♥ COLE Last year I was pregnant, this year we have our baby girl! Happy Valentines from Luci and Mama

♥ COLE We’ve only known each other for a short time, But, Will you be my Valentine?

♥ COLLEEN Going on 20 years, and wouldn’t trade 1 day. There are many things I love about you, but stripped naked, ready for anything, is everything. Love u, G

♥ COMMON GROUNDHOG: I accepted your EWM pursuit of a date with me, which came out of nowhere, since we had never met. You are narcissistic and boring. Rejection accepted.

♥ COMRADE SARA Roses are red, so is the state. I love you, you love me. Let’s go smash the bourgeoisie. Quit Stalin, be my Valentine. -Comrade Blind

♥ CONNERS Four nine oh eight miles The distance just falls away Thank god for Bonnie

♥ COOKIE DOUGH We gettin’ married! We gettin’ married!

♥ CORBIN super in love with you. still. xoxoxoxo.

♥ CORIN AKA THE LADY Thank you for being my perfect partner in Night Cheese Bone Zone Crime. I love you and can’t wait to spend forever with you. (Also Watson says hi.)

♥ CORINA I’m glad we’re becoming friends. You’re talented and hilarious and you’re absolutely an inspiration since the first time I saw you perform. DTF?

♥ CORINNE There’s something about you girl... Thanks for being so amazing all the time Here’s to our next adventure and Tori shows Much love, Ryan and Groucho.

♥ COULTON I couldn’t imagine this crazy life without you by my side. Here’s to 17 more years of life mate highs and lows. Breakin’ the rules. Badass babes.

♥ COURTNEY SKYE I love you , Dee Dee and Pancake! You guys make are the loves of my life. Love Egghead

♥ COUSIN JILLY ! Très chère Cousine préféré - meilleurs voeux avec chaque énigme!

♥ COVEN I love you all! Meeting you and living together makes every day special. Happy Valentine’s my loves

♥ CRAIG (MR. BUN) When we met thirty-five years ago we were young cubbies. Now we are two old polar bears. I am looking forward to fun adventures in our new den. Larry.

♥ CREEPZA! I’m looking forward to our journey to Philly! I love you and Gert so much! TLC!

♥ CUDDLEBONES I love you!~~ :3 Sincerely, Snugglebutt

♥ CUPCAKE My ship would not sail without your sprinkles! Thanks for being the cup to my cake! XOXO- LL, Drexler, Pito, & Moe! <3