♥ D It’s been two years since we met on that island, and I still can’t stop thinking about your voice, your hands, that look you always give me. xoxo4ever

♥ D-TRIZZLE I’m so lucky to have you in my life. I can’t wait to make countless more double plays in the phonebooths of our minds!

♥ DÅBBÎË The the never flabby, always savvy, loveliest honey pot I love you and all your snot Thanks for being the sweeterest heaterest <3 ({;}) <3

♥ DAD Happy Valentines Day! Very excited to see you soon. Love, Little Miss Magic

♥ DADA Screw PDX. Let’s take the kids and move to Busan. We can come back in a few years because we really do love it here. Sokor here we come!!

♥ DADDY GREG Thanks for being the best Dad ever. We love you so much, not as much as our favorite dad John. But you are amazing. Keep giving us lots of treats.

♥ DADDY I am yours. Kiss me, bite me, spank me, push me, turn me into a fountain. You give me butterflies. <3 Your little bootie

♥ DADDY LONG LEGS Thanks for hanging out with me in this crazy life we have created. You continue to impress me on a daily and I am grateful to be your Valentine.

♥ DADDY MATT, Daddy, you are the greatest.. I like it when you wrap my pills in bacon and give me more chicken and cheese. Mommy loves you too..Ella, The Bulldog.

♥ DADDY POOPOO BUTT I think you are the best dad a girl could ask for. I love our daddy daughter days & adventures we go on. I love you so much. Mama & I R lucky 2 have U

♥ DADDY SQUATCH I love you more than you’ll every know. You mean the world to me. Now, come out of the woods! Love, Momma Squatch

♥ DAG Oh to be a fool as Spring is in the world my blood approves & kisses are a better fate than wisdom Lady i swear by all flowers we are for each other

♥ DAINT ITS BYIN Three years of diaps, three years of hairs, three years of sheet, three years of crunch, three years of hatewatching SNL, and I love you

♥ DAMIEN Sorry about the spiders <3

♥ DAN BOO SCHNECKE Our little new moon libra love bug baby will make this the happiest VDay ever! I can’t imagine being more in love! Thank you for making her with me!

♥ DAN I fell for you over a night of tacos and beer. I loved the way we can keep jokes going, I love hearing you laugh. Keep being awsome. Love you!

♥ DAN I tell you all the time, but never like this. This is way more special. This is how you know it’s going to last. I love you gosh darn it. -Sav

♥ DAN My love for you is bigger than Mooseph’s appetite. Marry me!

♥ DAN You are my snuggle bunny yumm yumms I really enjoy your bum bum You’ve got sugar lips and tasty nips Love Madison

♥ DANA Your hair is everywhere among my things. Pillows, sweaters, scarves. Quiet hitchhiker, each strand appears unsummoned. Such delight, I love them all.

♥ DANE Even though your gone from this world I miss you everyday, and I keep you always in my heart and dreams Until we meet again my love. Mrs. Splitter

♥ DANGER You are the Na+ to my Cl-. Together, we are vital and delicious. Apart, we play crucial and separate roles in the chemistry of life. Mitochondria

♥ DANI Happy Valentine’s you glorious mystery cat! I boops u longtime! ^~^

♥ DANIEL “XOKE” My arms are a house for no one but you, always. I love you with all my organs. -your Danny / Geometric boy/girlfriend.

♥ DANIEL O BABY, OH BBY! My heart pumps outta my chest for U. Hold my hand, and blast off into the sunset wit me. Our love is the shiz rainbows are made out of

♥ DANIELLE You are the best thing about my day, everyday!!

♥ DANNI RAE You’re the best and only horse girl in the world. Ride fast, jump high, you’ll always land in my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day - S

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♥ DANNY And then I met you. Yay! God bless America - 2 times! Holla!

♥ DANNYKINS Your forest-heart whispers to mine. This Enneagram 4 adores her 3. You are my muse, my wise friend, my partner. My love for you is deep and wide.

♥ DAPHNE You put the heart in Valentines Day! Next year let’s go for chocolate. Love you forever. Howard

♥ DARIUS Efficiency comes from inside and I learned that from you. XOXO

♥ DAVE To my live music connoisseur, spontaneous travel mate, beer sipping, rummy playing, outdoor enthusiast and all around kick ass fiancé. You forever!

♥ DAVID AND ROBIN Thank you for your patience and your unwavering affection. You each fill me with indescribable joy every day in your own ways. I love you; I love you.

♥ DAVID Here’s to waking up to those big blue eyes and that Sean Connery chest everyday of my life ! Love you B!

♥ DAVID I love you to the moon and back. I will always be your unicorn. Happy Valentine’s Day honey!

♥ DAVID Luminous beams of soft-laser focus continue to envelop us, and those we are enmeshed with. Here’s to trust, communication, and a lack of attachment.

♥ DAVID My darling. I miss you more each day. Your handsome face, big brain, laughter, and your perfect love. I’ll always Love You! Your widow, ACMK

♥ DAVID MY LOVE You are my love, my soul mate, my best friend, and where you are is home. My heart belongs to you. My best decision was to meet you for a1 night stand

♥ DAVID OF NEMES, Always your boy, and you are always my prince. I love you. With many snuggles and bites, Dylan

♥ DAVID, Mi valentín primero y favorito, gracias por tratar todos los días cómo días de amor. Tus pequeños actos de amor son agradecidos. ¡Te adoro! xo Lauren

♥ DAVID, You are my rock & my rock star! Always! I love you so much. Thank you for helping me through some very sad times. You & Guthrie bring me such joy.

♥ DAVY Happy 19th anniversary! Thank you for creating a life with me that is magical and fulfilling. (And it’s not just the big sex) I love you 4eva, Chenoa

♥ DDW Uke are forever minted in my heart! xoxo L

♥ DEBBI You make my heart sing, my skin tingle, and my eyes shine when we are together. Thank you for being my partner in this amazing journey of life.

♥ DEBBIE NOVA Deborah oh Deborah yea you are my moon. My mirror, my swoon, so fully in tune. I love you, adore you, I can’t wait till June.

♥ DEEGEE From our biker’s breakfasts to our Sunday fun days, you’re the best part of my day, every single day. Bet you five bucks I am yours forever.

♥ DEER Every once in a while you meet someone & know life will never be the same. We have our art, poetry, and music, yet life is not the same w/o you in it.

♥ DEER I love you mk jk

♥ DEIRDRE Roses are red , you are my büb, you’re my best friend, and I love you

♥ DELI GIRL Thanks for all those slices of pizza. You’ve been an amazong partner. -Brandini

♥ DENNIS Dennis, you are the cream cheese to my everything bagel, the pepperoni on my pizza, and the banana to my bread. Can we please get a cat already!? -Sam

♥ DERTES You are my best friend, besides Lucy (the dog) and I love you with all the hearts. I think I can put up with a life time of you, and even enjoy it.

♥ DEV 11 Valentine’s under our belt. Lets not fuck it up and make it forever more.

♥ DEVIN AND MOLLY, More than roommates. Pizza friends, cat parents, hobby doers, grocery buyers, home makers, etc. You make everything better. Thanks and I love you.

♥ DEVON Ur the best! Thanks 4 being my platonic life partner & making me beautiful w/ ur needles. Life would B boring w/o U encouraging me 2B loud & odd -R

♥ DGB Laughing, brunching, gaming, pug yoga-ing & being wyld with you is like hitting the double bullseye.

♥ “DICK SHUMWAY”/BBBOI Happy V day Mr. Dick Shumway* Who is making me coffee right now. It looks strong, like my love for you. It smells good, also. ILY *not a real name

♥ DIEGO FAGO 13yrs lucky, my one and only, perfectly pan and all mine, who knew you’d be so loyal;) prob cause ur descendent of royalty, that blood nvr goes bad -V

♥ DILLON To me, you’re better than even the spiciest of hot sauces. Yours, Spoopy

♥ DINO DAVE I love how you get loud when you’re excited & the way you hold my hand. I love the midnight & the morning kisses & I love that you’re my man. xo Kari

♥ DIRTYBYRD&BITTYBYRD Nest full Storms&SunshineRich in perseverance even with zero pennies Conquered 20 years and 20 more Cheers&Happy Valentine’s to Matt&Violet!Love you2

♥ DIZZLE AND RJ How did I get so lucky to be so loved by both of you. I’m so blessed to call you both family.

♥ DJ FARROUT our love is OUT of this WORLD. be my SUN and i will orbit you. KIZZEZ Be my valentine

♥ DJ Thanks for the last 11 yrs. U R my sunshine, On an often PDX cloudy day-lets unwind with a 40oz and Smoke some trees. Luv from me, SPUG & Krazy

♥ DOM I play it ‘hot tub cool’ as I love the look on your face when I can turn a surprise back on you. A rare sight yes, and totally worth it. I Love U -Ang

♥ DOMMY I can’t wait to see it all with you, my sweet!

♥ DOODIE 13 Years! My love for you is never ending.You continuously show me what real love means. God has so much more in store for us. I LOVE YOU!

♥ DOODY Holy shit. We beat cancer. You are my favorite. I love you more everyday. Xoxo Butt

♥ DOOTY MAN You’re my favorite mantis. Thanks for feeding me. I love you and so does the brindlepig, let’s eat weed and watch OPB forever. Cheers to 16 years.

♥ DOS Roses are red Violets are blue When it comes to UNO, I am better than you.

♥ DOUG Wall-E and I love you lots. Can’t wait for Hawaii!

♥ DOUGY BOI I want to you to yeet me, so please be my valentine owo

♥ DR. BEVYN Your brains. Your heart. Your style. Your stories. Your gorgeous face and body. Your humor. Your dogs. Your feelings.Your parenting. I love my llama.

♥ DR. GOAT I love you from the mountains to the desert (and where ever else life takes us next). You are my heart and my home. IGTMTSOOY! Love, Monk

♥ DRAGON It’s been a rough year, but we made it through. Thank you for being there as my friend, and allowing me as yours in turn. Love you! #basicbitches4lyfe

♥ DRAMA DRAGON We’ve seen so much during these last 10 years: Charles Manson of peace, the odd girl at GCI. Hoping for many years of more odd sightings and love. -BB

♥ DREAM LADY I am so happy to be your Sweetie, thank you for making my dreams come true!

♥ DREW BSBYMORE Feel it when you quiver Higher level, elevate You could be the renegade Bonnie to a Clyde Harrelson and Juliet Legends never die & I want more...

♥ DROPS OF JUPITER I love you to Jupiter and back! I’m so glad we started casually seeing each other one or two or three years ago.

♥ DUCHESS Through it all 26 more to go. Kiss kiss. Your Consort

♥ DUFFDAD5000 Well, we did it. We mated. We created 2 humans out of flesh & ether. They’re goddamned beautiful. We’re fucking magicians of love. Lifetime mic drop.

♥ DURANGO Team Idiot is taking over this year. How good can you stand it?

♥ DUSTIN I love you, you farty fuck!!!

♥ DUTTON You’re cute as a button. I loveeee you!

♥ E The mole on your neck is still the one my hands know best. Thank you for 11 great years.

♥ E-BITTY-BAD-BOT You are my hearts own P. I love you!

♥ EARTH WOMAN!!! The furbabies and I are so proud of your accomplishments this year! After much struggle and strife YOU HAVE ARRIVED! Love you tons - EARTH HUSBAND

♥ EARTHWORM “Bront bront bront bront bront” love you -me

♥ ECE Michael loves you.

♥ EDCP & CLEMENTINE To past & current staff @ the Eating Disorder Center of Portland: you all made my job / life a DREAM. Pugs / Hugs / Recovery♥ Clementine... here I come!

♥ EDEN Dear Eden. You are the jelly 2 my donut. The cigarette 2 my coffee. The beer 2 my burger. Keep it Sweden, Eden!

♥ EFM We’ve been married almost 10 years man! Some A-holes said we’d never make it. They probably work at the DMV now anyways. F them man. Smooch.

♥ EGGS BENEDICT You are my favorite person, best friend and lover. I’m looking forward to many more years together. I love you! Happy Valentine! Your goon.

♥ EGON, I’m honored to have shared your life with you. You taught me so much about love and I am so grateful for you. Your purrs will fill my heart evermore.

♥ EJ Amazing mamma, teacher, and nacho eater! Love yo self. And know all that you do for others every day is appreciated. 3^.07

♥ ELI A year has gone by and here we are / who’d have known we’d go this far / loving you for all this time / now you’ve a ring to show you’re mine! LOVE

♥ ELI I know we just met I think your special and I’m fully down to see where this goes, I hope this vday our first vday will be the start of many to come.

♥ ELI You’re the best! Thanks for everything you do every day to make our family’s dreams come true. You’re a real gem!! I <3 you forever.

♥ ELIA, Te Amo Mucho!

♥ ELIAS Your sweeping arms took me away. I stay forever frozen, locked in time with you by my side. Thank you for the whispers, the love, and the tacos.

♥ ELIZABETH “I love you” is what I wish I said when I left. Now I feel empty every time I look at my hand. I hope one day we’ll meet again and live as we once did

♥ ELIZE Cheap beer, dive bars, camping and dog walks... I love you more than all these things!!! Stay true, Q

♥ ELLE Smoochie - can’t wait to be smooching your smoocher in the happiest place on earth! Love you big big big - remember that every smooch multiplies!

♥ ELMO/YODA/CONRAD Above all, you are my road dog. But you’re also an amazing wife and mom. There’s nobody else I’d rather play Carc, travel, argue or snuggle with. 143!

♥ ELODIE M. Magic dancing dream maker, so fortunate to have crossed your path and shared time with you. Maybe again someday! Until then, I delight in memory...

♥ ELSIE You are the sweetest life-sized LOL Doll ever. Happy Valentine’s Day!

♥ EM Only stars burn as bright, My love for you; Universally adoring

♥ EMILEIGH I will always love you booger. I’m your snail 4ever.

♥ EMILY Congratulations on getting into law school, babe! You’re my hero - Love, George *cue Wind Beneath My Wings*

♥ EMILY I love you and I’m in love with you. Love, Tony

♥ EMILY MY AUSSIE WIFE You are the dink, That I do think, I love the most, And often boast, Of all your sweet and funny ways, With you I’ll spend my future days. #ILoveY -Fo

♥ EMILY ROSE Our life together looks bright. I love you dearly. Scotland this summer is going to be tight.

♥ EMMA Happy Valentine’s to the best friend I could ever have. Thank you for being in my life, I love you forever! JP

♥ ERIC You are the Vinny to my Brad. Love, Claire

♥ ERIC, Press your space face close to mine love. I can’t wait to spend our lives making a beautiful family; love you with all my heart! -Your wife Whitney

♥ ERIK I love you like Bowie loved Iggy. You look so good to me here in this old saloon.

♥ ERIK Thanks for this magical life, burrito. I’m happy to call it ours. Love, Sugar

♥ ERIK To my goofy, kind, talented, handsome, snuggly bear: you’re the best thing since sliced bread. Keep being awesome, my love. xoxo

♥ ERIKA LOVEGIRL You are the BEST THING I have ever experienced. I thank the Heavens everyday for the wonderful life we have. I will love you forever & always. Charles

♥ ERIN It’s strange, but I think there’s a chance I’ve fallen for you and all your little things. Hey Lovely waking up with you is a habit of my heart.

♥ ERIN Never forget I love you 90% more than hitting my head on a cabinet door.

♥ ERIN When we met hitchhiking 23.5 years ago I had no idea it would lead to 20 years of marriage and two wonderful children. THANK YOU!!

♥ ERIZO Valentines are rough, but being next to you ain’t so tough! {Thanks for lighting my mind with laughter and love.} -your raptor friend

♥ ERNIE THE V Te amo. Thank you for our life together. Gracias por existir y por querer hacerlo a mi lado por el resto de nuestras vidas. Y por nuestro coco.

♥ EST SISTER I don’t know what I would do without you. I love you so much. Thanks for always having my back.

♥ ETHAN Bumblebee baboo! Nothing on this Earth fills me w/ as much love, happiness, & fuzzyfeelgoods as you. You’re the moon and stars and sea! Love Michelle!

♥ ETHANEEZER Without love in a dream, it’ll never come true. You’re my sweet one. Forever grateful for you. With love, Lizard

♥ EVAN C. Dearest Evan, I love you so very much. Every day I am amazed by your ever growing, ever changing mind. You will be my valentine forever and ever <3 -E

♥ EX-FIANCEE! So you are married now, doesn’t mean I still don’t love you. You will always be in my heart and I secretly hope that I will still be your #1. XO4EVER

♥ FAIRY ERI Two kids, multiple moves, ups and a few downs - you remain the jewel of my world. All these years have only made me love and admire you more. Love u!

♥ FAITH You are the best! Happy Valentines Day! Always Michael

♥ FATTY MATTY I’m so glad I invited myself to your party! We’ve been all over the US and soon Vietnam! Happy 6 months! I love your eye balls. Pop ROCKS Trash Panda

♥ FINN AND WINN Thanks for making my life better. I really enjoy having you guys around. Sorry that I always steal all your toys.

♥ FINN THE HUMAN You’re Mathematical bro! Love, Jake

♥ FIONA Hanging out with you aka “scissoring to Buffy” feels like actual paradise. The more I get to know you, the more I want to know. You’re incredible <3

♥ FLAMIN’ HOT Roses are red, violets are blue. I love late night snack runs; and I’m glad you do, too. Love, Flavor Blasted Xtra Cheddar Goldfish

♥ FLAMING FART Our love can outstand ANYTHING, especially while kitchen dancing in our hugging spot. I love you more every damn day! XOXO, I Smell Lucky

♥ FLUENTLY DUTCH WIFFO Let’s ride our fietsen in lekkerland soon! Maybe 07-22-45-18? Beemster, stopsels & grilwurst for lunch, and off to a brouwerij!

♥ FOLEY Every year I understand better the person you are, and I fall more in love with them. I’m proud of you, and I love you, handsome. C’mere and kiss me.

♥ FOX I fucking love you. Your dick is the BEST.

♥ FRANK I put a spell on you, and you heard it. Love you my Mister Fancy Pants.

♥ FRANK OCEAN I thought I was dreaming when you said you loved me. ~JTF ;]

♥ FREEDOM FRY Imagine 5 heart-shaped ramekins of ketchup, your long body dipped in each, yet you remain crispy. 10 years hasn’t been nearly enough for this worm.

♥ FROGGY MUTTON BUSTER imagine me there~a hot bath~warm mouths exploring, hands cusping fingers tangled in hair pulling skin touching~your the most crunchy delicious pickle

♥ FUCKER Happy 7th Hallmark holiday together! This roller coaster ride of ours has gone up and down, but I’m glad to still see you still sitting beside me.

♥ FUR BEAR OLIGARCH Vanilla, less spice and everything nice Juiced up lips, ripe for your tip License to sell and one to thrill Love You Forever you swallowed the pill

♥ FUZZY BUNS I cannot imagine a life without you. Lie. I can, but it is dismal. Thank you for you. I love you more. I get the next 69 years. Lov, Sweet Cheeks


♥ GABRIEL When we met I had no idea what a wonderful, rainbow life we’d end up sharing. I can’t wait to marry you and make you an honest man! Love you, T-cake

♥ GANGSTA BOOGIE You are my happy!

♥ GARRET Happy valentine’s kiddo Heart, Brandon

♥ GARY From the moment I saw your boots walk up the aisle, I knew you were the one... I love you! Fiona

♥ GAWJESS HFS - we are hitched bitch! Didn’t see that coming back then in the grotto? I love making you a happy wife <3

♥ GB Sharing a life with you is a gift, even if that gift sometimes has a super questionable smell. Audere est Facere. KJ

♥ GEMINI You’re the light of my life, the secular love of it. We’re in bed today, having sex and eating crepes, but amidst all of that: will you marry me?

♥ GENE I love you! Thanks for loving me and being such a HPOA!! Love, SB

♥ GENEVIEVE It’s been an amazing year. Squirpin’ and rompin’ across town like the two derp-doodles we are. Every day’s a blessing with my best friendy. I love you

♥ GEORGE N Thanks for everything that you do. It is very much appreciated.

♥ GEORGIA I’m so proud of everything you’ve done in the last year. You’re fabulous :) Love you a lot.

♥ GF BROWNIE I treasure every romantic evening we spend together at the Bae 69 Palace. Let’s snuggle and watch murder shows 4ever.

♥ GGM iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou isitaboy iloveyou iloveyou forever andever andever andever andever andever oragirl andever andever andever

♥ GGS Roses are red, Violets are blue, CKGBLN 1 to CKGBLN 2, I will always love you. —Xoxoxo, G

♥ GINA I miss being your girl. V.A.♥♥

♥ GINABEENA Don’t ask how I’m doing, when all I do is miss you.

♥ GINGERBREAD You are the sch to my wing. If you were a president, you’d be Baberaham Lincoln. Party on. - Loverboy

♥ GIRAFFE my dove, my strawberry, my sunshine, my sweetheart, my darling, my honeybee, my love, my darling, I love you hot dog breath and all <3 your deer

♥ GLASSES I love you more and more each day, my comrade, my partner in crime. I will always have your six.

♥ GODDESS MICHELLE Every day with you is heaven on earth. You are my angel. I am your bitch. I love you. jonb

♥ GOLDIE I love you so much baby. I’m glad we finally got our chance. Thanks for introducing me to the 3 to 1 ratio. You’re the absolute best. Love, Kimberley

♥ GOMAKEBAGEL Feels like 2004 was just yesterday. Mixtapes, bracelets & veggie recipes. I can do this forever. I love you to the Red Hot Moon and back. PDX <3 LA

♥ GOOMBA You are my better half. Thank you for being the best husband ever. I adore you. Happy almost anniversary! Love, Your Goomba

♥ Gout is no reason to miss out on wine and chocolates this Valentine’s Day. Put on the granny shoes and we will stomp our blues away. Xiao Xiao agrees.

♥ GRACE (ASSQUEEN69) You are my sun, moon, and stars. Happy Valentines baby, love you the mooooost <3 I will never forget that time you beat us at Smash

♥ GRANDMAPICKLE I want to suck your pickle

♥ GRAVY BOY You gotta be cool, you gotta be calm, You gotta stay together. All I know, all I know, (our) love will save the day

♥ GREENBEAN happy V-Day! To all our future hotdogs and fart jokes. kisses BORK!BORK!

♥ GREG SOWDEN Greg I love you so much. Lupe and I wish you a Happy Valentines Day. Can’t wait to turn are last names from Sowden and Brown to Browden. Love you boo.

♥ GREG Years later, science still can’t explain why the sound of your voice continues to give me butterflies. Oh.. they say it’s norepinephrine. ;) Love you!

♥ GREG You make every bike ride, grocery run, or cuddle session more special, wonderful, and fun. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love!

♥ GREGGIE i luv to get to share daily songs, win at recipes, bookclub, wine/beer taste like a pro, tangle in the sheets, lovedoodle & hunt photobooths with YOU!

♥ GRENARD A day alone, only that would be death.- Tish

♥ GUPTA You have divine chunks. Tremendous. The greatest. Kisses, Junebug

♥ GUS BIGFOOT I love you unconditionally. You will always be the love of my life. Will you be mine? The Garage/Shed awaits us.

♥ GUY I’VE BEEN DATIN’ The hell out of this town Find some conversation The low fule lights been on for days It doesn’t mean anything

♥ GYPSY I like you, do you like me? I will buy you red dress and give you television remote control. But if you cheat I will crush you. Is this understood?

♥ H BEAR Roses are red You are now sterile Please fuck me hard Since there’s no more peril

♥ HALEY Happy V-Day Baby Squirrel! I love your beautiful face & your heart of pure gold. Won’t you be my special friend until we’re grey & old? Xx! Ur sexy AF


♥ HAMILTON My love for you is constant like the Iredale, refusing to be washed away, aging with time.

♥ HAMLET I love you more now than ever before, even when your lips is chapped. Can’t wait to get old & die with you.

♥ HAMMYKING PAPATJING B, Only one wet wild wolf knows how to get milky. What sort of jiggle•fit could ever twerk hard enough to show you? ALWAYS been you. MINE! Dino-Tits

♥ HANDSOME I love you so so much. I can’t wait to be your wife. Thanks for putting a ring on it!!

♥ HANDSOME JOE Even though there’s apparently a lot of stuff they never told you in Dad School, you’re amazing. Who else could help me with Code 17 Red Alerts? Lana

♥ HANDSOME KEVIN You got me falling in love, you got me feeling so sprung! We never even saw it coming :) I found love when I found you! Love 4 Always, May

♥ HANNA XOXO Wow! my Sweet Sexy Lady..’smell’ the roses, write the ‘stories’...always the sensual anticipation! Love your potent ‘kisses’..your ardent ‘minion’ (*)

♥ HANNAH Thank you for being an amazing wife and I can’t wait to celebrate another Valentine’s day with you! Love you sweet thing!

♥ HANNAH You’re my bendy bitch til the end! I love you more than you know, or I’ll ever be able to express. Keep kicking ass Love, J

♥ HARMO-CHEEZE Rub your tiny finger-hands on my ass, my magical space alien angel! Lets ride a train to the moon!

♥ HAWK Hope you still have room in the back seat of your Impala for me. Miss you. Xoxo Katy

♥ HAYDEN Hey i love u a lot! Always and forever. You make me happy. Doubly as much as cats! Everyday w/ u fills me with joy. Near or far i am thankful for you!

♥ HAZEL You’re the bravest, funniest, most magical little girl and i’m so lucky to be your Mama I love you so much Happy Valentine’s Day

♥ HEATHER NICOLE Every day with you feels like magic. Not only am I so in love with you that its hurts, I also really LIKE you- and that’s so damn cool. Forever, S

♥ HENRY R. Big nipples. Big hands I know you’re the one. Love you madly. Cats. More cats. Astoria. It will always be us. Deep kisses.

♥ HENRY, I love the way you love me, and am so grateful for the family, love, and laughter we share. Happy love day babe! xoxox

♥ HEY BABE, babe. Babe. BABE! You are everything I didn’t know I needed and more. I’m so lucky and so grateful. I love doing all the things with you. X Domino

♥ HG I am proud to be your Smelly Goat and you have made me happy for 32 years.

♥ HIDRA Thanks for continuing to be my lovely cooking/painting/climbing/reading/griping/chessing/laughing/loving partner. Let’s go murk some giants.

♥ HILLFROG You make me feel like Paddington when he goes for that marmalade sammy under his hat. Xoxo Nini D

♥ HO BEAR My life has brightened and my heart has lightened since you have come into my life. You make a dirty bear feel like a king. I love you. Trash Bear

♥ HOLDO Your keyboard classics are the only thing that can make me strip off my double-pants during this cold snap.

♥ HOLLY ELYSE If you don’t know by now that you are every celestial body in my sky please refer to the last ten years of Portland mercury valentines:) (approx)

♥ HOLLY You are the most weird, radiant, beautiful, and kind soul that life allowed our paths to cross in this weird town of Portland. I’m the luckiest guy.

♥ HOLLYWOOD I love you most, haha I win..!..the end...

♥ HOMIE BUTCH You are my Lunchtime Netflix watching, carpooling, gym going, jameson drinking, salad eating, 7-11 coffee drinking, work homie. I love you man.

♥ HONEY BEE You give me jolts of electricity when we kiss. You are the sugar & milk to my Irish breakfast tea! Happy hearts day sweetie! I adore you.

♥ HONEY BODY Happy Valentine’s Day. We are like bagels and cream cheese... the real deal

♥ HONEY BUNNY My beautiful wife, my closest companion, my lover, my dad joke sponge. Here is to another year together with our little fat boy, Fred.

♥ HONEY I love you and all the two page jokes. Thank you for being the best baby daddy ..

♥ HONEY-BUNCHES I’m so in love with you baby. Mmmmmwwaaaahhh! Bruno

♥ HONEY-SPRINKLES Happy Valentines Day Boo-Boo. you’re the Best! OSO

♥ HOONTER NICK So thankful the tinder gods let us meet, I love our stoney nights watching anime and cuddling Pickle. Can’t wait to take you on an adventure one day!

♥ HOT LIZ Happy Valentine’s day my sweet love! I’m more and more stupid in love with you every day! Thanks for loving me back and making me a dad!

♥ HUCKLEBEE I think you’re kinda cute. And, um, was wondering..will you pretty please, be my Valentine? Aisle, Penny

♥ HUCKLEBERRY I love you this Valentines and every one we have together! xoxoxoxo

♥ HUGH Thanks for all the orgasms Hugh

♥ HUNNIE BUNNIE I’m excited to spend another Valentines Day with you and many, many more years to come! Lets drink, laugh and love. WhoooHooo No kids tonight!

♥ HUNTER You’re one cool Spacecat. I love you and our little family. P.S. meow meow meow meow- Ira

♥ HUNY BUNCHES OF OATS You are my best friend. I want to grow old with you. I promise to love you every day for the rest of my life. You are my huny bunches of oats forever.

♥ HUSBAND It’s our 1st VDay as husband and wife!! I love you very much and know this is the year we will move towards our goals. I wanna kiss your sweet cheeks!

♥ HUTCH Four months into this matrimony & loving it. We laugh through good and bad, let’s keep up the good work. So many kisses to you, your tooty booty

♥ HUXLEY You are perfect in every way. Happy Valentine’s Day!

♥ HYDE It’s been a whirlwind relationship and even if you’ve taken back my ring and I’ve moved about 200 miles away, know I love and seek you always.

♥ I bet you’ll forget. This thing that we used to do. It doesn’t matter, it’s just for fun. I’ll take our day to day over some lame love pun. Loves!

♥ IAN You are the sweetest thing that’s ever happened to me. Thank you for being you, and making me the luckiest woman ever xx

♥ IAN You’re more than just a sandy, late-night kiss in a Cialis tub on the beach, you’re the heart-shaped lasagna to my fresh garlic bread. I love you!

♥ IGGLY WIGGLESWORTH You are the love of my life bones! Share a heart shaped pizza with me? Forever Together February! xo, Giffle

♥ IRMGARD The Twenty five years married to you has benn sublime. I never get enough of your sweet care caress. Our souls are entwined. Love, David

♥ IRONMAN412 (SPE) LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU. You are the sweetest, cutest, most awesome little person. We are very proud of you. xo!!

♥ ISAAC It feels like I’ve known you forever, somehow. You warm my icy hands & my icy heart. Happy Valentine’s Day to the man that makes my every day better.

♥ ISAAK From being banned from seeing each other, to being married in this beautiful city with two fuzzy pups, I love you forever and ever. -Zach

♥ ISABELLA AND CHLOE Love our ongoing threesome! Looking forward to many more champagne/pajama movie nights in the den! Thor

♥ ISMAEL Eres mi corazon, mi luz, mis estrellas. Eres capaz de calentar mi corazon con una mirada de esos ojos bellos. Te quiero con toda mi alma!

♥ ISOBEL We met 4 yrs ago, unabashedly intoxicated. As I watch you hold our newborn with such warmth, my love for you is endless. Long live drunken encounters!

♥ IVAN REDBONE For over twelve years, I have been yours. Through love and trouble, even some thorns. But we will endure, bet your ass I am sure. For you, evermore.

♥ J I love you My lunar love Better writers have captured this feeling But I can say I love Love love you

♥ J Love you so much! The way things are going we need another safe word! - M

♥ J-FAB Merry three years since I asked you to make this shit official and you said ‘cool’ and I missed it. It’s been pretty legit.

♥ J♡MAE Thank you for feeding us, petting us and cleaning up after us. We LOVE you ! ! ! ♡Neesha & Baby & Nathan too♡

♥ J3H There is no one else in the world that I would want to be this exhausted with <3<3<3

♥ JACK I don’t care if we never get back together, you’re amazing and I’ll punch anyone who tries to say otherwise. Including you. Knock ‘em dead dearie.

♥ JACK Roses are red, my feelings are blue, that turn into violet ~ when I’m with you. Hoppy Valentine’s my xoxo

♥ JACK SKELLINGTON We’re so glad we found you at the Humane Society & gave you a chance! You’ve already become the happy doggy we knew you could be! Lots of love, A & M

♥ JACK You are sweet and cool and have a cute butt too. I wish we had pet names for each other bc this would be the perfect place for em, my sexy Rabbit?

♥ JACOB I love you, you sexy bearded tattooed man. Stay stoked.

♥ JACOB Thank you for being the cutest, tallest, sweetest valentine a lady could ask for. Happy 5th V-Day together! I love you tremendously. Rachel & Mango

♥ JAIMEE You are beautiful inside and out. You are my forever Valentine without a doubt. I promise, the best is yet to come. I love you.

♥ JAKE Happy Valentine’s babe - Be good!

♥ JAKE Hope you’re having a nice day today. I love you (ce)!

♥ JAKE I can’t tell you irl bc I know all u want is a friend with benies but I love you so much, I have from the beginning, I can’t imagine it ever ending.

♥ JAMBIE You are the beat of my heart and have been since 2002. I love you head to toe and am so grateful for your love and support. Always your baby Nic

♥ JAMES Every moment with you is bliss, from observing squirrels in the dumpster to stomping our friends at Smash as Ganon and Peach. Love you forever my dear

♥ JAMI You are my best friend. I will never have the words to express my love for you fully. You have chosen another but everyday I wish that wasn’t true.

♥ JAMIE I hope you know that I love you more than our dog, but also really love our dog.

♥ JAMIE I love you and that big dick energy! Happy two year anniversary steam punk!

♥ JAMIE My fierce femme queen-you sparkle brighter than any rhinestone sweater. Lets eat a gummy, get weird & sexy, then eat pizza in bed with our fur babies.

♥ JAMIS You are my person, my great romance & I love you with all of me. Your arms around me are home, your laugh sparks mine, you inspire me! Our 30s are <3!!

♥ JANAI 19 years ago the greatest thing happened. Against all odds, we let everything go.We took a leap, with only each other to hold on to. You are the best.

♥ JANE For you, I pine. Love you forever. And Luke too.

♥ JAS (OR J.E.D) U may be an old married lady like myself but U’ll always be that slutty tramp from out youth. Keep painting hot guys in short-shorts 4 us old broads.

♥ JASH Seven years of writing songs about our dogs, making faces across tables, and basking in the general awesomeness of Milhouse. Love you always. Amy

♥ JASON 16 years of friendship, 8 years of love, 3 years of marriage, 6 months of Portland; I can’t wait for what’s next. Love you always. - Kelly

♥ JASON My beloved! You continue to amaze me. May the crabapples remember us always.

♥ JAVEN CHRISTOPHER GI Happy Valentine’s day 2 my Babalou Im so proud of the young man ur becoming.I <3 u more each day. Luv ya buddy. Go play fortnite & have fun. I Luv u!

♥ JAXSON I couldn’t have met you at a better time, life is beautiful when I’m with you. Let’s continue adding to this list of firsts please. Ah, flawless.

♥ JAYSIN Its been a long time since we stayed the night. I miss you, I adore you. Victopia.

♥ JAYSON MY LOVE We love you more than anything in the world and couldn’t imagine life without you. Til death and beyond. Love Us

♥ JAZMIN MY LOVE, As I write this you’re so far away...but today, right now, we get to share this place. Hands down, this is the best day we’ll ever remember. Be my V?

♥ JEAN You poop on the floor; despite that I love you.

♥ JEANETTE Oh lovely respite, thine ass I adore! Bella’s bottom bitch. Girl, you shakin’ like the whole apple tree ;) Love U to pieces & beaches, Q

♥ JEANINE BABY! I love you! I’m so lucky to be engaged to the love of my life and woman of my dreams. I’m a lucky man. Happy Valentine’s Day Bombshell!

♥ JEFF I didn’t just come here to dance, if you know what I mean... Also, I cannot wait to see you in a few weeks! Xoxo. Love, T

♥ JEFF Roses are Red Violets are Blue I hope we make out like crazy Love your sweet boo

♥ JEFFREY Words can’t describe: how lucky I am, how perfect you are, how in love I am with you, or how lucky this world is to have you.

♥ JEFFREY/ZAMFIR You play my heart and lady bits like the legendary pan flute master. Will you be mine forever? Love, JNP

♥ JEN I know we decided that whole Valentine thing was for losers, but surprise! I guess I’m one. I am so lucky to have you in my life. Love and xoxo, S.B.

♥ JENIFER I love you so much! You mean so much to me and I can’t wait to go on more adventures with you and grow old together! Love, your handsome hub, Chris.

♥ JENNA From Alfie, Your love and passion lifts me. I love you.

♥ JENNA MARIE You’ve made me an Oregonian, a husband, a father, and the happiest man in the Willamette Valley. So, will you be my Valentine? Love, Andrew Lee

♥ JENNIFER I am so fortunate to have spent the last twenty years of my life with you. I love you, beautiful!

♥ JENNIFER PEPPER As my best friend forever I love, appreciate, and adore you.. Thank you for always being there for me and for helping me when I was so down. I love u!

♥ JENNIFER The better I know you, the more I love you. I feel more, when I make you smile, when I can ease ypur pain, and make your nights and days, sweeter.

♥ JENNY FROM THE BLOCK I know it’s been difficult. I know you think nothing is right. Please know that everything is tougher than we once thought.

♥ JENNY, I will love and protect you forever. You are the bright light that guides my days.I love you so much! Well, well well... how the turnings have tabled.

♥ JER (AKA LB) You are the peanut to my butter, the heater to my mumble, the hands to my tush. Thank you for your commitment to us. I love you with all my heart.

♥ JEREMY S Happy 15th Valentine’s Day. I love you more every day of every year. I don’t know what I would do without you. Stay rad and kiss me madly. - Mindy

♥ JEREMY You are fanfuckingtastic!!! I love you & appreciate you (all of you) so much. Also, fuck this holiday!

♥ JEREMY You’ve been a true blessing in my life and I’m so grateful for you and the love we share. I love you very much! -Anais

♥ JERZY I Pika-choose you! Happy Valentine’s day, sweet thang. I love you lots.

♥ JESS Life is vastly more vibrant and wonderful with you. Your laughter fills my heart, and your kindness enriches my soul.

♥ JESS You are the Aneela to my Delle Seyah, Scully to my Mulder, Clarke to my Lexa, Marceline to my Bubblegum, Jessica to my Louis. forever. -jules

♥ JESS, And this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart. I carry your heart, I carry it in my heart. Thank you for loving me. XO, MEB

♥ JESSA You’re my best friend, don’t want to imagine my world without you. I’ll pay strippers to dance on you till the end <3

♥ JESSE It’s lovely to be your passenger or your driver, just keep hitting the road with me this time around.

♥ JESSE LEE Love you babe! Here’s to another Valentines Day and many more to come! Love you so much!

♥ JESSE Thank you for being the best husband ever! I love you with all my heart. Happy Valentines Day babe and can’t wait to live life to the fullest!

♥ JESSE Thank you for sticking by me through it all! You are my best friend & my true love. I’m so grateful that I get to share my life with you! I You!

♥ JESSICA You’re the best hedgehog momma, the best and craftiest coach, and my best friend. I love you :)

♥ JILLIAN Thankful for all the love you give us boys. We love you. Love, Josh and Avery

♥ JILLY-PEÑO I love you, more every single day. You are my partner, my better half, my one and only.

♥ JIMMY Feef, Monty and Larry wish their dad the best Valentine’s Day ever, and I do too. We all love you and thank you heartily for the hugs and snacks!

♥ JIMMY I love you so very dearly. Even with the spiders. On your dick.

♥ JIMMY P. I love your love. JP4L. You embrace my weird and I like that. You make my heart swell! 10/10 would visit Tim’s Gym again. <3 L

♥ JIMMY... Oh no! He took my tuque!! Love you, je t’aime, ik hou van jou.... Your traveling companion always, aka wifo!

♥ JJ Hearts are red, livers shouldn’t be blue, missing you from Phoenix, this naughty nurse loves you. XOXO, Dr. A

♥ JJG It has felt like a tough year and we clash a lot, sigh - - but you have a killer smile and a BIG heart. I love you. Smooches. JAL

♥ JLV I sure do love being jalapeño your world. Love.

♥ JO Happy Valentines day to my big lug. Thank you for always loving me unconditionally. Now let’s settle down in a house with some cats! Yours, Mad

♥ JO, It’s been a year today (on Valentine’s Day) since we moved in together. You are so dear to me. Thank you for being my sweet lover. Ilysm bb. <3 - A

♥ JOC You’re not my world but you’re pretty damn close. Te quiero y te extraño. (Is this friendship or is one of us gay?)

♥ JOE (BABY) BALL Thank you for shouldering the immense responsibility that is being “the nice one”. I love you so much it’s gross and dumb! Pls always be my valentine!

♥ JOE BEAN, I adore being on this wild ride with you! I love you more every day. xoxo, Noodle

♥ JOE BEEF/WINTERMAN Ahh....you had me at the promise of meat from Podnahs. It really made you stand out on Tinder. Almost 4 years later here we are, no Podnahs yet!Letsgo

♥ JOE MO You look so good in pants. Don’t ever change.

♥ JOE My little honey comb. You are my Valentine and I love your cute butt. I hope this embarrasses you and I won’t do it next year if you get me a puppy!

♥ JOE Will you get schwifty with me? Love, the Wayne to your Garth

♥ JOEY THE GYM COACH Thanks for the giggles. You are a peach among pits. xoxo Bernadette

♥ JOEY XO You light my fire, rock my socks and blow my mind. Can’t wait for our next booby smash!! XoZo

♥ JOHN FROM MAKAYLA We have done so much together, moved, our first house, started and restarted together and I’m more in love with you than I’ve ever been. Love you baby

♥ JOHN Happy Valentines Day Love of my Life! We found each other at an Irish Punk show and our life together has been crazy ever since! I love you always!!

♥ JOHN I love being your wife each and every day - happy valentines day to my very best friend! Love you the most.

♥ JOHN JW To the handsome fella who stole my heart almost 10 years ago: I’m still over the moon in love w/you!! You’re my very favorite human. Love you sweets!

♥ JOHN We have been through more than most and still together. I love more than you realize. Happy Valentine’s Day sweet hubby.

♥ JOHN12:34 I want to forever be the girl that makes you drop your books in the hallway. If we fight, let us foot fight. Your mitts in my hands. I love you.

♥ JOHNNIE KEITH My North Star, My Guiding Light, My Most Precious Love and The Favorite --- Happy Valentine’s Day! Love Rosemarie

♥ JOHNNY “SWEETCHEEKS” Will you be mine this Valentine’s Day? You can have all the Doritos if you just get back on my bed.

♥ JOHNNY I hate the thought that this is possibly our last Valentines Day together. I have loved you more than anyone. MS is a cruel way to go. Forever love, S

♥ JOHNNY UTAH Some people smoke it some snort it Some shoot it. All you have to do iz jump!!! Love you forever bud lets rock another 15 years in Hell Grub

♥ JON MY HONEY Honey... I have one thing to say. I thought you said WEAST! LOVE YOU! Happy V-day my poopy head. Here’s to another year of immature debauchery!

♥ JON NATHAN My heart is now full. I never want to be without you, Valentine! XO, Elizabeth

♥ JON Still waiting for that dick-down. Hoe-up and show up <3

♥ JON, ROB, DOUG, ADAM I love you guys more than Skinny Cap loves Grifols. I’m so lucky to have friends like you and not like me. Hope you get your butts squeezed today!

♥ JONATHAN SLEEPYMAN Creeping on you turned out to be one of my better choices. You’re a real good reader and I love you bunches. xoxo your turkish girl <3

♥ JONNY LOU You are my rock babe. Me the kids and all the guys really love you.

♥ JORDAN The Thorns are red. The Timbers are green. You’re even sexier than when we met, in 2016. You’re beautiful & amazing, Jordan. With great affection, D-

♥ JORDAN Waking up next to you on weekends is my idea of perfect. Looking forward to more years of horror movies, baseball games and giving you shit. <3 Babes

♥ JORDAN You are the most beautiful and wonderful mother and wife imaginable. You are my sweet valentine until the end of our days.

♥ JOSE I feel so blessed every day I get to wake up and fall asleep next to u. I appreciate everything u do n cant wait for the future. Ur gay and I love you

♥ JOSETTE! With every day you become more extraordinary, and I feel more lucky, to have you in my life. You will always be My Bestica. I LOVE YOU! SMACK!

♥ JOSH Your name is so damn common, but YES, this is about YOU. And it is MY dumbass that can’t get enough. - Your Coy Admirer.

♥ JOSHUA JAKE H-S Last year you were my fiance, this year you are my husband! I can’t wait to celebrate a hundred more valentines with you! I also can’t wait for Vegas!

♥ JOSHUA Of all the donuts, climbing routes, cups of coffee, tater tots, bike rides . . . There’s no other stud muffin I’d rather have with me. Love, Pipcorn

♥ JOSHUA The last 2.5 years have been WILD. We had a baby. You beat cancer. And here we are, making it. I love you more than anything. Can’t wait to marry you!

♥ JOSHUA You’re 6’4, hung like a horse, and have a voice to put James Earl Jones to shame. And those are your least impressive qualities. I love you, baby!

♥ JOSHUA You’re right! I already love Portland. Hope we will find our place and start new journey in this lovely city! :-) Love you.

♥ JOSHUAH Your wiener reminds me of elephant garlic. It’s very invasive.

♥ JOSSSHUA You are the best- truly the man of my dreams.... And an even better dad to our kids!! I’m so glad you forgot to pull out! Forever yours Catí

♥ JOVI Thank you for taking me to my first dance and then being my first kiss. I’ll miss you. Love, Lennon

♥ JS Go and love some more.

♥ JT Mad Love is head in an NYC cab & O’Hare sex & dumb fights & making up. 15 yrs later, it’s lazy, drunk Fridays. And still being best friends. Luvst -JT

♥ JT Tá mo chroí istigh ionat - JB

♥ JU’JU Your love has opened my heart and awakened my soul in ways I never thought possible. Like a shining light you lead me through the dark. Love Be’Be.

♥ JUAN AKA “NIGHTHAWK” You are very tall, my best friend and a beautiful basic bitch. Let’s drink orange mocha Frappucinnos and have a gasoline fight! Love, Dragon

♥ JUAN Te amo más que a un mapache le encanta basura. More than Baba Yaga loves spooky szn. I’m never sending it back tu sabes

♥ JUAN Te quiero sin letrero, salvaje y perverso corazón Bum, te quiero, te quiero pa’ mi entero Quiero morderte y no dejarte para luego Bombita <3

♥ JUAN You are my everything. I love you more & more everyday & can’t wait for the adventures in store. P.S. Bingo loves you too

♥ JUDE Hey Jude, I wanna hold your hand, love colin

♥ JUDY You’ll make a cute bald man one day. Ill still love you then.

♥ JUICY J AKA MOON MAN Cheddar believe you melt my heart. I’m never blue or provolone when you are shining down on me. Feta get over here 2nite and cream me up real gouda.

♥ JULES attention! ATTENTION! you’re number ONE. yours, perpetually, jess


♥ JULIA I’ll miss you. I wish you all the love in the world.

♥ JUSTIN You light up my life more than you know. I love you so much! -E

♥ JUSTONE BOOTYCRISP My dearest, I am so grateful for your love, friendship and partnership. You rock my world and inspire me daily. Let’s be together forever! Xoxo Kay

♥ JV We loveth you so much. Stink! Love OAV and CAV