♥ K.B.K.J.M When I’m with you the world stops. You make my heart race & my toes curl. You are my everything. You are my best friend & soulmate. Happy Vday my love

♥ KADDY DADDY Boo face lover pants! Your face! I love it! Your support and love are the best, to the gorge and beyond! Love your guts! Sake sushi babies for life!

♥ KAITLIN Thanks for being that one coworker who wants me to break my rule of not dating them. Happy Valentine’s

♥ KALA You’re my dreamboat babe!! Keep rowing this dinghy on the sweet waters of love. Happy hour in the living room while the baby naps? Oh hell yes!! Xoxo

♥ KALE it’s an incredible pleasure to live my life with you. you bring light and love to everything you touch. forever yours, STÜ

♥ KALEB I WILL LOVE YOU UNTIL YOU DIE. (Also, I vow to avenge your death. )

♥ KALEB My beloved and my creative counterpart. I cherish you and adore you forever and always. Thank you for showing me what love is.

♥ KALI The fact that you’re the most beautiful butch i’ve Ever met, AND my wife at the same time, makes me kinda want to believe in some sort of god <3

♥ KALIE You are the scum between my toes. Thanks for always having a attitude and being right. Please lick me like you do in the mornings. I Love You!

♥ KARL’S MOM I love you - Karl’s Dad

♥ KARLCHEN Me-me was once lonely and alone-alone. Now that I’ve met you, me-me describes my identity as you-and-me. Danke schön, Liebling. <<<<3

♥ KARLEIGH You are the most wonderful woman and partner. I love you so much. Leif says happy Valentine’s Day too!

♥ KAS I shall not fear the everlasting shadows with you lighting my path down the long steep road of darkness. I love you eternally.

♥ KATE Everyday is a dream spent with you love. That vacation is set for fabulous town is possible now! Prepare to get your BUNZ SQUEEZED. Fovever yours!

♥ KATE The first time I drove you to Eugene there was no going back. your bunny, adventure time, our little secret. Now your all mine - the snake in the hat

♥ KATHRYN You’ve still got it and I still want it. Te amo por siempre mi amor!

♥ KATIE You’re cute and sweet and funny and my absolute favorite human. Be mine? Love Blake

♥ KAYEFSEA I love your thighs and dream about your breasts But it’s your wings that lift me up, when I am upset. -rob

♥ KCLEIGHHONEYBEE will you be my date for the v-day split flipper pinball tournament? placing second last year left a sour taste, since we’re number one! i love you!

♥ KEITH i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart)--love Jake.

♥ KELLEY I love you like a fat kid loves cake!

♥ KELLY Another year of happiness and strangeness. We are very lucky. Love you Lumpy.

♥ KELLY You are great and you make me happy! Ready for that painting project? If you were an owl, you’d be the hootiest! Stop spelling and kiss me. - Jason

♥ KELSEY When thinking of a valentine you’re my number one. You’re the best friend, boss, wife, animal whisperer, sister, daughter, and badass. I love you

♥ KELSEYLEA Ik it’s been hard and you feel like you’ve never really been loved. It MIGHT be true. What IS true: once you stop looking, love will find you. Relaxbb

♥ KELSI You’re a magical fucking unicorn rainbow alien being and I adore you endlessly. Love you always, SL

♥ KENNEDYS Voodoo is pink, Willamette is gray, Despite that it is definitely a cult, I love free soda. -RM

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♥ KERRGANN Every tone of life Makes a note for you. Every word of life Makes a phrase for you. My love, try to hear it, How much I love you, From GG

♥ KEV Graceland and riverside dreams and sushi too large for my mouth. Eight hours later and I was all yours. Always yours in RVA, SF, PDX and the next.

♥ KEVIE I love you more than pizza and cake! Let’s share some together on this silly holiday! Love, Cute Stuff

♥ KEVIN Bib: You are sweeter than music and hotter than hell! You are my everything and I love you forever and ever!

♥ KEVIN You are my valentine this year. You were also my valentine last year. Notice: apply now to be my 2020 valentine. Deadline approaching. See u soon.

♥ KIARA G I’ll always cherish laughing about Sheryl Crow’s weird lyrics and our nightly TikTok viewings. I’m always grateful that Tinder brought us together.

♥ KIKI Do you love me?!? Trust in this love, baby. You’re always the one.

♥ KIKI PEACH Our lives are hard, busy and stressful. Let’s make more time for romance, love and rubs this year. You’re sexy and you know it.

♥ KIM Ily, my satellite!!! I couldn’t do or imagine life without you. Happy Valentine’s Day, dork. -k8

♥ KIM Thank you for sticking by me while I finished RDR2. Those were hard times, but you believed in me. Now look at us! Our own ranch. Wow


♥ KIMBERLY NOEL Thank you for being my special Valentine for over 30 years now and for just being you. Always and forever yours my true love and darling wife. Dave

♥ KINOKO To the neon angel who has seen me through so much wildness & whom to my love is eternal . Thank you for your eternal realness & the fantastic.

♥ KITTEN I love your kitten kisses. Let’s go have some justice! You know you’re my sweetest treat.

♥ KITTEN Such amazing cuddles. Dates I will always remember. I will always be there for you.

♥ KITTENFACE Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m so lucky to have you and your cute butt in my life. You basically turn me into the heart eye emoji everyday! Love you!

♥ KO Happy Valentine’s Day to the one who keeps me feeling loved, supported, and happier than I have ever been. You have all my love.

♥ KRAMMY I want intertwine our bodies into waves of pleasure. Thank you for being the fuck of my life....

♥ KRAY You are the world to me. We were meant to meet & you’ve been there through everything, always loving me. My baby angel dodo. I love you forever, Sara

♥ KRAZY KAY Hello ..I couldn’t think of anyone else I would want to be my valentine ! Your my best friend and I’ll always Love you!!

♥ KREEZ Sry I so gassy. I love. - Same

♥ KRISHA I love you with all my heart! You are the best cat mom to our two boys. I love you to the moon and back! Happy VD! Love, Brandon

♥ KRISSY We’ve been through some shit babe. There’s no one else I would rather wade through life’s Port O’ Johnny with than you. I love you Krissy J!

♥ KRISTEN & JAMES Thanks for being my friends! So happy we live in the same city again <3

♥ KRISTIN I’ve loved you for so long, I can’t even remember what it felt like to not love you. Forever and for always. To the moon and back. Everything.

♥ KRYSTA You are my favorite story and writer. You are my favorite morning, afternoon and evening. You are my favorite traveler. You are my forever.

♥ KYBUTT Roses are red, violets are blue. All my naughty thoughts involve me and you! Love, Shauna

♥ KYLE (BEAN-O) You’re my go-to person for cookie making, video-games, and cribbage. Love you so much, thanks for letting me make fun of you all the time <3 <3 <3

♥ KYLE Happy Valentine’s day! We fight constantly and our relationship isn’t healthy but, I LOVE you, care for you deeply and I want you to fuck me forever!!

♥ KYLE I love you more than birds. Brandi

♥ LAAWREN You are my moon, guiding my tide. I’m grateful that this big uncooperative world allowed us to share life together. Giggling to infinity and beyond!

♥ LACIE You’re my valentine, but you have too many fake mini hands. I guess that’s ok.

♥ -LADY LILAH- You’re a beautiful English rose with wonderful Sadistic thorns! I love you & your brilliance & your passion!

♥ LADY PINE I adore you though you hate me. Your farts smell. But you make me smile. Only 219 more days until the greatest adventure begins! Love. Yours. Always.

♥ LADYBUG You are a few of my favorite things. You are the things that make me go YEET. Don’t forget how much I loaf you as I D with my deepis. Kisses from Beef

♥ LANA Roses are red, your eyes are maybe blue, you have a blue house and yellow door, I think I love you.

♥ LARRY BIRD THE DOG You are a pretty great dog.

♥ LAURA I can’t wait for my Texas belle to be in Portland! I love you and your creepy sleep talking to the moon and back.

♥ LAURA I’m forever grateful for the fact that you didn’t kick me to the curb. I’ve got a lot of work to do to earn it, and I’m so excited for our future. <3

♥ LAURA LU This one goes out to my No. 1 mermaid gal down in the FL Keys! Love ya, bub!

♥ LAURA You and Hannah mean everything to me. I love you both very much, and will return to Portland soon, so that I may be a husband and father again.

♥ LAUREN Happy Valentine’s baby! You are so beautiful! My life can’t be any better than it is because you are in it. I love you baby! Xoxox xoxox xoxox

♥ LAUREN Happy Valentine’s Day Boo Bok De Lok Dok

♥ LAUREN Thoughtful friends like you are the forever Valentine. 24-365. (.)(.)power! -XO jAm :)

♥ LAUREN You are the most beautiful woman in the world. You are my queen & I love you more every day. Thank you for each moment together. Grow old with me. xo

♥ LAWRENCE You’re the sweetest man I’ve ever met, I love you

♥ LB Thank you for showing me true partnership. You are my teammate, my person, and my heart. And damn, you’re also fine as hell.

♥ LB Thanks for being my wife and best friend. Never forget the moose.

♥ LC What a year! Two of the biggest steps a couple can take together. Now lemme eat that ass again.

♥ LEAH Your Sweetheart adores the fun, sexy gardener-chef-writer-thinker-cuddler-sensual giver and receiver you are! Happy Valentines Day 2019 and all days!

♥ LEE You are my game-changer, my life-saver, & my worldly-king. Each year gets better & better. I appreciate our growth & tenacity. Thanks. Love Me.

♥ LEEN BEANS Thank you for everything that you do and not being tired of me yet. I love you - Old Dusty

♥ LEFTY SIZZLE Team Chem, mattress on the living room floor, down the shore. Post night rage, better stage. Just us. Ever ever ever ever. Love where we are. <3 E

♥ LEGGSBABE We talk all night about an outside world, as the hours line up and blow away fast. There is nothing I’d rather do. You are the perfect drug. Love CRAX

♥ LEIGHSHMEE You are the the light in my eye, and will be killing it this year! Much Love

♥ LEILA Kittens are Red, Pitbulls are Blu, Till I am dead I’ll always love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

♥ LENNYDOG, WE adopted you 4 years ago. WE saved your life & you in return have filled our lives with your huge, lovely kisses & warmth! All our love to you!

♥ LEON There is no one I would rather eat steak and do whip its with than you. You are the sweetest boy with the cutest butt. Happy Valentines Day sweetheart

♥ LEVI “MISTER MOUSE” I’m so glad we got married so that we will never again be lonely & we can hear our babies go “squeak.” I love those boys but you are still my favorite

♥ LEVI To my partner in life and hijinks - you have made my life so unrealistically happy I have to pinch myself. I love you, forever and always.

♥ LIBRARY LOVERS Don’t put us on hold, we’re checking you out. If you were a book, we’d never put you down. Love, Cedar Mill and Bethany Community Libraries

♥ LIGHTHOUSE Thanks for lighting the way, keeping it weird, and being such a wonderful lover. Come get some, soon.

♥ LIL’ SCOOPER I love you like I love cookies by the #. We got this.

♥ LINDA K L Sugar bear. You are the greatest. I appreciate all you are and do. I am beyond fortunate to be your weirdo and dog daddy. I love you

♥ LINDA KAYE Ima lova lova lova you.

♥ LINDSEY Bae-bee! You are absolutely lovely. Still making my heart race since day one gorgeous. Muwah! P.S. There’s something under the coffee table for you...

♥ LINDSEY Here’s to another year of Pizza Fridays and Coffee Girl Sundays.

♥ LISA Energy soulmate. Thank you for our adventures. Thank you for coming into my orbit and bringing me into yours. I adore you. Let’s create. More is more.

♥ LISA R. We’ve been together for twenty+ years, two boys, big move, two houses, three dogs. It’s been a ton of good times and so many more to come! Love, Hubby

♥ LISA You have the coolest car, the cutest bass, and the prettiest face, and I wish I had the guts to ask you out on a date.

♥ LISO I love you more today than we started our crazy journey all those years ago in NYC. I love you more every day and I know how lucky I am to have you.

♥ LITTLE CASS I love you! You are so beautiful! And the best little sister, I could ever hope for! Thanks for cooking, walking, and making movie jokes with me! <3 <3

♥ LITTLE PIG I miss you so much and hope you return soon.

♥ LITTLE PUMPKIN I don’t know if we will live here. But I still want to be where you are and go where you go.

♥ LITTLE WIFEY Even when I haven’t just seen you in a bikini, I still want to fuck you and your hot ass/big tits. You’re getting hotter.

♥ LIZZY In this turbulent world, you are my lighthouse, always leading me to your loving embrace. Let’s always seek adventure and joy together. XOXOXO

♥ LOGAN, MY SWEET TUDA Your love lifts me up and encourages me to love myself. You are the lover I’ve always dreamed of. Where would I be w/o your love? Thank you for you.

♥ LONO When you lick my teeth your breath smells like rotten sewage but I still love you. You’re a rad little dude.

♥ LORENZO What a wonderful 10 months it has been. You’ve opened my heart like I didn’t know was possible. I love you, buddy.

♥ LORI Happy Valentine’s Day Bebe!

♥ LORRAINE OMG almost 3 years of love! Smart, Driven, and a Freak in bed. ;-] Love you lots Master Storm, I can’t wait to worship you for another year! <3 XOXO

♥ LOUBAE 3 years later, and I still find more that I love about you every day. Cheers to us finally being real adults! Can we go back to Hawaii now?

♥ LOULOU I’m gonna do such naughty things to you later. Think night 2 of DD. And my promise about the necktie... Happy Valentines day! I love you very much:)

♥ LOUVER here’s a love note you can toss out, but the rest are all for keeps, ok? just like you.

♥ LOVE OF MY LIFE I will always be ringing the devils doorbell to get into your sin cave for the rest of our lives. Luv ya!

♥ LOVE OF MY LIIIIFE You rock me baby, Twice the other night!

♥ LOVECAT Nearly 4 years in, and every day has been a joy. I love you so much, the little family we’re making, our life together - oh yeah, and biting you!

♥ LOVELY Here I thought we had done so much, now we begin another phase and could not ask for a more capable and cuddly companion, off we go...

♥ LOVELY My partner in adventure. My motivator when I’m down. Thank you for helping me see reality when I’m unwilling to see it myself.

♥ LOVELYLAURA I Bet You Thought I Forgot I Didn’t:) Happy Valentines Day I Love You SS

♥ LOVER BEAN! We eloped under the St.Johns bridge and finally made it official. We are 2 peas in a pod and I’m a better human bean with you in my life.I Love you!!!

♥ LOVER I am so excited to spend Valentine’s Day with you. I’m very much IN LOVE with you. Happy to spend our lives making each other happy! I love you baby!

♥ LOVER I miss you like an idiot misses the point. Like a crackhead misses their pipe. Like a drunk man’s urine stream misses the toilet. Love, Daddy

♥ LOVER-MUFFIN, You have been so sweet to me for the past year and a half. Always a giver, you make me smile. I truly love you, my big orange vibrator! XOXO Penny G.

♥ LOVER... I miss you so much lover! Lover! Hurry up and love me lover!

♥ LOVERS, I give a fuck about all of you :)

♥ LOVEY Hey boo, Happy Love Day! “you wreck me baby, you break me in two, but you move me, honey, yes, you do” xoxoxo

♥ LOVEYBEANS You’re the best! 7 years and millions of beers! You’re the love of my life and i can’t wait for the next 7 years with yooouuu! Meow meow!

♥ LOWRY Through it all, we’ve been developing an ever deeper understanding of one another. This builds upon a love that will only grow stronger over time

♥ LUCILLE JEAN I love you with all of my heart. Thank you for being the best baby girl a mama could want. I am so proud of you! You’re the beaniest bean.

♥ LUCKY Through good times and bad, forward and back, highs and lows, dark and light, you have been the rock I can rely on. My love for you is deeper always.

♥ LUCY My milk poodle, I’m forever grateful for the Snowpocalypse that brought us together and hope to crunch through the ice with you again & again. Xoxo

♥ LUCYPANTS You are the mac to my cheese and the best snuggler on the planet. Love ya to pieces! xohj

♥ LUE Remember that time I said I was tired and then you said you were tired? That’s when I knew you were the one ;) XOXO, sweater dog

♥ LUEBELL You’re the best thing i ever did, I’m so glad you’re my daughter. even when you have dragonbreath & sass me, i love you more than the universe <3mommy

♥ LUKAS, EZRA & MILES I lava you all so much! You are the enchanted golden apples of my eye.

♥ LUKE We’ve been through so damn much &I hope you’re ready for so much more. But hopefully, more fun things this year. I love you, thanks for loving me too.

♥ MABELOU We love you, XiaoXiao. In darkness and in light we delight in your bubbly laugh. The might of your kindness has us swoon in melody of your ebullience.

♥ MACKENZIE V-day is 8 months since our 1st camp-out together! Being in love with you is magic. Thanks for doing this work with me, Robaczku. Love 4ever, Dziubek

♥ MACKY You are the best piggy anyone could ever ask for. Thank you for agreeing to put up with me and to share life together. Love, your big giant elephant

♥ MADDY It has been a great year with you. BC and I love you. Xoxo, Joshua

♥ MADISON i have no words to explain how you make me feel. each moment spent with you cuts through the mundanity of modern living. i am so happy i met you.

♥ MAGGIE In the surf, in the sun, on a bike, in the rain, stomping on the snow, here or in Detroit or Mexico, it just doesn’t matter, it’s your heart & mine.

♥ MAGIC MAN Curled Lashes Cascading Over Eyes that See Only Painted Views

♥ MAIMAI It’s been a tough 3 years at the cafe, but the end is near. Thank you for support...and not leaving me. God knows I couldn’t have done it without you

♥ MALLARIE You are an incredible person and my forever Beastie. I LOVE YOU so much it needed to be printed for all of Portland to read! Be mine, everyday?

♥ MALLORY Happy Valentine’s day sugar! You brighten my life; you keep me warm; you care like no one ever has. I Love You. Smooches, Your perfect puzzle piece

♥ MALLORY Thanks for giving me a chance after I called you Mandy. Your ass is like a work of art from god. -Ryan

♥ MALLRAT thx u 4 being a sweetie, for always appreciating a good pun, and 4 crawling out of the sewers to make a good stir fry. with all my love n sum mo, chlo

♥ MARCUS You’re my favorite thing to do and favorite thing to taste. You got me wrapped around your creepy little Trump fingers. Now, GFY. With love -S xoxoxo

♥ MAREK Happy Valentine’s Day, my love! You are the best partner I could ever ask for and I’m so lucky to have you. Love you so much my one and only xo teebs

♥ MARGARET Happy valentines day. I love you with all my heart

♥ MARGOT Happy Valentine’s Day to our little rainbow! We love you, baby! Momma and Dad

♥ MARIE D Last V-Day, I was waiting. This V-Day, I am now married to you. I love you, with everything I am, and all I have. Happy Valentines Day, my heart.

♥ MARK (BUG) Holy shit 5 years that’s a long time. Anyways I’m glad to have you in my life. Happy v-day!!!

♥ MARK Every day, I reflect on how lucky I am to have you as my partner in life. I love you so much!! ALL EYES!! B99s

♥ MARK From our Concrete Jungle, to the Sunshine State, to the City of Roses, I know our most amazing adventures are yet to come. I love you forever... ever.

♥ MARK HOKU Excited for Cadaqués & caturdays, Dalí & Ellie, Bunn Bunn & 2F 2U & 4N. Love always, K

♥ MARK You make my life better every day and I can’t wait to spend more days with you. Also that d is real nice.

♥ MARKER charmander is red squirtle is blue if you were a pokemon i’d choose you

♥ MARLEY Thanks for being my ‘lil bear through thick and thin. Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you to the moon and back!

♥ MARS AND AVE Hey! Ton Ton loves you!

♥ MARTA You are everything lovers dream of and hope to behold. You were right, it keeps getting better and better I love your sweet cheeks top and bottom.

♥ MARTY You’re my favorite person. Happy Valentine’s Day babe.

♥ MARY I can’t wait to move in with you and our little breadstick-armed man! I love you!

♥ MARY JOON Every bruise and every scrape has always been & will forever be WORTH IT–the future better get with us or get kicked in the dick cuz here we come, boo

♥ MARY JOTo love a person is to see all of their magic, and to remind them of it when they have forgotten

♥ MARY LOU I love you more than I have ever found a way to say to you. Hugs and kisses.

♥ MARY W My darling, my love. Another Valentines Day after an exceptional year together. I adore you!

♥ MARY What do I do with all this love that’s running through my veins for you

♥ MASOOD Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction. ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

♥ MASTER OF MY UNIVERSE I adore you, and I’m your biggest fan, I’m sooo in love wit u

♥ MATT Will you be my valentine? I love you more than words can describe and I can’t wait to marry you! Yours forever, Lizzie

♥ MATT You’re the sweetest lil cupcake any gal could ask for. Thanks for patiently listening to me talk about murdery stuff all the time! xoxoxoxoxo

♥ MATTFSK I love your goofy messy hair and your dreamy smile and how you snuggle the cats and when you get amped about zoning policy. Let’s get married! - A

♥ MATTHEW On our first date we drove to the top of a mountain in the middle of the night. Naturally, I’ve been wild about ya ever since.Love you!!!!!!!!!!

♥ MATTHEW our souls are intertwined. I hope we are lucky enough to find each other in the next life.

♥ MATTHIAS I love you and I like you. I’m happy you exist. thanks for being a good cat dad and husband. love, buttmeat johnson

♥ MAUREEN I love you. You’re the best partner a single person could possibly have. Sincerely, Maureen

♥ MAURICE You are the partner more perfect than I could have imagined. we laugh and fart together and fall asleep in each others arms. I can’t wait for forever.

♥ MAV LOML Bunny I love you You are the bestest TOPIC Haikus are neato! XOXO

♥ MAX You are adorable and spunky. I love your black hair and your sweet spirit. Please go back on and find me- Brenda

♥ MAYOR AIOLI It’s been almost two years since we decided to share this bun called life together. Flavortown wouldn’t be the same without you. Love, Ketchup.

♥ MCBEEK My sweet sweet beek! You have traveled 2,765 miles to be with me on my favorite holiday. I am forever thankful for your funny adoring soul. I love you

♥ MCGIGGLE Here’s to you and the animals and taco Tuesdays for eternity

♥ MCKINLEY I love you so very much. So glad to have you in my life! Come home, dinner and snuggles!

♥ ME I am frustrated, please help me (yrself) oky, but let yrself be w/ smeone else. you deserve it- just plz love

♥ ME If you have the ability to love, love yourself first. And as you do, you will attract others into your life who will love you without conditions.

♥ ME Nobody loves me and I got a lot of self hate, but I wanted a valentine. Soooo... Dear me, I would totoally owo you Love, Your desperate pathetic self

♥ MEADOWBRIE This next chapter is going to be full of adventure and also lots of lounging. Eager to share in both with you from time to time. You’re cool!

♥ MEEMOO Thanks for being my snack partner and for knowing all the moves to the kitten dance.

♥ MEGPUP I deeply love your unique, unparalleled awesome deliciousness and beautiful, loving super-awesomeness all around! - DaveDawg

♥ MEL Everyday with you is another best sunset. Happy Valentine’s Day to to the most fabulous future wife a guy could ask for.

♥ MEL Mario’s red Sonic is blue Thanks for the sushi You kawaii crafter you.

♥ MELANIE Do you believe in you? Kick some ass. Do what the f makes you happy. I’m on your side. Love, Layne

♥ MELANIE666 We’re just meaningless animals clinging to a ball of dirt that’s hurtling through unfathomable blackness....but with you, it’s not so bad. I love you!

♥ MELIA I love you so much baby, thank you for our adventurous and exciting year! I’m looking forward to do many more good times to come. Happy Birthday!

♥ MELISSA Forever and always. I couldn’t imagine it with anyone but you.

♥ Meliza. The one and only DW. Forever and ever... TLF. DH.

♥ MELONIE Such Silliness. I Love You! So. Much. -Daniel

♥ MEREDITH i couldnt have for a more beautiful, sexy and funny valentine so grateful that the universe threw us together and looking forward our crazy adventures

♥ MERLIN From your rants about candles to your bad breath to your squeaky voice. You. You baby. You are my sexy Merman. Happy Valentines Day

♥ MESSY BEAR Riding bikes at 2AM. Eyeliner application any time. Your laugh your wit your smile. The fashion show that never ends. I love you & only you forever. A

♥ METAH Happy Valentines Day babers! Love Joe, Elody & Tempo

♥ MI MONKEEEE Having you by my side as we hang around peeling bananas backwards I know we can together dodge all the poo life flings at us.Always eating your fleas!

♥ MICHAEL EDWARD when we out in the moonlight, lookin up at the stars above, feels so good when I’m near you. ....YOU’RE SO BABY I’ll love you forever my baby daddy

♥ MICHAEL How ‘bout that piña colada?

♥ MICHAEL Meeting you was no coincidence. Loving you has not only brought me gratitude for partnership but for life itself. Thank you for being you. I love you!

♥ MICHAEL Road head?

♥ MICHAEL Sweet in the streets and mean in the sheets. I love you so fucking much. Thank you for everything. Venus, have you ever seen us...?

♥ MICHAEL Yo MK! I love you! You love me too? Ok good. You are an Official Certified Silly Billy and I love you extremely much! Fondly, your beloved tabernacle

♥ MICHE We’re both so bad at all of this, but there’s a soft place in my heart for you always. I can see you from space.

♥ MICHELLE My sweet love. Thank you for showing me the path to a wonderful life and happily taking me there. Happy valintines day - AA

♥ MICHELLE You are amazing. You are wonderful. You are loved.

♥ MICIFU As you nap next to me all I can do is think about taking you in our room and banging the hell out of you. You’re so sexy in your slippers and jamjams.

♥ MIGUEL Mi Amor de 40 years, So many adventures together since we met at a bus stop in Washington DC all those years ago. What is our secret? Kindness

♥ MIIIIIKE We love you! Love, Whit and Charlie

♥ MIKE I love you peter in or peter out. Love C

♥ MIKE We work in a big ass bookstore, and I think you want to talk to me but are too shy. Make a move or die alone! xoxo

♥ MIKE With all the jewelry you give me it lets me know that you do love me even though we never say it. Thank you!

♥ MIKE, I love you beyond words & I’m so proud of you! Thanks for your hard work that made our dreams of a new life reality. My husband. My partner. My heart.

♥ MIKEY HAMMOCKS Would you please be my sugar kitten? Your timeless beauty makes you the must-have date for every occasion. I love you!

♥ MILKBOX You were an unexpected surprise, a collision of stars, the defining moment. But it is you. It’s all you. And now there’s no looking back!

♥ MILLIE My oochie coochie woman. I love your powerful butt, your passion for playful torture, & our shared love of snacks. We are quite the match! -Big Bopper

♥ MILODAGMARALMARROMAN My favorite bedtime song for my favorite bedtime valentines: Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur. Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purrrrr.

♥ MINNA & ALLIE You two blast my life bright with light and love. Thank you for being in my secret club. I love you both the most.

♥ MINXIE I Love You I Love You I Love You! I’m beside myself when you’re not by my side. When I’m with you my Beer tastes better! Love You Forever!

♥ MISS BLACKIE M. Still so madly in love with you sweetie ten years later. You are my soulmate, my lover and most importantly my best friend. I am so proud of you.-Dude

♥ MISS POOPS Year 2, baby baby. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Nice rubs and the nudie tudes x 2. I love you. Your baba, Mister Toots

♥ MISSES PICKLE This is the best, you and me magnet fishing, crabbing or just tromping around the Forrest for mushrooms. I couldn’t do this without you, Love ur BBKF

♥ MISTER I have been so fucking fortunate to have you in my life. Even when shit turns turtle, I can’t imagine where I’d be without you. —xoxo, M

♥ MISTRES WIGGLY WAGS My dear salty Olive Queen I kneel before your wisdom and beauty! You let me win “don’t bite the badger” and I’m humbled by your sexiness. Fuzzy Muffin

♥ MISTY You’re my best! I will always tell you when you have a chin-hair that needs to be plucked (and vice-versa). J+M=4ever

♥ MO SIDHE BEAG, Fairies wear boots, Bears make a ruckus, After you read this, You’ll just have to fuck us.

♥ MOLLY Hmph. You hate me. And I cannot believe it has been almost a year. Love Mario

♥ MOM You are the best mom and I love you so much I hope you have a happy Valentine’s and let’s eat leftover chocolate together soon! Love Rachael

♥ MOM You are the best mom in the world, and I’m so excited we’re going to France next month!

♥ MOMMA I love you more than the ocean is deep or the sky is blue. Thank you for loving me unconditionally so I could learn to love myself again. I love you!

♥ MOMMY DEAREST I love you to the moon and back! Thank you for being you and the coolest mom.

♥ MOMOMONSTER I couldn’t ask for a more loving, patient, amazing man in my life. You light up my smile each day. Cheers to a life of giggles and BIG hugs! ABear

♥ MONATOMIC My sweet unicorn muffin. My lyfe lacks lustré without your sparkle. I think of you often and miss you so much. Here’s to our next sunny days together

♥ MONKEY PANTS I love you like crazy. Thanks for being my main squeeze AND my chew toy for the past 15 years. Please don’t grab me by my cervix.

♥ MONSIEUR PAIR-EE Hey there noodle PIE! From one dog to another, you’re the best booty a squirrel could ask for. From your dog, I’m T-Pain, you know me, buy me a drink.

♥ MOO Looking forward to another year adventuring with you!

♥ MOODLE Every day with you makes me feel like the luckiest boy alive. You’re the pep in my step and the sparkle in my heart. Big, big love.

♥ MOOGZ I love our time with the little pig, taking trips with you and exploring new places. Cheers to another year of adventures and that BSO lyfe. -Rhyno

♥ MOREO You send me. The cookies you bake. The love we make. Everything we do is better cuz of you. Your Secret Sister

♥ MORGAN I’ve loved you since the beginning and it keeps getting better. Thank you for being my sexy bearded nerd, and for being an amazing father to our son.

♥ MOSEY Thank you for being a friend. Traveled down a road and back again. Your heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidant. Farts and kisses. Love, Lauren

♥ MOST HANDSOMEST I can’t imagine my life without you. Or our fur babies. Love, Your Feral Cat of a Wife

♥ MOTHER ELLIE C Dear Mother, Will you be my Valentine? You are my biggest supporter and the greatest friend a daughter could ever ask for and I love you so much. -S

♥ MOUSSE ROYALE Five whole years of kickin’ it! I love you like Nemo loves meat. You’re the great love of my life. Here’s to 70 more years, Jeffrey! Love, Your Lainey

♥ MR GOLDEN SPOKE I saw your sad face when I told you I wasn’t going to do this. You are my everything, and I love you so very much. Will u be my VALENTINE? -Brighteyes

♥ MR INTERROBANG Lips, thighs, lips, sex, lips, thighs, lips, sex, lups, thighs, lips, sex. Kiss me on my butt. - From your forever-Frank

♥ MR. DOUTIBATUM You will always be my greatest adventure. Always.

♥ MR. J I love you so much I’ll let ya eat whipped cream and cherries off my tootsies until the Office gets old

♥ MR. MOS My love for you will never be washed out, Honey! Thanks for all you do and for always making me laugh.

♥ MR. SARK 4 years and we are just getting better. What’s our odds now? Lay that cash down because I’m betting we take it all the way. Love you sweets! Ms. Sark

♥ MR. TASTY-D Hello my love, Through the years we have had some adventures! The most fulfilling of which, has been coming to know you both inside and out. -BBD


♥ MRS D Instructions are as follows. Tequila, Lube and latex gloves. Happy Valentines day. That is all. Mr D

♥ MRS. B I love you more everyday. Can’t wait to break in the new kitchen, if ya know what I mean ;)

♥ MRS. SNUGGLES ALICAN Another year in Bliss!And literally our best thus far!Bub-Bub and I (H&S too!)Love you for all Eternity in Infinity! Here’s to the best lil mama ever!

♥ MRS. SPARKVICKAS It’s been forever, plus a few years. Thanks for enjoying all the good times, and tolerating the bad! I’d be lost without you. Love you many googles!

♥ MS. DOUTIBATUM Out of all the people, of all the times and all the places you are by far my favorite and the best person in my life. Adventure Buddies 4 Lyfe!!!!!!!

♥ MS. G Thank you for always being there for me. xoxo yr spouse

♥ MSF Still, with you. LINTSAW. And LYTTDID.

♥ MSR PIERRE, You’re the greatest dog in the world. I love you, I love you, Pierre. You’re the greatest dog in the world.

♥ MUD & STRAW I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have found you. I love our adventures and our quiet nights. I have dibs on you.

♥ MUDSLIDE 713 I have been unquestionably in love with you for the last six years. Haven’t seen you in three. You’re south, I’m North...but my love remains.

♥ MY BABY You are my everything. You have brought so much magic to my life. You are my donut in a donut. My lover. And you are so hot!!

♥ MY FAV You’re a dream come true. Thanks for all the love you give AND for being the best cat mom in the world! I love you! -AC Slater

♥ MY HUSBAND BILL I am the luckiest lady in the universe to have such a hot, loving, strong, brilliant and talented man by my side for the rest of our lives! I LOVE YOU

♥ MY KING ARTHUR I wished for you. I prayed to all the gods for you. I cast spells and they answered my call and brought you to me. I love you my husband. Love Ash

♥ MY LITTLE VIKING Your heart, humor, and butt are the best parts of my day. Im so glad I get to witness your awesomeness. Thank you for loving me -Your hero Artie

♥ MY OCEAN I love you! I am grateful for every moment with you. You are truly the love of my life. Your Moon

♥ MY OL’ SAMBO Rose’s are red Violets are blue Theres a lazy fat dog and cat waiting at home for you Oh yeah! I love you too! Xoxo your wifey

♥ MY ONLY TWO FRIENDS There are 4.20 million people in Oregon. There are 3 people with matching gold jackets. Thanks for being my friend. RIP FISH

♥ MY PERSON, Here’s to hoping you and Professor Nibbles will be my long distance Valentines! Spring will be ours, I love you.

♥ MY SEXY LEPRECHAUN 5’4” of gingery perfection; though I’m Marvel and you’re DC we still make a damn good team. See you in Neverland where us lost boys thrive. -Mista J

♥ MY SPICY EGG I promise to continue loving you from this day forward, for better, for worse, for scrambled, for fried, to season and to garnish...I love you!!!

♥ (N)EDWARD, I can’t believe we’re creeping up on ten years, my ride or die love of life, my magic man and key keeper to my heart. Here’s to forever, my love.

♥ NANCY I love you more than Parker...and that’s a lot!

♥ NATE I am so happy to have you as my Valentine! I am excited for our future and the many adventures we will have together. Love you, my Flamin’ Hot Cheeto!

♥ NATE I know you aren’t a fan of V-day, but you ARE a fan of reading the Mercury! Thank you for making everything better, always, just by being you. Love, A

♥ NATE I love you and your perfect head of man hair. I want have your smart, sarcastic, thick-thighed babies. Happy valentines, you sexy hunk. Love, Jo

♥ NATE My bb, my puzzle prince, my scissor sister for life, this last year with you has been a wild ride and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

♥ NATHAN might have been a love crime, but under that peach tree, I witnessed the deepest light of my life. to the wild, my love, I am forever moonstricken.

♥ NEIL THE REAL DEAL I can’t wait for my babbling Brooke to open into your Dead Sea & to start a sexual situation. I’m the bubbles to your hot tub. Bon bons!!

♥ NEMO I’m glad you chose me, loving me, and fill my days with joy. I love you son.

♥ NENE I love you with all my heart for always. I am so proud of you every single day.

♥ NERD I love you a lot. Thank you for being an amazing boyfriend and a trusted partner. Here’s to never being on “Snapped”. Love, Witch

♥ NESTA BESTA Ur the longest r-ship I’ve had and so worth it, 18 1/2 yrs is a testament to your love/endurance, thx, truly missing you from our 4ever changed hearts

♥ NEX IPSUM From garden peas & strawberries, peacocking my camp skills & hoping 4 True to Our Lil Bean & everything between- Our Best is yet to come, Believe it!

♥ NGILA Tightest Queen love of life fuckbeast warrior I’m so glad to have u to call my own. Sweet sounds of murder and 5am gigglefests forever! Love, Shannel

♥ NIBBLES !!! I was gone for three years of your prime, and that’s what I regret most. I wish your momma had come for you then, but I’m here for you now. ily always

♥ NICHHHHHOLE You are loved more than you know. Keep going on this journey of self love. You can do it and you will!

♥ NICHOLE I stopped counting after 16 years. Here we are again! You mean everything to me. Happy Valentine’s Day! Love you!

♥ NICHOLE If there were a more beautiful word than “cunt” I’d have the word for you, girl. Strong, saucy and gorgeous, my pussy power KWEEN. Pound it. Thx bb <3

♥ NICK G. roses are red & balls can be blue. but 1 things for sure & thats i love you. heres to a day full of Xs & Os now get into bed & take off your clothes.

♥ NICK Happy Valentines Day My Love! Thank you for being a loving husband and father.

♥ NICK It has been quite the year. I can’t thank you enough for sticking by me and supporting me through it all. You’re the best! Love, Colin

♥ NICK, Thanks for asking me to marry you the other day! I can’t wait to bang you when we are both old. Love, Marjorie

♥ NICKY I’m so glad we met. It sure will be nice to hold you while it’s raining fire. Then we can practice TM together to survive the mass extinction. Xoxoxo

♥ NICOLAS I wanna watch anime with you on the couch forever. You are my very best friend and I am eternally grateful for everyday I spend with you. I love you!

♥ NICOLE ROJAS You are the wind beneath my wings, the kerplunk to my dunk, the peanut to my butter. I love you to the moon and back my sweet twin galaxy!

♥ NIK I just wanted to tell you that you are the best! It has been an amazing 8 years together. I am proud to have you as my husband and father of our son.

♥ NIKITASHA BABE Wow! Our 6-1/2th Anniversary & still going strong! We’re an odd couple for sure. Maybe that’s our secret? Kiss ya soon in the deep dark woods! Yummmm!

♥ NINI J There’s no one I’d rather be a sewer rat with ! Xoxo Nini D

♥ NIWILE1779 Thanks for that hypothetical proposal years ago, who would have thought that stripper would say YES! Oh my, what you’ve gotten yourself into. Love u.

♥ NOEL AKA NTHMAN333 Hey boo, we’ve been through a ton of life in our 15+ years of lovin’-fightin’-fuckin’-livin’. A lot has changed but my love is unwavering. Jany333

♥ NOEL Whenever I think of you, my heart sings this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLeAot4Zrxo Love you!!

♥ NOELLY Iz luv U!!! You will always be my dorkus delecti. Xoxo little bear

♥ NOLAN Through it all, you are by my side. I love you!

♥ NUG, I love you. Happy 28th Valentine’s Day. Love, Nuggy in Bed. (Actually: Love, Nuggy in Bunk Bed, N.I.B.B.) x 28 + NUG4LIFE4ME!

♥ NUNUFACE, You were the highlight of 2018 and are on track to be top rated for a second year... I love your kindness, wit, and face! Keep it up! I mean it. xo N

♥ NYECK You make the best peacock spider this side of the jungle. Thanks for being you, through thick and thin. Xoxo, Melba

♥ OB LOBSTER TACO You have ruined tacos for me. None can compare. You’re THE taco. Massive juicy lip smacking perfection that pairs excellently with buttsex. Miss you.

♥ OCTOPUS Love is: Having someone who knows exactly what you mean when you yell, “BISCUIT!” Yours forever, Squid

♥ OG I love you more than I thought I ever would! I miss you everyday and I hope you will come back soon! All my love, Squints

♥ OLA You may be a terrible big spoon, but you’re the greatest Bestie I could ask for. I love you always. Sincerely, Susan

♥ OLIVIA We’re not together but we’re together and you keep me together. Sending love, now and always. -Juliene

♥ OLIVIA Words can’t describe how much I love you My arms will always wrap around you and never let go From our first kiss I knew I found my ‘home’ I love you

♥ OLLIE i love you more than anything. thank you for building such a good life for me & toby. i can’t believe we get to do this forever! love, your wife

♥ OLLIE ZUCCHINI! Happy Valentine’s day! You make every day special for me. I love you. Love, Trash Cat

♥ OLLIE! There was my life before you, and then my life after you arrived. You have made all the difference. Thank you for 20 years of joy and love!

♥ OOTSIE SCABOODLE Deer Toootsie Tush - ping pong paddles - buzzie things - and cheeze whiz Hiney licky lickies I couldnt think of anything Christian - Perquackie

♥ OPIE You’re still the Reddy Killowatt of my heart!

♥ OSCAR You make everyone who knows you happy, whether you want to or not. It’s kind of your curse. But it’s a good one, as curses go...

♥ OSCITO Our life is full of love, laughter, adventures, support. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Here is to many more years of growth and love together!

♥ OSITA, Feliz Dia de el Amor. Es un sueno estar contigo. Te Amo Mucho. I’m so blessed and thankful for you, Snuggle Bear.

♥ OSITO I’m blessed beyond comprehension with your love and kindness. You’re my best half. The dog and I love you so much. Thank you for warming my feet up!

♥ PABLO Everything with you is love. You are my love. Te amo

♥ PAMELA I treasure your firey sexual energy, strength, intelligence, and authenticity. You’re the hottest redhead of all time. Much love, dear friend! -Bonnie

♥ PANCAKE You complete my short-stack. Love, the Port Jeff Butcher

♥ PANZÓN, I thank the earth, sea the sky I thank too... I Lava You

♥ PAPA BEAR F*ck perfection! Together we’re climbing mountains n unpacking our baggage as we go. Thank u 4 ur patience understanding love and sexiness!! <3 Goldi

♥ PAPA CAKES, Happy valentines day, so excited to start this new adventure with you! You are our everything - xxoo C,T&P

♥ PAPA I love you... and your fine behind. Swiping right on you was the best drunken decision I’ve ever made. Thank you for loving me despite the crazy.

♥ PAPÍ E-WAY Happy Birthday! May anE-Way you take be blessed with the harmony you bring your scene, perfectly made for a day love is celebrated in manE-aWay...

♥ PAPI TALON For twenty years and counting, you are always and forever my Valentine. -Hijo Max

♥ PARSNIP My Booberry boo, I love you true. You steal my sweatpants and listen to my rants. Your ass is fine, the wine is mine. My heart, however, is yours.

♥ PARTYKAREN You complete me like bacon and eggs, toast and butter. Happy VDay 2019 Willy

♥ PAT Love u no matter what. Love ur chipmunk cheeks

♥ PATCHY PUPPY You will always be a good boi to me! Forever and always yours, Meow Meow

♥ PATRICIA You are wise, soulfully sweet, and sexy as hell, and I hope you know it. I love your beautiful heart, & I hope you find a woman who feels the same. ~C

♥ PATRICK (& PUA) I love u more than our dog Pua, u know this but plz don’t tell her. The way she moves her excited butt is how I feel when we kiss. Love u both! -MMM

♥ PATRICK I “aorta” tell you how much you make my heart skip beats when you’re near me~ You mean so much to me! Happy V-Day babe :)

♥ PATRICK My man, my sweet, my one and only Valentine! I love you. Happy Valentines Day from your Secret Sweets (aka Chlo)

♥ PATRICK thank u for always doing the dishes while i get stoned on the couch. and also for loving me and allowing me to be vulnerable with you. ily <3

♥ PATRICK, I love you so much it makes me want to puke. Sincerely, Morgan

♥ PATTY POOP I love you more than all of the trash on the streets of NYC. Forever and always. #teamo

♥ PATTYCAKES Roses are red, Dipbags are blue. I love your sweet heart, Your emotions too. xoxo, Tidbits

♥ PDXKEITH The last 10 Valentine’s Days with you have been a febreze. <3 pdxhannah

♥ PEACH! I thought this was a pretty good way to have you in Portland for 2 weeks without you quitting your job. I love you!

♥ PEEBS Happy Valentine’s Day, mi amor. I love you and your smelly butt. Love Cabecita and Frankie

♥ PEETS You are my happy place.I know things are hard, but as long as we stick together we wil get through it. I love you and can’t wait to marry you.

♥ PENELOPE You’re a cop and libertarian. You’ll never know love other than Gus’

♥ PENNY IRVIN No amount of damage or abuse done to us by the creekside can take away ANY of the love I have in my heart for you. I am truly yours forever.

♥ PERFECT Our days get better and our love is triggered daily cause you’re a mine. You’re so good even when you’re bad. Love you always my best friend.

♥ PERRY Roses are red and your cheeks are too I sure love smoochin’ them, and I sure love you.

♥ PERSIMMONS On this day for loving I will hold you in my heart, think of your sweet laughter and hope we never have to part. <3 Q P.S. I love you, Story-eyes.

♥ PETER I love you! Happy Valentine’s Day to my new special friend, 18 years later and forever.

♥ PETEY Thank you for being my valentine after all these years! You’ve been there for the ups and downs and everything in between. I love you!!!

♥ PETUNIAJONES I love you with all my heart and soul. Forever and ever. Sexiest, sweetest, babe in all the land.

♥ PHONEFAM My hotspot for your is boundless and wireless. I can’t think of five other people with whom I’d rather share a SimpleChoice North America 10GB plan.

♥ PIMA Been another year of MEAT, the search for the perfect Danish, stinky feet, trash bin car rides, crazy dogs, and a million laughs. Always my bff!

♥ PIRATE FREDDY Thank you for YOU. I will always think about u until I die. You are family. And you let me go when I said NO. Hope all is well I appreciate ur silence

♥ PIZZA MAN Thank you for letting me jump your leg in public when I was drunk. It meant the world to me.

♥ POISON IVY To my dreamy and gorgeous wife I love you Ivy-Rae! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! #bemine #sweetie #imyours #soismyd #forever

♥ POKEMON MASTER RYAN You are the best thing that has ever happened to the girls and I. How did we catch a rare, legendary Pokemon like you? I’ll Love You 4-eva Crystall

♥ PONCE I’m glad we saw each other clearly in the red neon lights over that awful veggie burger. Brand new and very old. Thanks for being lovely. Xoxo.

♥ POOL BOYS I fucking love you. Love, one of you.

♥ POOPER Roses are red, violets are blue you love making memes and hopefully me too??? Happy valentines to the cutest little Pooper in Portland!

♥ POOPSIE I’m so glad you and Farkle are back in my life. I love my Poopsie and my Farkle so much. I can’t wait to see what our future holds!

♥ POOPY PANTS You are literally being mean to me as I fill this out. Good thing you are so cute and I love you. Happy <3 Day Boo, Loves you to the moon and back <3

♥ POOTIE TOOT TOOT Same as 2 years ago. I hope to spend all my days catering to your every kitty need, including scooping your feces. You are my angel -halla(mom)

♥ POP POP CURLYTOP To Amazing Cheer & Happiness in our 22nd year together♥Now that I have 3 Italian boyfriends + one Luigi it shouldn’t be a problem having 22 more♥

♥ PORTLAND From the far East (coast), I long to be held in your loving embrace. Lush greenery enchants me; tell me it won’t be long until we can be together, xox

♥ PORTLAND We love your heart, so take care of it. And learn hands-only CPR to help get a rise out of someone else’s. Love, Portland Fire & Rescue

♥ POUL-ERIK My badger I love you forever and for always. When I want (OE) eggs and only eat the whites. And U told me my Annie’s Mac tasted like urine. I love U!

♥ POWCITAS Te amo muchísimo, no te olvides! Con cariño, tu esposo y piloto.

♥ PRESTON My love for you is bigger and stronger than the artistically designed steel slats Mr. Peachy dory wants to build.Te amo mi corazon<3 Atte.Tu Dreamer

♥ PRINCE Thanks for being the best, sweet, caring, hunk of Sicilian sausage that I love so much. Yours always, Bears

♥ PRINCESS BUTTERCUP I love being loved by you. There is nothing I want more, than to be your Wesley. You are my rock, my best friend and my love. AB

♥ PRISCILLA ILY BB caint wait to french ya!

♥ PRIYARANGA, The first Valentine’s card you ever sent me startled me. The music started with a scream, “I feel good!” It’s dizzying to think that was 2006? Love u!

♥ PROBLEMATIC COWORKER hands on keyboard touch burning pixels spark, ignite, what we cannot have

♥ PRUNIL If you wanted to... I’d let you call me Susan. Even though I fucking hate that name! I love you.

♥ PUP My beautiful boy, I love you forever, backwards and forwards in time. If you are ever lost, in any lifetime, know that I am looking for you. Love Papa

♥ PUP We’ve come such a long way since the last time we posted valentine’s to each other here. Know that I am yours forever and ever. Love you. <3 Baby Jo

♥ PUSSYBEAR Im vexing, i know. But w/out u, I’d be dead. I love you, and want u to know, when we fuck, u make an old dog feel like a young god again. 20 yrs more?

♥ PUTRICIA FLATUS My Queen, It may have been a tough year, but you make every day a vanilla latte fantasy. Let’s sparkle together forever. Love you! Virginia Dentata