♥ QUEENKEISHA It’s been a rough few months, but between snuggle hibernation, wake ‘n Zelda, Europe dreaming, and cooperatively aging, I think we got this. FnA, love

♥ QUEERLY You are my new love, continue spreading the love and we will be there with you, all the way, free hugs and kisses to all, all one needs to do is ask<3

♥ R. Thank you my love, for 7 beautifully lived years together so far, may we grow old enough to see our boobies swinging around like pendulums.

♥ RACH Peas and carrots always and forever...wow you’re great!

♥ RACHEL AND SIMONE Love you to the Moon and back. Happy Valentines Day!

♥ RACHEL Happy Valentine’s Day from Martin and Charlie. We both love you very much!

♥ RACHEL I have an extra ticket if you want to come? Love you always and forever boo boo. xxx-auggie

♥ RACHEL I love my Rachie My best friend and my sweetie She is very rad

♥ RACHEL You are the only person I want to ride this crazy train called ‘life’ with. Thank you for being the best, best friend. I love you. -Mike

♥ RACHIE Sister Valentine! Always remember that I am the cute one ;) just kidding, did you get me chocolate?!

♥ RALABALA To the hardest working kid I know. We love you more then those other parents we took you from ever could. No regrets about that either DVR forever!!!!

♥ RAMON Hey Love, we made it. Our first valentines. I couldn’t ask for anyone better. You absolutely complete me. I can’t wait to see what is to come , luv u

♥ RAMYA Lurves yew to Saturn’s rings and back again, infinity times!

♥ RANDY All the love in my heart to my grumpy man from his grumpier gal. Love, Kandi Jo

♥ RAVISHING ARDENT FOX Our ten year playdate has left me grateful, rapt, & blissful. Plans are subject to change, but not our sheets, nor my love for you.

♥ RAYCHON & LOGAN Keeping it real.

♥ RAYJAY Couldn’t be happier to have you in my life! TY for these weeks of being me live-in nurse, you know I’ll make it up to you ;) LOVE YOU 4EVER!!!

♥ RB Life without you would be like Elon Musk’s pit: Boring.

♥ REBE You’re my lovely lady of libros and lust. Looking forward to another shiny year of creativity and fun in and out of the bedroom. Besos mi diosa.

♥ REBECCA Happy Valentines Day number two! love, Buffy

♥ REBECCA I love you more than both the cats combined. You will always be my side pancake. I love you so much babycakes. Thanks for always being my snuggle bug

♥ REBECCA My Moon & Stars, I love you more than I can ever tell you & our future together only gets brighter. You are the reason for my sanity & worship you. TD

♥ RED TREE Love you so very much. Looking forward to being with you always!

♥ RHONDA MAY Help, help me Rhonda...please help me to understand how I have been so lucky to have you as my Valentine, wife and partner for over 36 years.Thank you

♥ RHYNO I love how you buy me a carnitas burrito w/o asking. I love your forts to help O hide from ghosts. I love that you push me to be better. I love you.

♥ RI RI I’m so glad you only let me run away once. You’re such a babe.

♥ RIANE Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m looking forward to us not going out and instead continuing our tradition of ordering a pizza and binging on Netflix / Hulu.

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♥ RICHARD (RICH) Thank you for being my Valentine’s this year n many years to come, you got the key to my heart, I love you Rich

♥ RICHARD BEAR Good morning, good night. You are a delight.I will tell you a joke later. I love you.

♥ RICKY You’re the spiciest. Your butt is a work of art. I also absolutely adore your crazy morning hair. Keep being my valentine.

♥ RICODULAX 15 years flew by, and I love you more than ever. My sweet darkness, my sexy consigularie, my silver tongued sweetheart. Love you forever. Riko Dulax.

♥ RIDAN I love and care for you so much even when you’re being a butt. Please love me even when I’m being a bigger butt.

♥ RILEY I love you lots. Happy Valentine’s Day for the fourth year in a row - let’s do this again next year. xoxo Love, Riley

♥ RION Ich liebe dich! Happy Valentine day! Kala

♥ ROB “Every one of us is, in the cosmic perspective, precious . . . In a hundred billion galaxies, you will not find another.” -Carl Sagan. Love you Boo!

♥ ROB Remember when we were trading swigs of Old Crow under the stars during my first visit to the Pacific Northwest? I’m so happy I’m forever yours now

♥ ROBERT My quiet Englishman when we met 17 years ago, what adventures we had from Naples,Italy to Portland, OR. I could find no better traveler and partner.

♥ ROBERT S. I remember waiting for you on our first date realizing that my life might change with a man in it. Thank you for making it a positive change! <3 U

♥ ROBERTXO Across an ocean and a continent, where the skies aren’t always blue here in Portland, I am confident of how much my heart and soul love you! <3 <3 <3

♥ ROBINQ Thank you for everything you’ve done for both of us. You really made a life last impact in our lives. We love you very much. Happy Valentine’s!

♥ ROCKS We’ve almost made it a year. If i could just figure out WHAT it is you need from me. One day feels like a tender lover then next like your BFF.

♥ ROCKY I love you my lil pih-chow. <3

♥ ROGER We met 39 years ago in the Galapagos... I remain in love with you forever! Keep the adventures coming! Terrapin Station in our future

♥ ROJO You’re my favorite little one-eyed dude. I’m sorry about the time I accidentally threw you across the room and into the philodendron. Walkies soon?

♥ ROLLEY♥ Your fam loves you more then possible, you are the greatest love of my life, you are unlike any other & always will be, see you in the stars forever<3

♥ ROLLYN 6 years, 6 apartments, 3 cats, 2 countries, 1 love (that’s you). Candy Hearts might be defunct, but I still choose you.

♥ ROMAN R is for roses, prickly but sweet. Oh for the gasp when I will see. My goodness! A delightful human being, Naturually pleasing.

♥ RON I started talking to you cause you’re smokin’ hot, but then I fell madly in love with you. Imagine that :) Love you to pieces <3 -That blonde chick

♥ RON Ten. Years. Of. This! Thank you for the Canyon trips, bed cuddles, Family Guy reruns and being a good dad to Sammy and Cartman. I love you, sexy man!

♥ ROO This is going to be a big year and I can’t wait to share the adventure with you. Thanks for being my Valentine for life. Love, Bean

♥ ROPECHICKENPDX I love you with all of my heart. Thank you for the huge adventures of 2018 and for loving me.

♥ RORO I love you, I love you, that’s all i know; baby, take a chance with me. -- you’re the chance i’ll always take. love you always, Sarhy and Z

♥ ROSANNE I’m so happy to have you as my partner in adventure. Not an hour goes by that I don’t think about how much I love you and I’m so happy to be with you!

♥ ROSEMARIE Happy Valentines Day!!

♥ ROSS I remember kissing your lips like it was the last time we were going to ever see each other. I am glad it was not the case. Happy Valentine’s Day!

♥ ROSS My Love Lines Baby! You’re the best event this weekly ever made me aware of!

♥ ROSS Rossy Ross. You giant lover. I love you forever. You make me happy. I love your feet and your head and all the other parts of you. xoxo ‘QODC’

♥ ROSS The brief time we spent together, and now in our separation, have I only discovered just how great my love for you has failed to fade.

♥ ROSS You are my best friend, my husband and my valentine! Happy Anniversary, I love you and Biscuit with all of my heart. Forever yours, Fluffy Bunny.

♥ RUBEN Our family is strong. We work hard everyday in construction, you put up with my non sense- I give you a massage every day- but I love you. Kombucho.

♥ RUBY, I wanna romp and cuddle with you forever! Love, Prince

♥ RUDYMYLOVELOVEYLOVE Will you more-than-marry me many times over? Have magical adventures doused in Celestial light, hearts open, lovefull with whimsy? I do. I will. Love

♥ RUNA Your lips are red, my veins are blue. I get so happy, When I think of you. Runa will you be my valentine, may day buddy and co-conspirator?

♥ RV’ING GILF If the RV is a rockin...it must be due to high winds, lol. We had some fun adventures in 2018. I look forward to big adventures in 2019. Love PopPop

♥ RY FINE, I believe in destiny. What other explanation is there??? You are my North Star and my home. I can’t wait to sign a forever friendship contract!

♥ RYAN Any adventure with you is an adventure I want to go on. Thanks for wandering tree lined streets with me and going along with my leaky logic.

♥ RYAN I hope you know how incredibly special you are and how lucky I feel to have met you. I can’t wait to shred the gnar gnar of life with you, my love.

♥ RYAN You’re high, wide and handsome and that suits me to a tee. To call you my fiancé brings me such glee. I love you forever and you’re the bees knees.

♥ RYAN You’re super cute and I like you a lot. Like, a LOT a lot. Love, Rachel

♥ S.S robot love would’ve been simpler, user manuals & warranties... gears have stumbled, circuits are breaking, but you still have all the parts i need...

♥ SABWEENIE WEENIE Hey boopie. I hope you read this and go ‘Wow, he did it again.” that would be amazing. Also, you are sexy and fun and I love living my life with you.

♥ SADIE lovin the big adventure

♥ SAILOR How long shall we keep up this nonsense? Always, Lula

♥ SAM Across any time, space or universe, I love you. You were already my soulmate long before I believed in them. Thinking of you. Loving you. Now. Always.

♥ SAM My three favorite things about you are that you can juggle, you’re good at guessing, and you’re really good at catching food in your mouth. Love Marie

♥ SAMANTHA CUTIEPIE Dear Love of my life, We got big plans hunnie. Thanks for keeping me on cloud nine :) I love you 5ever <4 Forever and always yours, Quinn xoxoxoxo

♥ SAMIRA I love you more and more every second we are together. A life without you is no life at all. I am thankful to spend another Valentines day with you.

♥ SAMM AT GRENDELS Everytime I see you I get so happy that my skeleton wants to leap out of my skin and dance around. Thanks for being such a lovely and unusual human!

♥ SAMMY Thank you for all of the snacks, flowers, midnight grocery store runs, and eggs in the mornings over the last 2 yrs. happy anniversary, I love you.

♥ SANA BANANA Thanks for being my ever-loving girl and favorite Dorkus Delecti in the whole wide world! Luvz youuu!!!

♥ SANCTUARY CLUB Thank you Brad & Tammy & Holley & Lorenzo ~ of all the sanctuaries in Portland, yours is the most fun ~ your intersectional hospitality is infamous!

♥ SANS SOLEIL, Here’s to experimental French films, erotic thrillers with Lucha libre masks, and lovely you. Happy Valentine’s with the heat of a young James Spader.

♥ SARA I am trying my best to be the best me for you!

♥ SARA I love you so much! You’re a cutie!

♥ SARA I love you to the moon & back. I can’t imagine my life without you & all the laughs and silliness we share every day. Love, Aiden, Oliver & Meatball.

♥ SARA You illuminate my heart & pump life into my veins. If I get 10 lifetimes, I will love you in all of them. Yours until the trash world ends, Brandon

♥ SARAH DESTINY Almost 5 years of marriage and you’re still the sexiest woman I know. You’re better than 2 dozen roses from Safeway or Fred Meyer for that matter Xoxo

♥ SARAH I love you so much. I am so incredibly grateful to have you in my life. You make me so proud each and every day. Happy Valentine’s Day best friend!

♥ SARAH MY SWEET LOVE These words will never truly express how much I love you. Pooky for over 30 years you’ve been in my heart, & you will be in it until the end of time.

♥ SARAH My sweetie! You’re amazing. I’m still over the moon (and Mars, and Jupiter, and other celestial objects) to be married to you. I love you, Darling!

♥ SARAH To my BTGG: You are the sweetest, palest Irish princess ever. I love you so much! If you were a dessert, you would be a cinnamon wheel. Love, your boo

♥ SARAH You’re the best. Love you the most. <3

♥ SARAHOTBABE Our little chickens. Will soon flee the nest. They’ll be fine. Cause you’re the best. We’ll have fun. Just you and me. Don’t worry. .

♥ SARE you are always, forever, completely in my heart. and it would be so pretty to have more. ily, aaf. -brussels sprouts man

♥ SAROJ your the best life partner.i will always get happy.

♥ SARSAR10 I love you to infinity and bouillon! -JJW

♥ SASCHIE BABY, I adore your sweet, squinty smile and your perfectly round booty. I love celebrating YOU and our love.

♥ SATURN Thank you for eclipsing my sun. I love you more than all the tacos, chocolate, and glitter this reality can handle. Forever Your Slave, Pudding

♥ SAUL After thirty-four valentine days, I’m still madly in love with you.

♥ SAVANNA Thanks for the past 5 years, you rule. I love you. Happy Valentines Day,

♥ SAVANNAHBANANA Valentine, when you’re around My heart feels warm and happy. I want to say ‘I love you,” Without sounding way too sappy! Love Mom

♥ SCARLET HORSE Yep your Mama and Papa Bear are crazy, crazy in love with you.! You will always be welcomed & loved unconditionally, you mean the world to us both.!

♥ SCHMOOPSIE You are the love of my life and I couldn’t do this without you. Thank you for being the perfect partner and keeping our crazy zoo going.


♥ SCOTT I did, I do and I always will. YLFL

♥ SCOTT I’m sorry for leaving you at the highschool dance with another guy... but I hope that marrying you makes up for it.

♥ SCOTT Its 1:15, and I’m alone...the happiest I’ve ever been. Your absence is building our future out back. How i adore you breaking sweat for me. Love u!)

♥ SCOTT To my science-loving, spiral dynamics-studying, peace-loving, non-vegan-identifying vegan, cis husband: I love you. (Thnx 4 being u, us, w/ me, us.)

♥ SCOTT Today I dubb you my “Nook”. The only corner I want to be in. Love you to the boonies and back. You are the tallest glass of water.

♥ SCREEDLER I love you so frinkin’ much you’re the kewlest dude and I wanna be with you forever and ever!!! Cheers to you my cosmic twin!

♥ SEAN B AKA BABALOUIE Words couldnt possibly describe how I feel about U. I <3 u dearly, then sometimes I wanna beat u senseless with a broom! I try 2 refrain from that :-)

♥ SEAN Happy Valentine’s Day to the raddest dad. Thanks for making everyday of motherhood so sweet. CPT and I (and Willa) love you very much! Yeeeuuw!

♥ SEANLET Meeting you has changed everything and it’s better than I ever imagined. Love you so much.

♥ SEBASTIANE Rebel girl you are the queen of my world. We’ve been together for years (our whole lives?). Let’s not change a dang thing.

♥ SELF, You are so sweet, kind, and tender hearted. You’re doing a great job. Keep going. I love you. -Self

♥ SESSY Every pain I’ve felt in life has been worth it’s weight in gold because it led me to you and our little baby boy I wouldn’t change a thing. -BHBL

♥ SETALI Drunken break-in attempts, cuddles on the bathroom floor, long days in bed, constant aligned thinking. I’ll miss you more than you’ll ever know

♥ SEXY Almost 3 yrs of you driving me crazy but I love you and you’re the only one for me. Be my Valentine. Love your stinky butt Bobeanie

♥ SEXYPANTS CHIPOTLE you are still and always will be my favorite valentine - i love you all the oodles of noodles xoxoxoxo

♥ SHANE I’ve enjoyed getting to know you! I knew you were really special the first moment we met at Zell’s. Cheers to getting to know each other even more. -C

♥ SHANE Two tattoos, every song, sunset and poem remind me you are my reason. I know I’m yours. I married you because I want to live life with you next to me.

♥ SHANNEL You’re still the only one I want to be with 24/7. Forever your big spoon, big titty big titty nights, wifelife.. I love you xoxo

♥ SHANNY Mi amor, here’s to year one of marriage & a life of continued adventure. No stopping what we can accomplish, together. So much better. #allofthethings

♥ SHANTASTIC! Sexy, limo-driving, Topo-loving, sunflower-hearted, time-trapped, wacky woman of wow, aren’t you something! Every second of every minute, I love you.

♥ SHAUNA Let the music take your mind, just release and you will find. You’re gonna fly away, glad you’re goin my way. I love it when we’re cruising together.

♥ SHAUNA What a happy new year indeed. Whether we’re just eating eggs, listening to music, or capturing “Shellies” I love it when we’re cruising together.

♥ SHUB SHUB You’re the best bub in the whole, wide wub and I lub so very mub!!!

♥ SIRHC You slay every time. I just want to be your pretty woman

♥ SISTERS OF THE ROAD Roses are red Our customers are blue Sisters of the Road We all truly love you.

♥ SLURMY SLURMY SLURMY Oh, how much I yearn For m’lady, Slurm. I looked in your eye, The romance was nigh: Unf, a pleasure squirm.

♥ #SLUTSTAR CHERYL “I don’t know what kind of a t I am!” Now everyone knows!!!

♥ SLUTTY LIL PUMPKIN You’re my favorite stashcicled face to make out with, the most heroic burrito delivery man, and the best bed maker. I love the fork out of you!

♥ SMITCH I LOVE YOU. I am so lucky to wake up every morning next to you- and to eat all of the fermented food/drink you prepare. You are perfect for me. U__U

♥ SMOORE You’re my favorite mallow.

♥ SMUSHY I larb you. You are the butter on my bread. The beer in my mug, the frozen toes underneath the covers and the warmth in my life.

♥ SNEAKS You are so much more than a guy I met almost 2 years ago. You are my lovely yam, sloth, anaconda, beached whale, turtle collapsed building.. I love u

♥ SNIFFY If you hadn’t taught me how to kiss, I don’t know where I’d be. Love you infinity times a thousand.

♥ SNYGGING I’d pick you over nutella. Maybe not every day, but most days. Happy Valentine’s Day from your Dr. Sötnos.

♥ SOIBOI My dirty vegan man,I wish I could measure how much I appreciate you in grams.You sweet,one-of-a-kind whacko.I adore you.Thank you for all you do.

♥ SOON TO BE MX. PINE You’re my best friend. I can’t wait to marry you this year. I still hate you though.

♥ SOPHIE! You’re still exactly what I want. Would you please (always) be my girlfriend?

♥ SOREN You’ve got it, mister. XOXO -T

♥ SPANKOJONES You are my one, you make life brighter. I love you so much.

♥ SPARKLE PRINCESS happy valentines day my darling wife, with all my love and the kitties too, big p.

♥ SPARKLE PRINCESS You are the best cat mom ever! Love from Ellie, Bunn-Bunn, and everyone who knows you.

♥ SPECIAL K. Got y’a lingerie & a toy. Both wuz embarrassing as hell; worth it to remind ya I still find ya insanely f%#&ing sexy. Home is favorite; so is ur ass.

♥ SPENCER You’re not in Portland and won’t see this but if the kind people at PM select this I’ll send you a picture of it. I love you and miss you! HVD!

♥ SPENSER I like stuff. I love you forever just the way I am. Thanks for keeping us safe and warm. Also, God called, and your hundred dollar bill is garbage.

♥ SPESH, Even though I write naughty messages on checks in the memo space, and I know it embarrasses you terribly, will you be my Valentine today, and always?

♥ SPILL You’re a real dream, y’know? I sure do enjoy you. (Just let me.)

♥ SPIZ Totally cool that your hair is blue I totally drool when I think about you Totally neat totally sweet Totally knocked me off my feet love you

♥ SPONSOR LYNN!! You are the greatest thing to happen to me in a super long time. Thanks so much for everything that you do! You are the wind beneath my wings!! XO S

♥ SPROUT Your new life is just beginning. Here’s to the future of fucking cool dudes who feed you pizza in bed.

♥ SQU A Haiku for sQu: Funny Funny Bone Laughing takes Depresh away Let’s get tickets now

♥ SQUIRREL-FRIEND I <3 you like traffic and overpriced land / potholes, the arts tax & loud pirate bands / I <3 u like stores devoted to pot / I <3 u like PDX, so a lot

♥ SR I couldn’t ask for a better lover or friend. I love you muchly! -JR

♥ SSLIAHMARIE Special people are very few; Who is special? That would be you. My Valentine’s Day would be so fine, If you would be my Valentine. Love Mom

♥ STEPH, LUCIE, & CLEO Happy V Day!! I love everything about you all and even love you more than Spiderman. Love, Scott

♥ STEPHANIE It is unfortunate you wholeheartedly fall in love with assholes. It is ok to play solo for a bit; you throw down hard on that loving too. Walk it off!

♥ STEPHEN I miss your rotten teeth, your raspy voice, and your smokers cough. Like nicotine, my body misses you ever since I quit you.

♥ STEVE Valentine’s Day No. 9: I’m overcome by our love, how it’s changed and grown in ways we never imagined. I said yes then; I say yes now. Be mine, still?

♥ STEVEN (✿◠‿◠) (◠‿◠✿) Kimberly

♥ STEVEN I FUCKING LOVE YOU!!! Happy Valentines Day. You do it for me - what else can I say. You are strong, sexy and a great Dad. I am so lucky you are mine.

♥ STEVIE I love how you Work It In! Your girl misses you! Be w me. Will wait for the ink on your divorce papers to dry before breaking into happy dance! Luvu

♥ STEVIE RAEKWON Why do my couch smell funny? Ain’t see you round. You w that bad weave b? Bet! LaFawnduh

♥ STIN Thanks for letting me be a tiny potato. Lerf roo. P.S. you are cool and I like that.

♥ STUBERT PANTS I love you more than anything boop. I’m so excited for this next step in our lives. Thank you always looking at my butthole when I need it. You da mvp

♥ STUDESAURUS REX You inspire me daily to be a better for myself and for you. For the family that we are and are growing into. Your laughter fills my heart. I.T.A.L.Y

♥ STUPID GOOSE If I’m going to die suffocating on someone’s night farts, I’m glad it’s on yours. I wouldn’t choose anyone else.

♥ SUGAR BUSH You are my heart and I love thee so. Bambi says ditto.

♥ SUGAR DUMPLIN’, Your every detail, how I adore. Now more than ever before. I’m honored to be by your side. This is only the beginning, let’s enjoy the ride. Nutmeg.

♥ SUGAR RAE After nearly 20 years I just hope I stay healthy enough for another 20. I hope our Lily is home with the three of us tonight.

♥ SUGARMAMA You are as sweet as the goodies hidden in your purse. If I were 40 years younger I’d be ALL tangled up in your hair, trying to get your attention...

♥ SULLY BEAN Thanks for all the cuddles, bud. Dog kingdom loves you.

♥ SUNFLOWER FRIEND I don’t say “I love you” as often as you do, but every star-cut veggie in the meals I make are mini versions of what you want to hear, big ears.

♥ SUNNY Thank you for all that you’ve done for me. You’re boy got jaded for a minute. I’ll be true to you for as long as you’ll let me. You’re the fuckin best

♥ SUNNY This is our first Valentine’s Day as wife and husband! I’m glad we don’t have to plan a wedding anymore. I love you more every day - you’re the best!

♥ SUNSHINE Your rays overwhelmed me with hope, but proved to be false. I’m left out here in the cold and you’ve gone away. It was both pain and joy,take care - E

♥ SUPERCOOLGOTHCHICK I’m still thinking of that great VNV Nation night, you are super cute and a great dancer, wanna hit up Nitzer Ebb at the Wonder Ball for a hot part 2?

♥ SUPERMAN I love your steady heartbeat and your tasty meats. Thanks always for being my engineer, trivia partner, dickly gym buddy, stickybutt, love. <3 Kitten

♥ SUSAN SWEETY PIE I feel so lucky, I pinch myself, when I think how perfectly we share life together with kindness and love as powerful as the beauty all around us. A

♥ SUZ I know you have BFF’s and I have BFF’s but can we please start acknowledging that we are also BFF’s? I love and respect you greatly! Your BFF, Katy

♥ SUZY PIE♥ Missing you like crazy, wish we had more time4Love, we feel you everywhere, thx for visit, can’t take u 4 granted, 9-9 4ever in my heart<3 -Valerie♥

♥ SWEEEEETS! I love you so much, sneaks!

♥ SWEET BB JOEL Thanks for being perfect and holding all my secrets xoxoxo Teets

♥ SWEET CORN queercutie, with romance in your palm, i’m forever changed + grateful for experiencing your love. may all your dreamz come true. -cheezburger

♥ SWEET D, DV+VD Always and Forever XOXO

♥ SWEET DREAM LADY I want my hand around your throat. <3

♥ SWEET LIL’ PEA I’m so glad glad to have you in my life and share a pod with you. Here is to many more adventures and love. Adore you! Da Big Pea

♥ SWEET PANDA BEAR Who blarted? Just kidding. I like being old together. Let’s do much more together. - This Panda

♥ “SWEET POTATO” ZACH To my lovely husband, thank you for being so loving and everything I could ever ask for. I love you to the moon and back. Forever and always!

♥ SWEET SUMMA Roses R red, posies R white. Our comfy new bed, helps us get thru the nite. Look 4ward to rockin it when we turn out the lite. Thx 4 all U do, I <3 U!

♥ SWEET WIFEY XANDY 7 years later and we’re still super fucking gross in love. Let’s keep making hot porno and cuddling with dogs n kitties 4ever. <3 your LazyDaisy

♥ SWEET YOUNG WOMAN Unconditionally Now Always Forever

♥ SWEETE MAN OF MINE Although I know you’re bored with me today I wish to say, I still love you anyway and to have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

♥ SWEETIE You are the Sweetiest Sweetie in the whole wide World. I love you. Always.

♥ SWEETPEA Here’s to a quarter century with your MonkeyMan. Let’s do 25 more! To world domination and beyond! XXXOOO

♥ SWEETS & BEETS I love you endlessly, duh!

♥ SWEETS #sweetsinthedesert! 2018 was an intense one for sure. wouldn’t have made it without my azizam joon cat. me and the boys love you so much!

♥ SWEETS MAGEE You’re my favorite Herzog-quoting, moto-riding poet, and I’m so lucky that life and love brought us back together for chapter two. I love you!

♥ SWEETS, Love you! Love, B and your sweetie.

♥ SWEETY LADDHA Dear Dhaval Thank you for coming in my life & making it a fairytale. Love you sweetheart Happy Valentine day!

♥ SWTSWT My Caribbean Queen, intrepid Souse-of-Frahnce Explorer, double Bébé-Mama, Seven Minute Partner: Happy V-day with all my love. --Fahty

♥ SYLVIA I more than like you. You make me want to sing NKOTB songs to you in my underwear.

♥ T cat drawings and dog walks forever please. <3 <3 <3 A

♥ T TO THE O DOUBLE D A year filled with change. Life is sweet and sour and I am glad to be on this journey with you. We made a Ninnamamy that loves Yo Gabba Gabba - love u

♥ T-TATO Though I always say you are a russet, deep down I truly believe you are a yukon gold. Love you (Your sweet potato)

♥ TAINTY TAYLOR Since you’ve left there have been many holes that long to be filled. Though you’re many throws away, we anxiously await the return of Bone Tomahawk.

♥ TALLEST PAUL Let’s dance and touch butts and draw unicorns and stuff. I’ll bring the records you bring the swagger. xoxo, pookie cupcake

♥ TAMARA T - you’re one of if not the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen.You have the most perfect smile. FUCK Ivan be MY valentine

♥ TAMIYAH Who loves ya, baby? -Mama

♥ TANNA BANANA After all these years, I Never get Tired of Filling Your Tank up with My Love. I Know how Nurvous You get about Your Tank being Empty... XOXO


♥ TARA I’m so exited to be spending another Valentine’s Day with you. I hope you enjoy our matching meundies and socks! I love you with all my little heart

♥ TARYN L.M.G. ASU, adventures, Oregon, our baby, all of it. I love our story and I love you; till the end.

♥ TAYLOR I love you more every day! You’re my BFF, favorite person ever and love of my life. Thank you for being my everything. Excited to grow old with you <3

♥ TEAM BAERLIC, Thanks for putting so much love into your work. All you baers rock! Louder, More Punk Rock!

♥ TEEBIES, You are the love of my life, my truest love, my sweetest sweet, my mfeo husb. Can’t believe it’s been over 15 yrs, what! Will u be my Valentine? tlf M

♥ TEO To my Q*Bert companion and potato champion My beer guzzler and puzzle crusher Honey, don’t cha know? I love ya more than Trader Joe.

♥ TERRENCE Hunky! I love so much! I am so incredibly grateful to be your wife. You are an incredible man and my best friend. I couldn’t be happier. See you soon

♥ THE BREW HAPPY SHOW Hoppy Valentines, my beery buds. They said LOVE is the key to happiness, they lie: it’s BEER. My glass is always half full when I tune in. Cheers!

♥ THE SULTAN, I’ve liked you so much since I’ve known you. I think it first clicked in when I noticed your laser eyes. Thank le gods for that eternal gift. R&DS4eva

♥ THOMAS You are the most loving man I have ever met. I need you every day and I couldn’t imagine this life without you. Thank You for loving me every day.

♥ THOSICLE We made it through the move and will have nugget #2 soon! I am not worried as we can get through anything! I love all of you and your asbestos brain!

♥ THUNDER I’m so thankful that we have crafted our lives together. After 20 years you still make my heart rumble. Love you! -Lightning

♥ TIBO, Je t’aime! - O P.S. Valentine’s Day is bullshit.

♥ TIFFANY Violets are purple, roses are your fav If you ask it, I’ll be your sex slave

♥ TIM I can’t wait to watch my sweet, sexy man become a father. I love and appreciate you, always. <3

♥ TIMOTHY DEAM You’re my guy...Foreve’s

♥ TIMOTHY I will always be here. Together; with love, understanding, and imagination we will conquer all obstacles and live our best life. I love you! SC

♥ TINGLE BEAR I’m not sure how you’ve put up with me for so long but I sure am glad. I love you and think you are sexy as hell. Now go put on those briefs!

♥ TINKEROO I love you so much tater tot, you’re the love of my life! I know when things get hard we always work it out literally, and in bed <3 Reooowwwww!

♥ TINY BEAN Suspended and unremarkable, flavor like perfume, entirely vanilla, loved by someone who steals poems from yogurt packaging. Miss you kiss you 123 bye

♥ TITA Roses are red, violets are blue. If you’re reading this just know that Juju loves you. Te Amo

♥ TITTYPANTS Thank u for creating half our sweet little poopyboy You 2 made me finally realize what really matters Luv U! Now let’s start up the hump factory again

♥ TODD Know what’s funny? Eatin poop. Know what’s ROMANTIC and SEXY? You. I love you I love you I love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much baby

♥ TOKYO TOWER You’re amazing and I like you a lot. Happy Valentines Day! From, E

♥ TOM To my husband and very special Valentine who brings love and laughter to me everyday. Thanks for being the best. All my love - Kevin.

♥ TONYA You are the glue that holds us together.

♥ TONYA you’re the best

♥ TOOKIE The first time I saw you I knew that I wanted to be your best friend. The spark that I felt for you that night grows every day. Happy Luv Day Sugar T

♥ TOONIE Happy Valentine’s Day to my terrific daughter! You are the sweetest sugar in my life and you have made me smile since the day you were born. Love, Mom

♥ TOOTS You are mostly good, except when you misspell my name after 9 years of dating. Also, I hate when you pee on the floor. You are, otherwise, my favorite

♥ TOOTS! Where you from? You sexy thang! You’re the best thing on earth and I fucking love you!!!!!!

♥ TRACY After 25 years, you still make my heart flutter whenever I see, hear or feel you! Here’s to tripling those years! - Love Tracei

♥ TRACY LYNN You are my cutie girl and you got me loving you. You are my sweetest queen and sicko girl and you smell of Fritos and your breath is (still) atrocious

♥ TRAV I love you more than you can imagine, I’m so glad to spend this life with you Love always, Madi

♥ TRAVIE You’re the worst boyfriend I’ve ever had, but I miss that sweet D. Can we fix things? Make an effort for once, please.

♥ TREV BUTT This will be our tenth year together, we are birds of a feather.the no fear......the love will stay....just not the beer. Lover Pie

♥ TREV You are everything. I love you!

♥ TREY Yoda one for me!

♥ TRIXIE Wanna meet me in the storage room? Wear something sexy. Love you!

♥ TROY I’m proud of us. We are good people who know how to love. I’m so lucky to have you as my person. Happy Valentine’s Day Baby! Love, Mary Jo

♥ TT I love you to the moon & back. Happy Valentine’s Day & 20th wedding anniversary - so thankful to share my life with you

♥ TUNA BREATH You are my sunshine, Charly! I’d be jealous if you weren’t mine.

♥ TURT So many new layers of love and appreicaion are unfolding as we grow together. Nacho & I are a couple of lucky duckies to have you by our sides. Muah!

♥ TY-GER, Lots of love to you and all the good dogs out there. Xo

♥ TYLER I’m glad you slapped my ass at the house party and that we didn’t stay just friends. It seems like so long ago now. Love you more than ever. Sweet Pea

♥ UNA You’re a gem.

♥ UNICHRIS I couldn’t ask for a more slutty, kind, funny, slutty, genuine, adoring, caring, slutty, handsome, creative,assuring partner. Did I mention slutty?

♥ UNIQUE I can’t believe we took the leap and moved to Portland. I’m so thankful to have you by my side as we paint this town red. I love you so much. - Jae

♥ URIAH You’re the fuel to my fire. Happy Valentines Day. I love you.

♥ VICTORIA The most wonderful, beautiful person I have ever met. I hope you’re happy and having a lovely day.

♥ VIKING TITS 2 kids, 3 jobs, we can do it all my love. There is no limit. I couldn’t get through this life without you. Wouldn’t have it any other way. BABABOO!!!

♥ VIOLETA My dearest Caroline. Mary, Laura, Carrie and I love you deeply. You complete our little house in Walnut Grove. Always and forever yours, Charles

♥ VIRN-BABY-BAY-BAY! Our 2nd Valentines Day! I still have a CRUSH on you! Just ask YUNA! YEP! I look forward to more adventures w/you. Be mine! Love yo man- A-2-DA-J!

♥ VIVE If you find yourself alone in a dark place and blood drips from everywhere; don’t be scared-you’re just in my heart!!! Ill love you eternally aXXxoOos

♥ VOCAB NERD How do you spell pamphlet my dear? Oh nevermind mind I got it. Happy valentines nerd. Thanks for being the dictctonay to my frying pan.

♥ W You’re the best second best friend a girl could ask for! Miluji tě!

♥ WESTLEY How about I let you win at strip Scrabble? I’d live in a shoebox with you.

♥ WHISKEY WINCHESTER Almost 23 years together & together longer than we’ve been apart... I wouldn’t have it any other way. All we need is love! <3 JeeJee

♥ WHISPER STACHE Last year you were my boyfriend, now you’re my fiancé. I’ll love you forever, boom shikka nae nae.

♥ WHIT Happy first and only V day as fiancées! Let’s go on an adventure...Forever yours, Lizzie xo

♥ WHITNEY I had to settle for a thicc brunette with huge tits who could suck, fuck and cum a lot. Bitch, ya still got me fucked up! I still love ya, Poods!xoxox

♥ WHOLESOME YOCO BOI This year has been the best year of my life, because I met you. Here’s to many more V-Days to come. Love you all the way from PDX to BWI. XOXO

♥ WILDCARD, You are the foam on my beer, the yeast in my fermentation, and the bullseye to my axe throwing. Can’t wait to retire! Love you forever, Merry Teaberry

♥ WILL Thank you for switching shoes when my Birkenstocks gave me blisters, and making all the breakfasts. I can’t wait to marry you!

♥ WILLY WOO WOO My cheesy fool, I can barely muenster the confidence to tell you how gouda you are. Don’t string me along, let’s go live in our cottage of cheese.

♥ WOLF I fuckd it up: big titty big titty wife! Sry. I love you. xoxo Bear

♥ WOLFGANG Roses are red, yet seldomly said, they elongate and grow for brightness of hope. Our chemistry is fluorescence sans antidepressants, corrected myope.

♥ WOOFTANG Momma ain’t raise no ho

♥ WORMY i feel butterflies when i look at you, roses when i touch you, and calmer when i’m with you. xoxo i love you

♥ WORWS You’re the best band all of Portland. I love you

♥ WSTEVEN --- all the BEST to all at the Portland Mercury from your friend AND reader in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada--Terry G ---

♥ YEN Always a love note to you, here, every year. I like picturing your smile when you find it. Because it is the little things...right ;)

♥ YESSE You’re my best friend. Love you forever <3

♥ YOU You are made of bazillion cells learning to connect and disconnect in an endless loop. Choose love. Be love, even in anger, fear, or sorrow. Be loved.

♥ YOUNES You’re truly something else. To spend each day with you is a privilege that I don’t deserve but will gladly take. I love you forever and wherever

♥ YOUR STOVE IS STUPID I love you so. It is you.There is no one I would rather be with. You are my best friend, partner, and beautiful. Together we are amazing! B4L

♥ Z You are the ketchup to my mustard, the curds to my whey. I Love you more everyday! You complete my sandwiches. Happy V-Day! -S

♥ ZACH Bounce that bubble butt this way, please. Love you, sweet cheeks! xx

♥ ZACH You’re still hot as hell after 7 years. Aging like a fine wine. You’ve made my life so rich and full. Still can’t believe I’m yours. -Andy

♥ ZACK & KYLE Zack&Kyle I haven’t worked with you in a while I miss you boobookityfucks’. nice shoes wanna fuck?

♥ ZANE LG I LOVE YOU &ONLY WISH U 2B ABLE 2 MAKE U SMILE ALWAYS!! WhetherUknow it’s ME or assume another?I’ll know that it was I who made U smile1stTODAY<3 2/14

♥ ZEKE Happy Valentine’s Day to my favorite person in the whole world. I love you more than a Javy Baez tag or stolen base.

♥ ZISSEH You melt my heart, inspire my dreams, and make it all worthwhile. Thank you for being you.

♥ ZOEY Thank you for being in my life. You make each day more significant just by being you and sharing yourself and your thoughts with me. Thank you! XOXO

♥ ZOWZOW I love seeing your cute face when I wake up in the morning. Here’s to more snuggles, adventures & sunsets. Love Zowie

♥ ZZ, When you say, “I love you Mom,” I know that you are saying I love you and sometimes, “fuck you”...I smile, regardless. I adore you and love you. - Mom