I Love Weed! :) But I Hate Stoner Culture :(

How Other People Have Ruined My Favorite Pastime


I know it's your weed issue, and this is an edgy way to nibble at some of the fingers on the hand that feeds you, but even the examples of "geekdom" you use show what a dumb argument this piece is making. Star Wars and Jimi Hendrix? How about, "I love movies, but I hate rabid movie fanboys." Or, "I love music, but that crazy, loud guitar stuff is awful." Next time, try a new trope, and put the, "I'm a true connoisseur of X, but I hate those dumb people who also like X, but are doing it wrong," back on the shelf.
This is why I smoke responsibly and if I get a hater I tell them to fuck off, because someone needs to.