Empire has a stream of the entire score for the first Hobbit movie:

Howard Shore is the composer here, building on his own work from The Lord Of The Rings trilogy. You'll hear very specific echoes of elements from that work throughout the whole album, giving this a clear link to our first adventures in Middle-earth, but there are new themes here for the new characters too.

Listen here, if you're so inclined; I'm going to hold off until I see the movie. I did ask Mercury Calendar Editor/movie score nerd Bobby Roberts what he thought of it, though, and he told me "It sounds like Lord of the Rings." Thanks, Bobby.

RELATED: Peter Jackson will earn 1,000,000 brownie points with me if he scraps his current plans for the end credits song and plays this instead. Good day.

P.S. Are brownie points even still a thing? I am not 100 percent sure what they are. They seem like something hobbits would like. I don't know.