It's a good thing—for Warner Bros.' marketing people, at least—that The Hobbit 2: Bilbo's Boogaloo is going to be three hours long, because if it were the length of a normal movie, the 4,023 trailers that've come out for the movie would've already shown everything. As is, I bet they can wring at least three more trailers out of this thing before they've shown us every last scene.

On the upside, this latest peek at the film follows the wise approach of the other trailers: Make The Hobbit 2 look as much like The Lord of the Rings and as little like the first Hobbit as possible. And like a sucker, here I am falling for it, because I want nothing more than for The Hobbits 2 and 3 to not be as stultifyingly boring and labored as the first one. I basically watched this with a giant grin on my face.

Then I remembered that this is all still based on a slim volume that should've been one movie in the first place, and that there's a really good chance that all the stuff that looks awesome here in five-frame-long flashes will be offset by two hours and 45 minutes of dwarves singing while they wash dishes and/or Jar Jar Binks: The Wizard bumbling around and spackling more birdshit into his beard.