Speaking as a former member of the service industry, lemme offer a tip: if you are dining out during the week, keep your party size to 4 or less. Use the weekends to invite all of your compatriots out to your fave eatery.
I don't disagree with the policy of waiting until the majority of your party arrives to seat everyone. However, I don't like the attitude of the article which implies that people should eat out so that the servers can get tips--as if that should be the customer's biggest reason for going to the restaurant! If this article was about "taking money away from the restaurant," I'd be fine with that. since it's supporting (most likely) small businesses and being a courteous customer, and by saying "restaurant" it includes EVERYONE who works there, from cooks, to owners to servers, and beyond. But as it's written now, it's just another piece pointing to the entitled attitude of some servers. ("You're here to give me tips.")
While the article is correct, that the restaurant should not wait for tardy party members, it is not just the server and the people that get a paltry share of the tips who is affected. It is the whole restaurant. The restaurant does not exist to generate your tips. Very self absorbed point of view by the author.
This article made me think of the "why your server hates you" videos. Unfortunately, non-industry folks likely won't get it.…
The author didn't say the restaurant exists for servers to make tips. However, the server DOES exist to make tips - quite literally. Their existence depends on tips because in most cases they are making minimum wage or less and are required to pay taxes and tip out kitchen, bar, and support staff BASED ON THEIR SALES and a reasonable expectation of tips. If you tip less than 15% you are STEALING MONEY FROM THE SERVER'S POCKET. Likewise if you block out their entire section with a large reservation and you take two hours to order, you are robbing them of the opportunity to serve people who show up on time, appreciate the energy and expertise it takes to create an enjoyable and memorable dining experience, and take pleasure in tipping accordingly.

You can always tell which commenters are really just cheap bastards posing as someone who can afford to eat out. They love to chuckle and drink fancy beer and impress their dates and then discreetly stiff the server when the check comes. People who show off by picking up the tab for a large party are often the worst offenders.

So don't tip your server, OVER tip them. You might be surprised how far they will go to make you feel good and look GREAT.
Ummm...this article is super server centric, and misses a bigger point: as a former bartender and waiter, I know most restaurants owners don't actually pay themselves well. Margins are extremely tight, which is why so many fail. Take care of your servers, but also take care of your small businesses! No business, no waiter, no tips. I always worked for the good of the house, knowing that was what kept my bills paid long-term.

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