Dining, With Kids

Tips for Clueless Parents (and Restaurants)


Here's some tips for all the childless people in Portland who love telling me how to raise my kids

(1) children are human beings with equal rights. If I have to share a restaurant with vapid morons taking Instagram pictures of your food, you can deal with my kid making some noise.

(2) I'm not going to silence my kid. I'm not going to tell him to sit still. I am going to allow him to be a kid, and if you have a problem with that, you should do some self-examination.

(3) If you're not a parent, you probably have no idea what the f**k you're talking about.
But ebag I'm sure they have a dog so they totally know how to raise a kid.
"I'm not going to silence my kid". That says it all right there, ebag. With that level of parenting (or lack thereof) and self entitlement on your part, I am sure your kids are prime examples of the types that give all kids in restaurants a bad rap.
do I have a right to silence you, JTR? If not, then what right do you have to demand silence from my kid. Which one of us is displaying a sense of self entitlement?