A Three-Hour Wait... for a Restaurant Filled with Empty Tables?



Nah. The restaurants are creating the problem by using an app that lets people slide off and hide. Leave your name at the desk and take a seat. If your name is called for seating -- "table for Dick Gizinia" -- and Dick is not there, call the next name. The end.


. . . or eliminate reservations. First come, first served.


Total BS. First come first served. Problem solved. Cassie and Berny called it.


Sounds to me like NoWait should be called something completely different. Like FU-Walk-Ins. Am I the only one getting tired of this kind of thing? People without a smart phone are being treated like second class citizens. NoWait should at least be like Lyft and Uber in that they use 2-way ratings so restaurants can decline chronic no-shows.


Yes, it sounds like the app is the problem. Also, the manager of that restaurant actually used "the struggle is real," and "bulletproof solution" in the same sentence. Fired. Now.
Hood River is odd. And when they can't get their shit together, which is often, I recommend going to Stevenson, Washington's Joe's El Rio. You will not be told to wait for three hours due to some app that doesn't seem to work very well.


Or, and this may sound crazy, but you go South of I-84 to the rest of Hood River, where there is no wait for almost anything. Trillium Cafe has Pfriem on tap, while Andrew's not only has better pizza, but shows movies. Never mind that you should avoid all these places, go to China Gorge and finish up at either The Moth or the Oak Street Pub.