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It hasn’t even been four years since Oregon’s recreational cannabis program launched, and we’re literally swimming in weed. A huge surplus of crop has led to difficult times for growers and producers, where the competition’s never been stronger. But it’s also created a buyer’s market, with Oregon’s pot prices the lowest in the nation. We’re at an inflection point in this brave new green world, and the Mercury’s annual Weed Issue takes a look at where we’re going next.

We examine two important pieces of legislation, including Senate Bill 582, which would position Oregon to be one of the country’s strongholds for exporting weed once it’s legalized on the federal level. And another, Senate Bill 639, would allow for consumption in public spaces. Through that lens, we ask whether live music venues and legal cannabis—a match made in heaven, at least in our minds—could ever exist in the real world.

We also look at what a nickel bag looks like in the year 2019, with our “I Got 5 on It” survey of what five dollars will get you at the dispensary. You’ve never been able to get more bang for your buck than right now, and we show you how to get the biggest bang possible.

Additionally, we take a look at cannabis and our relationships with each other. Can cannabis change the trajectory of a romantic relationship? What does it say about a couple’s long-term compatability if one person doesn’t use cannabis, but the other most definitely does?

AND it’s the very first year for the Mercury’s SPLIFF film festival! Produced in conjunction with our sister paper in Seattle, The Stranger, SPLIFF collects reader-submitted short films in all styles and genres—provided they’re all about weed! It’s a film festival for stoners, by stoners, and we’ve got the full rundown of this year’s program. Get your tickets now!

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As a special bonus, we asked the crack team of movie buffs at Portland’s legendary Movie Madness video rental store to give us their picks for the best stoner movies of all time! Blow your mind—and uphold a fine cinematic tradition—with the very best flicks to watch while blazed, you baked potato, you.

It’s the Mercury’s Weed Issue! Just about the only thing you can’t do with it is roll it up and smoke it. Although we won’t blame you for trying.