Smoke Up... It's the Weed Issue!

Including Cleaning Your Bong, Minority-Owned Dispensaries, and Weed Fairies (They’re Real!)


Smoke out.
Nice weed issue, Merc! By my calendar, you're fixin' to release your 3rd annual weed survey, which is another feature I enjoy. If you're still working on questions to ask recreational weed fans, please consider these:

1) How did your weed consumption change after legalization?

a) I consume about the same amount now as I did in the bad old days
b) I consume more now than I did during prohibition
c) I consume less these days-- the illegality was part of the thrill
d) I didn't begin consuming cannabis until prohibition here ended. Honest.

2) Now that it's legal, how much cannabis do you consume on average?

a) 1/8th of an ounce or less per month
b) 1/2 ounce or less per month
c) 1 ounce or less per month
d) More than an ounce per month

Which of these most resembles you?

a) I'm faithful to my favorite shop
b) I'll drive anywhere to pick up my favorite strain
c) I'll drive anywhere for the best price
d) I grow my own

Thanks! Looking forward to the survey!