Club Posse, the newest of the new kids in town, is yet another of the fly-by-night comedy troupes that often seem to live long enough to put on one production, and then disappear forever. Based on their first show, Going All the Way, they've got a lot of work to do if they plan to stick around.

GATW looked a bit like a recent production of "Manos" The Hands of Fate, produced by another bunch of newcomers, Last Rites Productions. Both shows were late at night at Theater! Theatre!, and executed with a slapdash feel. The difference is that "Manos" was a tight, well-focused spoof that flaunted its low-budget assets, while the sloppy Going All the Way just looks cheap.

Allegedly a parody of after-school sex-ed. specials, the hour-long show focuses on two teenage girls who decide to lose their virginity on the same night. Only one of them goes through with it—she gets knocked up, while the other girl gets branded a cocktease. They fight, and then make up. The end.

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That could be the plot of an after-school special, for sure, but not a particularly funny one, which is a problem: These kids just don't lean hard enough on their jokes. For example, the name of the band the teenagers all go to see? The Romantic Rebels. That's kind of funny—about as funny as, say, Gourmet Scum, the name of a popular band on the very after-school special-y Canadian TV series, Degrassi Junior High. Instead of parodying an after-school special, GATW ends up resembling one, with actors awkwardly aping the mannerisms of real teenagers, sloppy production values, and a fundamental inability to communicate with their audience.

It's not that the show is totally lacking in humor. I almost choked on my gum during a hilarious, weirdly nonchalant karaoke version of the Toadies song "Possum Kingdom." But the funny bits seemed to happen in spite of the rest of the production, rather than as the result of a deliberate attempt to craft a humorous show. Then again, maybe I missed the point entirely, and the GATW goal really was to spread the sincere message that teens shouldn't have sex until they're ready. Either way, thanks for the condom in the program, guys, and better luck next time.

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