See comedian Michael Ian Black in the upcoming Reno 911!: Miami movie, and in person this Saturday at the Wonder Ballroom. Black was in London at the time of this interview (oohh, fancy) and without phone service (oohh, not fancy), so I caught up with him via email.

MERCURY: Tell me something really embarrassing that's happened to you?

Just the other night, I was staying at a hotel in London, and was invited to have dinner at a private supper club. The receptionist at the hotel gave me a message telling me where to go and to ask for "Rogier," which I took to be a fancy French name. Walking to the club, I practiced saying "Ro-shay." When I arrived, the maƮtre d' opened the door and asked me who I was there to see. "Roshay," I responded. He clearly didn't know who I was talking about. I said it again, and finally he said, "Oh! Roger. He's in back." And I felt pretty stupid.

What do you hope to accomplish with this comedy tour?

I just like to perform. Performing onstage in front of an audience is just about the most fun thing you can do. By "you," of course, I mean "me." I don't know what you like to do. Maybe outdoorsy things. Like fishing. But you can't really fish in front of an audience, unless you're a Bassmaster, in which case you have a large audience, but it's a television audience. Which gets me back to performing live. Nothing beats it.

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What's your nightly before-bed regimen?

Usually, I start my before-bed regimen with a Big Gulp filled with vodka. I do this to counteract the effects of the meth. Then I do some deep stretches for about 45 minutes, change into my PJs, take off my make-up, defoliate, re-foliate, play one quick game of Sudoku, broil a fish, crawl into bed, read the latest issue of US Weekly cover to cover, play a little grab ass with my wife, turn out the lights, make "scary ghost" noises, turn the lights back on, reassure myself that it wasn't really a scary ghost, turn the lights back out, and go to sleep.