What: An American girl; specifically, a 16-year-old Northwest Portland resident, a former Lincoln High School student (hated it there) currently going to PCC to get her GED and Associates degree. Born in SW Portland, father an Intel genius, mother an artist.

So, what shows have you seen lately that you liked?

"OK, now I know that this isn't what you want to hear, but it's how I'm going to tell it to you. I have NEVER seen a professional play that I didn't like. Plus, I haven't been to a play in, like, six months so I don't know if I still qualify or not, for your interview.

That's OK. So you like live theater?

"I LOVE the theater. To me, it's like someone's performing magic just for you."

But what about Portland theater?

"We have some great actors here in Portland, like the actors at Stark Raving Theater. They are incredible!"

I think you got the job. If you could change something about local theater, what would it be?

"To start with, I would publicize local theater so that more people could enjoy it, or at least know what shows are being performed where, and how to get the tickets."

Well, we at the PM do our part. So, why don't more kids go to see local theater?

"I think it's because all they seem to want is brain candy (movies). Some 'kids' happen to like the theater though, I mean, look at me, I'm 16 and I love the theater! I think that a lot of kids don't really know how cool/fun/interesting live theater can be.