ASPIRING ACTRESS: Standing 5'10" with a head full of flaming red hair, she's fresh from the Portland Actors Conservatory this year.

Why acting?

"I come from a theatrical family. My parents met in a production of Our Town. They sang us show tunes instead of lullabies. "

Are acting schools a waste of time?

"The good thing about PAC is that the teachers are working actors."

Does Portland needs a kick in the theatrical ass?

"What I hear the most is 'If we had more money, we could do this or that.' But, I have been amazed at what some of the smaller companies can do. It can depend more on the choice of production that what your resources are. I guess I'd like to see more walk-in audiences as opposed to Portland's massive subscriber base."

There's a serious lack of playgoing etiquette in this town. How do you tune out the couple in the front row that keep asking each other what the last line was?

"I think if you're far enough into what you're doing, which you should be, it doesn't really bother you. Once, a man from the audience answered his cell phone and proceeded to have a conversation. A fellow cast member simply stopped and stared at him."