One of the writers/actors behind the cinematic gems Wet Hot American Summer and The Baxter, and television shows The State and Stella, Michael Showalter is diversifying his resume with a little standup. See him explode on P-Town with Eugene Mirman and Leo Allen. Now, let's see what he has to say...

Were you popular in junior high school?

I definitely was not popular. I was sort of like the Anthony Michael Hall character in The Breakfast Club. I was an asshole dork.

Can you recount a particularly humiliating childhood experience?

I was in fifth grade, and it was the first time I'd been to sleep-away camp. I was down at the lake and suddenly overcome with the need to go number two. So I started walking back to the camp as fast as I could. I'm walking and sucking in little bits of air. At this point I'm waddling, not walking. I'm doing the speed-walk waddle thing. I crest a hill and the bathroom becomes visible and at that moment I shit in my pants. Then I make it to the bathroom and clean up, but I still have some clothing to dispose of. So I go into the woods and throw my dirty underwear under a rock. Later that day my bunkmate appears at my bunk and asked if I'd thrown my dirty underwear under a rock, and I said, "No." But unfortunately my name was sewed into the underwear. I still denied it, though.

Stella was my favorite show ever. What happened to it?

It was one of those sad things where it was sort of well-received critically, but nobody watched it.

What's your impression of Portland?

Portland is a really cool, mellow, burgeoning city in the Pacific Northwest with a professional basketball team filled with potheads and date rapists.

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What about pornography?

I think porn is extremely hot. Porn is like crack cocaine. It's not healthy, but it's hot.

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