one week only

The Adults Only Cabaret
Burlesque, bad taste, and gays-a-plenty will be on hand at this evening of raunchy song and dance. The Portland Gay Men's Chorus, at Kaul Auditorium, Reed College, 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd, 226-2588, Sat 8 pm, $15

Vaudeville Revusical and Novelty Show
This new series of monthly vaudeville shows is hosted by Lisa Marsicek (Miz Kitty). Miz Kitty's Parlour, at Artichoke Music Backstage Gate, 3130 SE Hawthorne, 232-8845, Sat 8 pm, $10

Closing this week

Divinity Bash/nine lives
Blue-collar Snake (Ben Plont) talks about singing karaoke and being a repressed homosexual. Snake's best friend, Liam (Jared Roylance), talks about madness and about being abducted by aliens. His wife, Myrna (Julie Starbird), talks about how much she hates her marriage. The list goes on. As the title suggests, there are nine of these blabbermouths, all interconnected, and potentially interesting, except writer Bryden MacDonald brings things down with an avalanche of soliloquies. JUSTIN SANDERS Call in Sick Productions, at the Back Door Theatre, 4321 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 445-7425, Fri-Sat 8 pm, Sun 6 pm, through Oct 19, $12

La Chunga
This play is about a woman named La Chunga, who owns a seedy bar at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder. The Miracle Theater, 525 SE Stark Street, 236-7253, Thurs 7:30 pm, Fri-Sat 8 pm, through Oct 19, $13-15

Much Ado About Nothing
Director Chris Coleman's vintage swing interpretation is as snappy as the Bard's banter is witty. Lounge lizard renditions of Elizabethan songs, glamorous vintage costumes and some great dancing light up the stage. This is the show to see if you ever thought Shakespeare was boring or if you still want to impress your parents. ANNA SIMON Portland Center Stage, 1111 SW Broadway, 274-6588, Tues-Wed, Sun 7 pm, Thurs 12 pm, Thurs-Sat 8 pm, Sat-Sun 2 pm, through Oct 20, $12-47

Night of the Iguana
Tennessee Williams' script is ripe with erotic and dramatic possibility, most of which ART's production manages to lose. The set is lush and tropical, the actors well-costumed, but the chemistry is nonexistent. As the steamy Maxine Faulk, Luisa Sermol is cartoonishly contrived. As the spiritually torn T. Lawrence Shannon, Tim True relies too heavily on shouting hoarsely as a means to express angst, and is also not very sexy. JUSTIN SANDERS Artists Repertory Theatre, 1516 SW Alder St, 241-9807, Tues-Thurs, Sun 7 pm, Fri-Sat 8 pm, Sun 2 pm, through Oct 20, $15-30

The Langston Hughes Project
A biographical sketch of Langston Hughes, followed by dramatic performances of the great man's poetry. Flooney's Theater Company, at The Old Church, 1422 SW 11th, 275-8352, Fri-Sat 8 pm, Sun 5 pm, $15

Current Runs

Pulp Theater
Three one-acts grounded in pulp tradition, which means lots of hit men, sexy ladies, bourbon, and trench coats. Sardonis Productions, at Disjecta, 116 NE Russell St, 701-3139, Thurs-Sat 8 pm, through Oct 26, $10

The Shape of Things
Neil LaBute's films, In the Company of Men, and Your Friends and Neighbors, are studies in dysfunctional human interaction. He started as a playwright, though, and Shape is one of his more recent dramatic efforts. Artists Repertory Theatre, at the IFCC, 5340 N Interstate, 241-1278, Thurs-Sat 8 pm, Sun 2 pm, through Nov 17, $22

The Zoo Story & The American Dream
It doesn't get much more twisted than these two early Albee one-acts. Zoo, about a crazy guy who stalks a normal guy in the park, is a downright classic. The Profile Theatre Project at Theater! Theatre!, 3430 SE Belmont, 242-0080, Thur-Sat 8 pm, Sun 2 pm, though Nov 17, $12-$25