Opening This Week

La Noche Eterna (The Night Eternal
Once again, it's Day of the Dead time (celebrated Nov 1 and 2) and the Miracle salutes it with a play about a dead dude who can't get into the Aztec underworld because no living person will build an altar for him. The Miracle Theatre, 525 SE Stark, 236-7253, Opens Fri, runs Thurs 7:30 pm, Fri-Sat 8 pm, Sun 2 pm, through Nov 13, $10-18

Not... Not... Not... Not... Not... Enough Oxygen
Imago makes up for the decidedly lame title of its season opener by the fact that Not... Not... (sheesh) features movement work from Jerry Mouawad, Mary Oslund, Gregg Bielemeier, and Carol Triffle, and also is written by Caryl Churchill. Imago Theater, 17 SE 8th, 231-9581, Thurs 7:30 pm, Fri-Sat 8 pm, Sun 7 pm, through Nov 13, $10-16

Pride and Prejudice
PCS kicks off its mainstage season with Marcus Goodwin's lively stage adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, the whimsical tale of Elizabeth Bennet, a fiery young lass who... who... ZZZZZZ... Portland Center Stage, 1111 SW Broadway, 274-6588, Opens Fri, runs Tues, Wed & Sun 7 pm, Sun 2 pm, Thurs-Sat 8 pm, through Nov 20, $15-56

Tao Soup
After a successful run in L.A., Scott Kelman returns home with this "matchless opportunity for creative spiritual nourishment." Brooklyn Bay, 1825 SE Franklin, Bay K, 241-9765, Fri-Sat 8 pm, Sun 7 pm, through Nov 13, $12-15

Closing This Week

The Guys
The Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center celebrates being 95 years old with an in-house production of Anne Nelson's play about the firemen who served during 9/11. Directed by Edgar Reynolds and starring Caren Grahm and Danny Bruno. IFCC, 5340 N Interstate, 823-4322, Thurs-Sat 8 pm, $10-15

Underneath the Lintel
Oregon native Time Winters is "the Librarian," a Dutchman living in a provincial town. When a book gets returned to his library 113 years late, he embarks on a quest to track the guilty borrower down. Lintel's geographical-historical zigzag is a brilliant platform for playwright Glen Berger to explore with zeal his favorite theme: man/woman's purpose in an incomprehensively vast universe. But there's a fine line between zeal and hyperactivity, and as Berger's script moves from lighthearted mystery adventure to existential rumination, the ideas start to crowd each other a bit. JWS Portland Center Stage, 1111 SW Broadway, 274-6588, Thurs-Sat 8 pm, Sat-Sun 2 pm, Sun 7 pm, $15-56

Current Runs

Bug takes place in a motel room outside of Oklahoma City. The room is inhabited by Agnes (played by an endearingly haggard Valerie Stevens), a lonely woman who has never gotten over the loss of her child. When Agnes meets Peter (Jeffrey Jason Gilpin), an eerie young homeless man who shares her taste for alcohol and cocaine, she lets him sleep on her floor. Soon they're sleeping together, a pairing of both Biblical and Oedipal subtext. The couple spends their days drinking, doing coke, and scouring the apartment for, well, bugs. Peter's behavior becomes increasingly erratic, and he tells Agnes he's escaped from a military hospital where the government was experimenting on him. Specifically, he believes that the government implanted him with contagious tracking devices in the form of genetically modified aphids. Agnes is drawn into his web of paranoia, and the two of them grow increasingly frantic in their attempts to find and destroy the bugs. Bug is bloody, vulgar, and full of balls-out nudity. It's also genuinely challenging, but ART's ensemble gets it all right, from the note-perfect sound design to the hallucinatory mind-fuck of the play's final moments. AH Artists Repertory Theatre, 1516 SW Alder, 241-1278, Tues-Thurs, Sun 7 pm, Fri-Sat 8 pm, Sun 2 pm, through Nov 20, $15-40

Nixon's Nixon
Coho Productions enters its 10th season of producing theater with Russell Lee's satirical peek into what might have gone down when Richard Nixon met up with Henry Kissinger in 1974, hours before he publicly announced his resignation. Coho Theatre, 2257 NW Raleigh, 232-7072, Thurs-Sat 8 pm, Sun 2 pm, through Nov 26, $19-22


Scary Movie
The Brody's super-rad Halloween-themed Scary Movie is back, at which improvisers make up a whole creature feature movie on the spot, and the theater becomes a veritable museum of vintage horror and sci-fi memorabilia. Brody Theater, 1904 NW 27th, 224-0688, Fri-Sat 8 pm, $10

ComedySportz whips out the improvised Halloween shenanigans with a team of zombies taking on a team of supernatural heroes. ComedySportz Arena, 1963 NW Kearney, 236-8888, Sat 9 pm, $10

The Confessions of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Here's a fun li'l Halloween event: watch and listen as the Willamette Radio Workshop creates a spooky sound recording of a classic tale of horror, updated by good local playwright William S. Gregory. Also shows Halloween night at the Kennedy School, 5 & 7 pm. White Eagle, 836 N Russell, Sat 7 pm, free