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Sarah Kane's 4.48 Psychosis


Respectfully , I think you are wrong in a lot ways in regards to defunkt's production of 4.48 Psychosis and I think the fact so many other rave reviews are out there should perhaps make you take a second look at your own biases and self limiting concepts of theater, since in the past you've hated everything defunct has done, ranted about their spelling of their name and the best you have mustered was a back handed compliment for their last production, perhaps you should't be the critic from the Mercury to attend their works. It's not your cup of tea. Also in the future try to articulate why you don't like something a bit better perhaps, and try to discuss a performance without making the focus of your writing YOU. You called product design gaudy but never mentioned the space is barren flesh toned paint, it does a disservice to the production designer, Bill Trip, the readers of the Portland Mercury and to other critics who take their craft seriously.
I mean absolutely no disrespect to you personally Ms. Hallett, I just don't feel your review was substantiated by your copy and in the future would love to see that improved in your writing.
If you are interested Ms. Hallett here is my review of the show
That link doesn't work—could you try posting it again, or maybe using a URL shortner?

The fact that other critics in town appreciated Psychosis more than I did does not in any way make me inclined to rethink my own position. If it did, I'd be in the wrong line of work. (And for the record, I'm in no way anti-defunkt—I wrote a positive review of Country Doctor; I also liked the Communist Dracula Pageant quite a bit last season.)