War Stories

Portland Center Stage's One-Man Epic


this is not a review....again. once more it's a Hallet journal entry of the time she spent not fulfilling her duty to the playgoing public. ax her. please.
Oh come on, bridgeburner. I saw this show opening night. She gives any playgoer who might want to buy a ticket an accurate idea of what to expect - which it exactly what a good critic ought to do. The pee thing is funny (also good advice, bye the way). Are you looking for a job as a theatre critic? I hope not.
@bridgeburner: I wasn't terribly happy w/the way this piece turned out, but given that I literally checked my watch every 15 minutes for the duration of the play, I didn't feel comfortable writing the review as though I'd given the show even half my attention. It was bad. I'm hoping to have time to see it again, to give it a more indepth review. And you should see my for REAL journal entries. All pee, all the time.
(in the previous comment, by "It was bad," I was referring to the worry that my bladder was going to explode and i was going to die at PCS from an exploded bladder, like that one guy with the metal nose.)
@theaterbuff - thank you for your comment--anonymous negativity vastly outweighs annonymous niceness on the internet, I really do appreciate it.
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